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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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Total members: 3716
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» Family History
Been up in:2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.7
Alliance:Gambino alliance, VTEBE, ADS, GVD, Affinitas
2.1 Vincitori & Escalada - Start of the legacy
Tops Vincitori: Stekke, Pos, Wandel, Ireng, Goatrider, Tilbo, Siggie
Tops Escalada: Carlover, JohnnyX, Moonwalker, Nostrezzz, Vc

Group of players, consisted of Stekke, Pos & Wandel, wanted to start family and named it Vincitori. They probably didn't know what legacy they started then...
Vincitori started in Philadelphia and Stekke became 1st don, but after 1 week he handed over don place to Wandel, who staid don of Vincitori, and ran family very good, in no time Vinci became a strong family.

After some time Vincitori tops decide to make a sister family, and named it Escalada. The idea was to work as 1 but after some time Escalada tops wanted to do a lot of things on their own. Vincitori tops felt like we had to gain back control of our sister fam, so Vincitori let Escalada get hijacked and killed all Escalada tops.

After some wars Vincitori and Escalada were invited to the alliance of Gambino, Merovingians and Salvato. Vincitori accepted invitation and became part of one of the strongest alliances in the game beside LSO and PTV alliance. By the end of version, Vincitori had 34 spots and held Philadelphia together with Talamasca.

2.2 Vincitori & Escalada - New Vincitori generation
Tops Vincitore: Wandel, Siggie, Ireng, Psy, Samourai
Tops Escalada: Vc, Luckie, DonP, carlover, Sinbad

After 2.1 many old tops of Vincitori left game. Only one of founders left, Wandel, and old tops Siggie, Ireng and Vc decided to bring Vincitori back. Vc ranked really fast and started Vincitori in philly again. Shortly after start we decided to shoot down Medicci for spots, since they had only few LC's. Having good relations with our 2.1 bloods Talamasca, we decided to work with them again, and soon we joined VTEBE alliance (Vincitori - Talamasca - Essence - Bruinsma - Escalada).
Then we got attacked by Veneratio, the #1 family at that time, which we killed with help of our bloods The Alliance (Latobuio, Piscina and Ciuenfuegos). CCCE alliance saw that we are weak after Veneratio war, and decided to attack us before we recover from war. In that war both Vincitori and Escalada went down with VTEBE alliance.

After that, high ranks that survived that war ranked up with the great help of our bloods The Alliance, who gave them shelter in their families.
Then Vincitori was made again with Siggie, Wandel, Vc, Ireng and Samourai in top. After a while Siggie went to make Escalada and Samourai became don of Vincitori. At that moment he wasn't godfather yet, so CCCE saw good opportunity to take us down again and they decided to strike on us again together with the Northern Alliance. Outnumbered, we didn't have good chance of surviving that war, so we went down together with our loyal bloods.
With Piscina Latobuio and Vincitori down, it was really hard to come back in game and fight CCCE fams, so we decided to infiltrate in their fams and try killing them from inside. We putted our ppl in all CCCE fams, and started ranking from empty suits again. Many of our ppl died a long the way, so to prevent more losses, we decided to hit while we are still strong, and CCCE was weak cause of many wars. It was right time to make our move. Wandel asked Manhell and Novita, to help us in our plans, which Manhell and Novita accepted. We made plans and came online at 2 am to do what we had planned. Unfortunately, most dons of CCCE fams were online, so we had to wait... It was almost 4am when we realized we have to do it now, or we will never get chance, so massacre started. Manhell fired 1st trying to hijack Cobras, but Cobras don survived 60k, and realized what is going on, and kicked Manhell and Novita out of fam to prevent hijack. Novita didn't wan tto shoot famless, and he had few mills in the bank, so he decided to start Vincitori for the 3rd time. Novita, new Godfather of Vincitori, had dets on First lady of Catania, which Novita killed successfully. Most tops of Catania and Elysium were killed by hijackers inside fams. But Vinci's story ended up fast, since other CCCE fams killed Vincitori. By the end of night both Catania and Esylium were down as well.
That was the end of Vincitori and Escalada story in 2.2.

2.3 Vincitori & Escalada - Rise of Affinitas
Top Vincitori: Wandel, Vc, Samourai, Uprising, Stw, mhkwar
Tops Escalada: DonP, Luckie, Chayenna, Komeon, carlover

We decide to make a family again but this time idea was all fams join in one, so Vincitori, Escalada, Latobuio and Piscina would be Antevorte, but because of some disagreements Latobuio and Piscina left and made their own alliance. Vincitori, Escalada and Gravano became Antevorte with Vc, Manhell, Wandel, Sinbad, Ireng, Siggie, Samourai as Antevorte tops.
Antevorte soon became #1 fam in game, so fams in Ante decided to leave for their own fams. 1st fam that left was Gravano. After Gravano left, Vincitori decided to do same. Vinci started in Chicago with Vc, Luckie, Samourai, Donp, Chayenna, Uprising as top. It didn't take very long for Vincitori to reach the #1 position in the game and after they reached that they stayed #1 for months till the end of the version.
Ante, Gravano and Vincitori had good relations with Cuore, so they decided to form alliance and named Affinitas. After MMTC war Affinitas top agreed in accepting Liberta into alliance.

Rest of 2.3 version went up in sign of Affinitas. Wars against alliances as TVCR, Ascension and many others putted Affinitas in 1st place as version winners.
So in the end Affinitas and our loyal bloods PIMP were clear winners of version.

2.4 Vincitori & Escalada - Kill 'em all
Tops: Vc, Samourai, Psy, Joey, Elanaconda,
Tops Escalada: Luckie, DonP, Komeon

The crew of 2.3 Vincitori made the Vincitori family again. Impressive ranking skills of Joey made Vincitori be first family up in 2.4, taking Chicago for its home city.
Vincitori had again 1 of the strongest alliances in the game under name of ADS alliance.

We decided to attack 2nd strongest alliance who we considered threat. War against Legion, went pretty clear with help of our bloods. After that war, bloods of Legion, Anarchy alliance, attacked ADS alliance as revenge for their dead bloods. But Anarchy alliance managed to kill only dons and successors of ADS families, leaving most members of ADS Alliance alive. War lasted pretty long, since lack of bullets cause of 2 big consecutive wars, but in the end with great help of our bloods Devils Pact, we managed to kill all families of Anarchy alliance.
After fell of ADS alliance, Vinci and Ante tops united and made Procormiles after, and joined Devil's Pact. Devil's Pact became strongest alliance in game, but few smaller alliances united creating Bloodlink alliance, and shot down Devil's pact. After that war, Vinci tops decided to regroup Procormiles survivors and build Vincitori again but under name of Matto, with protection of their old Affi friends Gravano, to be sure Bloodlink wont attack them. Vincitori always had many loyal members, so Matto became strong fam again in no time. We wanted revenge for our death and death of our friends from Devil's Pact, so we talked with LPG alliance and The Order alliance about shooting Bloodlink When Bloodlink killed Silence alliance, it was sign for us to hit on them, Asesinato, LPG and TO killed Bloodlink, letting Perfectsense survive since they promised they wont shoot with Bloodlink. After that war we gathered 100 millions and changed name from Matto to Vincitori. After fall of Bloodlink, Gravano, Libertan and Vincitori decided to bring back Affinitas alliance. With old alliance back in game once again, it was clear that plans of Vincitori are to dominate game once again.
Vincitori was target of many families who wanted to prevent lock down of version. Early Sunday morning Tempe with their sister families, decided to attack Vincitori, Gravano and Xzone, as try to save version from its end. They brought all 3 families down, but they died from Affinitas & bloods. By the end I don't remember how many times Vinci was up and down, since we were "most favorite target", but Vinci kept coming back always, throwing in face to our "fans" that we don't give up.

2.5/2.6 Vincitori - United we stand, divided we fall
Tops Vincitori: Wandel, Vc, Samourai, Sinbad, Uprising, Johnny

After 2 versions of countless wars and many nights in front of monitor with cup of coffee, Vinci tops decided to take a break from omerta.
But after their Affi friends got killed by Conflict alliance, old Vinci top Vc came back to game and decided to recall Vinci rankers and start Vinci. What started as team of 5 people on channel, who planned hijack on Conflict families, ended up as channel with 30+ people in it, ranking up to set up Vincitori again. After Conflict alliance went down, road was open for Vincitori. We started in Philly, with Vc, Samourai, Wandel, Sinbad, Uprising and Johnny as top, and blooded our old friends Memento and Eleonora. We had troubles from 1st day, since our don got killed by suicider, after that Wandel became don. Then Florava decided to attack Vincitori, but failed badly, killing only few of Vincitori members, and falling in "backfire". Vincitori recovered pretty fast and within 10 days Vincitori had its first war. Together with Memento and Eleonora, we decided to attack families of Chapparo and Sudestada, which we believed that they give shelter to rankers of fams who shot our friends earlier this version. War started in early morning hours, and Chapparo and Sudestada were down fast. Several days later Homeless and Ferocitas planned attack on Vincitori and Eleonora. We heard before about plans, but too many fams were in "rumors" so we didn't know from whom to expect attack. War happened in early morning hours again. Homeless with their sister fam Sanguinary was supposed to bring down Vincitori, and Ferocitas was assigned on Eleonora. Vincitori went down after few hours of war, but Ferocitas failed to kill Eleonora, and died in their backfire. Ilimitada, close bloods of Vincitori, didn't like what Homeless did, so they organized their people and shot Homeless same day. War was long and bloody, taking it's victims on both sides, but in the end Ilimitada were winners. Salvato and Gazzari also interfered shooting on Eleonora, to finish unfinished job of Ferocitas, but Eleonora managed to survive. Gazzari who were shooting on Eleonora, got shot by Memento.
Vincitori started for 2nd time in 2.5, but this time it was even more hard then 1st time, since again it was all eyes on us. Vincermo&Valerio aka V&V alliance, fams who didn't have war whole version, decided to make their 1st move. Their first target was Sensimilia, family close to Vincitori, and later on they decided to kill more fams close to Vincitori. They shot at Ilimitada and Gracelandian together with Calamari/Evolution and Gurentai. Vincitori, knowing it is suicide, opened fire on V&V, but HellsAngels interfered shooting on Vincitori. Seeing their bloods falling, Memento gathered fams they were close with and shot V&V down, which resulted Memento's fall as well.
That was the end of Vincitori saga in 2.5

2.7 a Vincitori - Dark times
Tops: Siggie, Psy, Joey, Bargemans, Bhamkeyx, Boia, and Michey
Tops Procormiles: Vc, Vinie, Downhill and Samourai

After 2.5 and troubles Vinci had. Vincitori tops agreed to take break with Vinci. Group of Vinci tops decided to reunite Affi together, but this time in 1 family naming it Magliana. Magliana was fam which was up 1st and it was strongest fam in the beginning, but after Magliana got hijacked, Joey, who started Vinci in 2.4, started Vincitori without other tops. At the same time Samourai started to rank up again to make Vincitori, with Vc, as well, but because Joey started it plans were broke. Idea for Joey was to make Vincitori and she expected to die as fl, what she wanted. However she didn't and after Vinci was started, old Vinci top Siggie, who was away for a year, joined top and brought new tops into Vinci. Vincitori started GVD alliance with Gunners and Deathrow, and shot Pescara in Detroit for Deathrow's spots. 2.7 Vinci had many inside problems, due old school tops, and new omerta style of playing. Final days for Vincitori in 2.7 were in big Chicago war, when Chicago fams stood up against Sigma, Curse and Righelli. 75% of omerta was involved in that war and it was the end for many fams, Vincitori was among them.
At the same time a group of players decided to keep ranking up and when Samourai was almost Bruglione they decided to come back with Procormiles. Procormiles tops decided to take it easy and with a few fams shot down in Chicago for some insults and none permission things we began building the family up. Didn't took them long to achieve a very strong family and after that the plan was to create as much CD's as possible and then start the shooting. When we were almost there except for 2 CD's, Ferocitas shot us at night. All tops were on, but they shot only at online higher ranks and didn't suffer much bf kills, so after some hours of shooting Procormiles went down without the possibility to do a lot of damage back.

2.7b - We are always there, but not always in the sight.
Tops: Vc, Vinie, Downhill, Leanne, Infinity and Samourai, Komeon.

Again we decided to rank up with all Vincitori soldiers in the family Procormiles. Vc unfortunately was the victim of this and had to rank his ass off one more time. Procormiles started together with Staletti the first war of this version and tried to gave it a nice start. After many bloods got shot down we decided to shoot together with our bloods at Curse/Conflict/Righelli and Illusion + bloods. However plans got leaked, some silly hijackers trying to get us down and we had the base of one of the biggest wars of this version. After 3,5 hours of war Procormiles went down in a very strange and weird war in which some of fams stayed alive on both sides cause of the bulletless accounts.

After around 3 years Vincitori still exists, and it still has big group of loyal soldiers. Family that had its ups and downs, but always kept returning, Vincitori is defiantly one of families Omerta isn't same without. "Band of brothers" since day one, fighting together, dying together, we as Vincitori top, want to thank all our loyal bloods and friends over versions, but most of all to our loyal soldiers. You made Vinci what it is today, this is your topic :)

_o_ Respect guys and girls _o_

Any time, any place, Vinci in your face

Thanks to Wandel, Samourai, Vc and Johnny for submitting
Involved wars
20-01 Florava <-> Vincitori
03-02 War against Sudestada and Chaparro
12-02 Vincitori & Eleonora under attack
24-02 V & V War
31-08 Letalis + Ninja War
10-10 Chicago War
18-05 Affinitas & Nazdrovia under attack
08-06 Affinitas under attack
09-07 Affinitas down
06-04 O.F.C. <-> Riot/Riot's bloods
23-04 Letalis & Kushimato got shot
27-04 Notte/Ferocitas/Kerberos war
09-06 Apas + Valientes War
11-06 Brotherhood + Mediterrano = War
13-06 Kerberos/Vincitori War
07-08 Gravano/Vincitori war
18-08 Kerberos+Vincitori+Vaffanculo <-> Incendia
08-09 Vaffanculo + Vincitori ++ <-> Coccada/Favela + Cristeria
09-09 Vaffanculo&bloods war
10-11 Mass massacre
21-11 Favians + HT <-> Vincitori
07-02 Rebellion + Akronia <-> Oblivions
26-02 The Clash of the Titans
15-03 Righelli under attack
06-04 Vinci/Vaffan vs HT
13-04 Sanctuary down
21-04 Gambino <-> Vaffanculo
11-05 Purga/Lions/Praetorians war
12-05 Intentio Down
17-05 Influente under fire
21-05 Esperanza Down
27-05 Vincitori <-> Distruzione
10-06 Bravado shooting
10-06 Summer Cleaning
05-07 Yep&yup down
07-11 Parabellum getting shot again
26-11 Uncensored <-> Vincitori
02-12 Let the Siege begin!
17-04 End of the Cold War
19-04 Marazzino + Anadolu ↔ Conflict
04-05 Violenza under fire!
05-05 The bloods strike back!
07-05 Vincitori → Amazing
09-05 Death by scratching
13-05 / 14-05 Gravano war! [update]
15-05 Vincitori attack
17-05 Gambino in trouble
20-01 Pandora's box has been opened?
21-01 The Mexican standoff!
07-02 The first akills
08-02 War of the flowers
22-02 Yigidossed!
26-02 London Bridge is falling down
27-02 War vs 'The Pact'
05-03 Pepe le Pew pew!
21-03 Mangano getting shot
25-03 Wild night
27-03 Ilteber down
31-03 Retro on the loose
01-04 Bruinsma's end?!
02-04 Last man standing
04-05 Falling Stars?
20-05 Mayday?
21-05 Syndrum says hello!
23-05 Vincitori Down!
01-02 The Perfect Opportunity


Ardito Netherlands (00:20:37 - 13-05)
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Forgot to menten Me as TOps 2.1 :/ Ardito zeh King
maezor (21:39:00 - 21-12)
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vincitori ftw!
Aldorion (17:30:07 - 26-06)
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i always love the best family in this game Salvato \o/
Liar Turkey (02:14:17 - 11-01)
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Love this family _o_
sensje Netherlands (10:50:43 - 14-12)
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I will always love my kids :)

Veni Vidi Vici

love Mother (K)