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22-01 Ineffable Under Fire
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19-01 (A) Warm Welcome
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17-01 First blood of 2021
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31-12 New Years Wishes
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29-12 It's the Final Countdownnnn!
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27-12 Andromeda under attack!
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06-04 Vinci/Vaffan vs HT
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 11,149
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Caliente, Guardians, Hattrickeli, Ht, Indelicato, Infragilis, Marazzino, Phantoms, Provenzano, Uncensored, Vaffanculo, Vincitori
HT started to shoot at Vinci/Vaffan, but it didn't start to good as our beloved friend Rob stole most of the bullets. As we speak Vinci/Vaffan/Caliente&Phantoms/Marazzino/Uncensored/ are shooting back at HT and they are dropping fast. HT's blood Provenzano jumped in whit their soldiers to help against the overwealming force.

We also hear that IDGT is shooting against HT/Provenzano and Infragilis

Nazdrovia rankers in Provenzano, hijacked them and handed the spot over to IDTG via obay.
Provenzano fam page, right after the hijack: http://i1004.hizliresim.com/2010/4/8/4579.jpg

Hattrickeli is still up duo to bug. Their don was akilled but fam didnt die and it seems that wont happen so soon.
According to Provenzano's fam page they're gonna sell their hq to ID&T
More info will follow
Claver (Top Hattrickelli): We had info from good sources that said we, T&T and others would be under attack, so even knowing we wouldnt win, we organized something fast and shot first (almost alone of course, some fam said they had a non-shooting pact with affi)... Thanks HT people and all the ones who helped us shooting or in any other way! ... it was a nice round! o/ Provenzano :^

Shizzz (Top Uncensored): Uncensored wanted revenge for hattrickelli shooting distruzione. We wanted to suicide but than vinci told us their plan and added hattrickelli to traffi war, so we were able to take them down without suicide. Rip all who died and thanks for all shooting fams :) and matutero is my kill fuckers :D

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