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08-06 Affinitas under attack
Author: Hyobanshi
Last updated: Never
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Views: 25,825
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Version: 2.8
Involved families: Albemarle, Alter, Anadolu, Atrocita, Bruinsma, Catania, Control, Coraggioso, Delete, Entropia, Erotica, Gravano, Intesa, Katatonia, Kurosawa, Leviticus, Liberta, Mesopotamia, Natarelli, Nazdrovia, Notte, Pardus, Prestige, Sephora, Tempestuoso, Vicaria, Vincitori
After less then a month, we have our second big war. Notte, Erotica, Catania and Bruinsma decided to attack Gravano, Vincitori and Liberta.Rumours started and they started to better shoot instead of waiting.

Nazdrovia wasn't a target at first, but it leaked, that they had all of their highranks up and ready on a channel, so attackers decided to shoot at them first. Vicaria and Tempestuoso joined for this.

The shooting started good but with some backfirekills and Vincitori went down first. When they started shooting at Gravano, most of them went to safehouse.

Atrocita, CAD (Control, Alter, Delete), Leviticus, Coraggioso, Katatonia, Mesopotamia, Intesa, Natarelli, Anadolu, Prestige, Entropia, Albemarle, Sephora, Marazzino and Blacksea joined Affi+friends, so it looks like the attackers are going down.
Coraggioso stepped out again quite quick.

Basically the night went down in these stages (since this was a huge war, some minor adjustments of the stages might be needed, when all is clarified):
1) Notte + Bruinsma + Catania + Erotica <-> Gravano + Liberta + Vincitori
2) Leak of highrank-channel => Vicaria + Tempestuoso <-> Nazdrovia + Mesopotamia
3) Atrocita <-> Bruinsma
4) Leviticus + Natarelli <-> Vicaria + Catania
5) Sephora + Marazzino + Entropia + Albemarle + Katatonia <--> Catania + Pardus
6) The big showdown we see now!

Families down:
09-06-2008 11:29:59 Bruinsma down
09-06-2008 08:15:20 Erotica down
09-06-2008 08:03:27 Kurosawa down
09-06-2008 05:30:46 Catania down
09-06-2008 02:46:03 Vicaria down
09-06-2008 02:22:09 Notte down
09-06-2008 02:15:00 Pardus down
09-06-2008 01:01:50 Mesopotamia down
09-06-2008 00:29:41 Gravano down
09-06-2008 00:22:48 Liberta down
08-06-2008 23:58:07 Katatonia down
08-06-2008 23:23:36 Nazdrovia down
08-06-2008 22:24:06 Intesa down
08-06-2008 19:57:37 Vincitori down
Demordian (Notte TOP):

First; for the people who thinks notte helped ccce , i only suggest them to use their thinking ability just a little and remember who shot ccce last version and before and before..If u r telling about something , first think about it otherwise people laugh you. As for the reason of war , we heard that affi is asking help to shoot bru and temp, i personally heard it from the people who asked for help so it is no rumor and there is a possibility to shoot us with them. Lets say even affi was not planning to shoot us , who are bru and temp? are we gonna let them die watch like clown ? this is answered yesterday. As for the people who died yesterday , many innocent died for nothing. if i were them , i ask to tops why i died. Because many died due to fake rumours and personal ambitions. Even i have been betrayed by friends. Despite of all these rip to the all soldiers who died yesterday from both sides , it was a good and one of the longest active war of omerta history. One more thing when the war was planning yesterday ; notte declared that if nazdrovia at target list , we wont shoot then nazdrovia was off list but despite of that they unfortunately entered the war. Its all past now and everyone got their lessons.

Lucca (Kurosawa TOP):
Kurosawa kept her word and helped her bloods! we went down but will manage to rise again. Members of our fam killed Erotica alone without help. Our fam died because of our don, he wasnt online. Kurosawa is now reorganised, top 3 is changed.
RIP all fallen Kurosawa members, time will come when our heros come back home.

Corniole (Tempestuoso TOP):
Tempestuoso allready had some highranks stand-by for in case it was needed.
When we received info that Nazdrovia hired dets on our bloods we managed some more highranks online and hired dets on Nazdrovia & Mesoptanie
sad enough we couldn't prevend some bloods going down, but we did what we could.
RIP to all dead people (also defending side) especially our own fallen members who didn't hesistate to do what we asked and offcourse our bloods Bruinsma, Notte & Vicaria

Uncle(Top Atrocita): Notte, Catania and a few other families were shooting our blood Affinitas. When our bloods were killing our other bloods we thought there wasn’t much we could do about it at first. However when the attackers started shooting Nazdrovia we made our mind and hired Detectives on Bruinsma that wasn’t a blood. To sum up fighting for Nazdrovia and bloods is an honor for Atrocita. On the other hand Notte and Catania should know that that.
I can do nothing when they shoot my bloods without letting me know. Thank you Affinitas and Nazdrovia for the wars that we fought together. RIP to all our soldiers and bloods that have died. Nice war and Action from both side.

Ceko(Top CAD):We are not Ccce, Affi or others. We are Favians! We don't work for others but sometimes we can be and do smth. together. Its just for our benefits. Ccce or another are not our enemies. In War Night, we thought to look this war. But we heard. A rumours went to Notte for CAD will shoot to them and Notte worried about it. We interfered after heard that rumours. Because we didint want take a risk. We had a friends in Notte and others fams. RIP both sides...

RD (Top Erotica):
Thanks all Erotica members for their great job - they rank for us and shoot with no fear when we decided to go to war. For Affinitas we heard rumours that they were planning to shoot us and our bloods, so we decide to make something before the rumours become true.
To Kurosawa: maybe im wrong but i didn't see Affinitas as bloods at your fampage, so we decide to pm a kurosawa top about it and he answered this: yeah but, Affi told us that we need to atack you.....
With this we finish our statement :)

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