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08-02 War of the flowers
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 1837d 2h 28m 56s ago by sbanks
Comments: 174
Views: 12,195
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.3
Involved families: Xzone, Conflict, Marangello, Quirites, Vincitori
Xzone opened fire at Vincitori

A reason for this war can be that Xzone got a hold of the plans of yesterdays shooters, who also had picked Xzone as a potential target.

Also a reason could be that Xzone wanted to revenge Venture, who got shot down yesterday.

According to a crew message from Vincitori was Venture planning a war behind their backs who put Vincitori bloods in danger, and that why Vincitori didn't help Venture when they got shot.

Part of Crew message of Vincitori: Venture War

This weekend we received some rumors that Venture was working behind Vincitori's and Vinci's bloods back, and with that they were putting us all in direct danger of getting shot.
At 1st we didn't want to believe in that, cause Venture seemed really loyal and honest blood but few hours later we received solid proof and there was no doubt anymore, Venture was not to be trusted.

Rest of our bloods who was directly put in danger by Venture's actions had no doubts anymore, Venture had to pay for their deeds. That's real and only reason for Venture war, and that's only reason why Vincitori just watched Venture die,
cause they put us and our bloods in danger with their little scheme.

I know many of you read Omerta Beyond News Site and just cause of you who try to know latest happenings in game we wrote this crew message, so you know one and only reason for this war.
We don't want to go in public with this, cause we believe it was action of one man who made whole Venture pay for deeds.

Conflict + Marangello + Quirites jumped in for Vincitori and is shooting at Xzone
Johnny (Top Vincitori): Well well... Let me write few words before you go on with flaming

About Crew Message
Ofc we knew that it could end up on this site, when you have 200+ members there's good chance someone will paste it here, did that matter? No, ofc not. If we wanted to go to public with what we wrote in crew message, we would have write here, but writing here anything is pointless cause you get 10 people flaming no matter what you write. We owed explanation to our members only, not to anyone else.

About Venture war
It's sad to see that one man's actions gets so many people killed. I do feel sorry for Venture cause I do believe they aren't family like that and this all is just bad turnout of gamble one man took.
To all of you who say Vincitori sold Venture, Venture got sold from inside, but yes we have fault in it cause we didn't do anything to stop Venture fall simple cuz we couldn't trust Venture anymore cuz of one person. Funny thing is how no one of Venture tops here said we sold them, but bunch of you who think you got all knowledge in the world say it.
If you think Venture was "used then killed", that's most absurd thing ever... Killing Venture didn't bring benefits to us on strategy plan, ffs we lost blood. There's no hidden agenda, or whatever you may think, it's simple stop looking for conspiracy theories.

About Xzone shooting Vincitori
I must congratz Xzone they did caught us in bad moment, and they made some nice kills. Yes we are pussy and incapable, and our bloods had to help us so we don't die by pro Xzone soldiers.
You might wanna add up Liberta they killed some Xzone too, and Gravano was on channel but dets kept failing.
However it was fun war, once we got out of safehouse ofc. So RIP to all who died from all sides...

Now flame on...

/q sbanks |
War started on: 21:48:03 08-02-2012 War ended on: 17:22:01 09-02-2012
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