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10-06 Summer Cleaning
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 10,196
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Caliente, Chocolicious, Criminalmind, Dice, Gravano, Gunners, Lucchese, Nocturne, Notte, Obscura, Peppers, Untouchables, Vincitori, Xartinos
The blood were not yet cleaned out from the streets before the warfare was on again, this time it was Vinci/UT, Notte/Nocturne, Caliente/Peppers, and Gravano and their sisterfams who ended the version for Gunners and Obscura. Strangely enough Liberta ( Who Gunner was sisterfam of, and bloods with Obscura. ) just watched their friends go down.

Shortly after after that Caliente/Peppers started to shoot at Lucchese, probably because of Lucchese's bloodship with Bravado ( who were killed earlier today )

Now only time will tell if the war is over for the night, or if more bodies will hit the floor.

Gunners 10-06-2010 20:26:14
Lucchese 10-06-2010 23:19:34
Criminalmind 11-06-2010 00:09:07

At this moment its only Obscura who is still standing.

According to my sources Criminalmind wanted to revenge their bloods, and planned to shoot, but Notte heard this and put a end to their plans, and they shot them down. This is the secound "sister" fam Liberta looses this bloody day.

Some fast made stats about the war; 55 brugs/brugs+ dead. 18.5mil bullets and 1.2 billion money gone.
T-bag (Top Obscura) : Let the boy win his spurs :')

Tangorot (Top Gunners) : gunners attacked by Vinci, this is not a surprise. History Gunners/Vincitori was always a hate relationship...nice shooting by Vinci no doubt about that, but this time my dispute goes to my SIS-Family Liberta. We got attacked by Vinci, and the only thing Liberta is doing is BACKSTABBING there own family by stating Vinci is our bloods...so they got a free ticket for this, NICE PLAYING LIBERTA :s this way you lost alot of loyalty from different players(top) families, because they only are wondering now,...ARE WE THE NEXT BLOODS TO GO DOWN...:s. Gizzie(ing=Gib) and Missgizz(ing=Chillfactor) are still Gunners and always will be...and all respect and loyalty to our members.

/q Redspeert or Red`AFK to post your statements, if you can find me.

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