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26-11 Uncensored <-> Vincitori
Author: Hyobanshi
Last updated: Never
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Views: 5,222
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.1
Involved families: Gravano, Talamasca, Uncensored, Vincitori
A few days ago Marcadia, Dreamliner and Deedee left Uncensored without permission. The three claimed Uncensored wasn't active enough in wars and left to Vincitori.

All the three were given a capo spot in Vincitori.

Today Uncensored grabbed their tommies and pointing them at the three who left without permission.

Cartman, former Godfather of Uncensored shot 20k and died in backfire of Marcadia (Capodecina, rumours go rank 1 with RP, rank 2 bullets)

Will Vincitori just let this happen or will they step in?

Update 22:40 OT

Vincitori already replied by hiring and shooting at Uncensored.

Update 23:10 OT

Talamasca jumped in and is helping Vincitori

Update 00:40 OT

Gravano jumped in and is helping Vincitori

Update 13:20 OT

Talmasca started on spot of Uncensored

Talamasca 27-11-2010 13:17:07
Uncensored 27-11-2010 05:07:04
Lin (Top Uncensored): We didnt rly know what to do with this. Few days ago two of our Cd's left (one former don of our fam) with paying 5 mil. This 5 mil if ofc not worth what a cd earned on his account. Robs, Bullets etc etc. We thought this was a disrespectfull thing. Vinci, didnt want to pay also for it. so we decided to try to kill those 3 accounts, too bad they went to safehouse.

Akasha (Top Talamasca): vinci was supposed to shoot a blood as its almost full moon, so to make sure it aint us we help them now

Johnny (Top Vincitori): First of all we didn't ask anyone to join us. Dreamliner, who is friend of us for long time, came to us and asked can we invite him and 2 of his friends to Vincitori. We didn't know which accounts he was talking about, but we said yes cuz we trust Dreamliner and know him from past. We didn't know they never spoke to Uncensored about leaving, but tbh we didn't care much ether cuz Uncensured didn't show interest in one of our request earlier this version. Considering newcomers as Vinci members from that point, we provided them protection as we do to every Vinci member.We did what we believed was best for Vincitori, we are in Mafia game not popularity contest. RIP to all who died in this war.

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