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21-04 Gambino <-> Vaffanculo
Author: Mura
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 30,840
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Bravado, Bruinsma, Caliente, Casalesi, Destination, Gambino, Glow, Gravano, Guardians, Ilimitada, Indelicato, Krays, Lacossa, Legends, Liberta, Massari, Obscura, Pavrinozzia, Pazzesco, Proletarians, Riot, Sacracorona, Silence, Sprecata, Talamasca, Tempestuoso, The firm, Vaffanculo, Valour, Vincitori
Even though many saw it coming, it still sent out shockwaves through Omerta, when the Gambino families (Gambino, Sprecata and Casalesi), together with the PLM alliance, Glow, Silence and Proletarians opened fire on the undisputed powerhouse of the version, Vaffanculo.

A well-organised attack that had probably taken days to plan took the Vaffanculo and SCU ranks by surprise, and cleared out some opposition in the first wave right away.
But it was only a short brush with victory, as immediately after fire was opened Vaffanculo's bloods, who they had been fighting with and for throughout the version, set up the counterattack against what seemed to be an overwhelming pact of families.

A combined force of the Lacossa, Vincitori, Gravano and DIGIT-alliance families shot back as soon as they found their targets, hoping to keep as much of Vaffanculo and SCU alive.
But now fuel was added to the fire - the counter would soon be countered, as bloods of the families who initially started the war, yet had not taken part in it so far, started shooting at the newcomers. Tempestuoso and Bravado/Valour set their sights on Lacossa, while Bruinsma and Pazzesco joined in on the shooting at Vaffanculo and SCU, the war's main objectives.

Within hours, however, the first families to go down were Massari, Legends and Pavrinozzia - the three families that made up the PLM alliance - mainly at the hands of the DIGIT-alliance and Vincitori.
Right after that Glow goes down as well.
It is not until half a day later that Lacossa goes down, the first family on the Vaffanculo side to die in this war.

Eventually more families jump in, again on the "defending" side, which is more attacking now than before, taking down lots of highranks, as Riot, Krays, Liberta and Caliente get involved in the war.
Gambino went down as well, which seems to be a decisive turn in the war. The main family of the attackers down, and any hope of contesting the rule of Vaffanculo and their bloods is pretty much gone now.

Two days into it, the war has almost come to a stand still, many players are low on bullets, cash, bodyguards or everything alltogether, and for everyone involved it seems to be a matter of survival now, no matter how that is achieved.

Date of Death:
Pazzesco 25-04-2010 11:55:23
Sprecata 25-04-2010 08:42:46
Obscura 24-04-2010 10:12:56
Bruinsma 23-04-2010 22:58:16
Silence 23-04-2010 17:08:35
Proletarians 23-04-2010 15:03:33
Caliente 23-04-2010 14:18:31
Casalesi 23-04-2010 11:12:02
Bravado 23-04-2010 00:32:01
Gambino 22-04-2010 23:50:12
Lacossa 22-04-2010 22:44:38
Glow 22-04-2010 12:13:49
Pavrinozzia 22-04-2010 11:55:59
Legends 22-04-2010 10:23:18
Massari 22-04-2010 08:09:24

To be updated.
Bazjuuh (Top Vaffanculo): Since Gambino shot our roulette owner, and they owed us $, We wanted to shoot them asap. But some fams close to Vaffan told us that Gambino wouldn't shoot us, and if they convinced us not to shoot them either. Unfortunately, this mistake has lead to a smart move from Gambino, which resulted in many casualties from Vaffan/SCU. Then some days later we heard PLM+Prole/Regulators were planning on Lacossa and Vaffanculo. Therefore we tried to create a counter attack with some of our bloods, which was scheduled for the day after. In the evening, we heard that Bravado, who had been asked to join that war also, leaked it to Tempes/Gamb. The same night, We got confirmation that PLM, Gambino and some other fams had set their dets on Vaffan. So when the shit hitted the fan, almost all of our bloods stood next to Vaffan, and shot what was necessary to keep us alive. About Tempes top statement: We didn't blood you because we wanted to shoot your bloods. We knew that your bloods were planning to kill us, so we tried to organize a counter attack, we just did what we thought was necessary to survive.

kolpi (Top Gambino): To be honest we knew already which bloods would turn against us :P That's why they didn't know anything about this war. Now its proven at least..the sad thing is they are doing this after all we have done for them.. Anyways shit hit the fan already :P

BioMedic (Top Lacossa): We were aware of the tension between Gambino/PLM and Vaffanculo, but didn't expect this attack to happen yet. There was no doubt on our side, as soon as we heard that Vaffanculo was under attack, we jumped in. We managed to get a couple of shots at Gambino, but then Tempestuoso and Proletarians started shooting us.

Corniole (Top Tempestuoso): We jumped in for our bloods Gambino, I know its a war between 2 bloods, but every choice we would have made would have given flaming, I don't care what others think. If Vaffanculo think they can blood us too shoot our other bloods then we simply pick side of our closest bloods. When Lacossa started to shoot Gambino we jumped in.

Jaketherude (Top Bruinsma & Pazzesco): The boundary conditions of this version did definitely not leave a small family like us many options. We could not shoot alone (not even in a well-planned late night attack) due to the KA and SMS-service and we had to gather an almost impossible union of families, if we wished to do some serious damage to the leading families. So we decided to play the version as it came and just stay true to our bloods. Never the less, we had our fun and participated in some wars, when it was possible.

We decided to join this war mainly due to one reason. We have not got a problem with Vaffanculo - they have played an awesome version with lots of wars and probably will continue to do so. But Vaffanculo shot two of our bloods. We considered them as the brain behind the wars against our bloods, so we felt they had to be our primary target when we could do something.

We had been talking about options ever since they shot our bloods, but unfortunately many of our options got eliminated in other wars, so when we saw this war, we considered it a small window to do something and if failing at least go down while damaging those who shot our bloods.

Johnny (Top Vincitori): Vincitori knew about the problems between Vaffanculo and Gambino. Both fams wanted to shoot eachother down, but we tried to stop it. Convincing both sides that it's wrong and that it was a bad move, and that they shouldn't be a threat to each other. Vinci stoped Vaffanculo attacking Gambino more then once, and we got dozens of confirmations from Gambino that they would never plan to attack Vaffanculo.
A week or two before this war, we told both Gambino and Vaffanculo that any fam who decided to shoot at our bloods, would be shot at by us.

After a Gambino member suicideded on a Vaffanculo object holder and created a lot of problems, Gambino took the easy way out. All the talks we had to make things between Gambino and Vaffanculo better fell into nothingness, the family we stopped from attacking our blood, was now under attack from our blood.
In that situation, when you're in a world of shit and you're partly responsible for your other bloods not acting sooner, there wasn't much doubt in our minds. Gambino knew upfront that any fam which wasn't related to Vincitori and shot at our bloods would be under attack, so they knew what would happen to PLM and the rest of the fams that would help them long before we actually started shooting.

We did the only thing we felt was right. If Gambino already decided to to shoot Vaffanculo, we at least wanted to make sure it was a 1 on 1 war, and thus we tried to keep Gambino's allies busy in this war.

Yes this is directly pickin' sides in this war, we know what we did, and we know why we did it. As we said we felt responsible for telling Vaffanculo and Gambino they werent in danger from eachother.

As for Gambino's help to Vincitori during the whole version, and Vincitori's "payback". We (Gambino and Vincitori) helped eachother many times, during the entire version. Shot together, died together and ranked together. That's why this was a really hard decision for us. Gambino saved our ass many times, but so did Vaffanculo. Watching the family that saved our ass in the Favians war getting hit by a dozen fams wasn't an option for us.

As for Vaffanculo, we're sorry we stopped you from acting sooner, you would probably stand much better now if you did. We tried to make up for it by shooting anyone who we could to make it more even for u and Gambino.

Dondonna (Top Gambino): Although we shot together with Vaffanculo quite a few times, with success, there was a growing tension between the 2 fams. Either because of the past relations between Gambino >< SCU or maybe because we felt we weren't really the most dominant family anymore or even because they tried to blood all our bloods (Tempestuoso for instance). The day when one of our members killed their roullie holder, who had 1 billion in pocket was clearly a turn in the events and speeded up things. Vaffan was pretty agressive when asking back the money and showed not much respect. We felt they might shoot us eventually. (apparenlty we guessed right, according to bazjuuh's statement)

That's why we had to take action ourselves. We gathered some bloods and hired on Vaffan/lacossa. Unfortunately the war leaked and when the shit hits the fan, both sides were ready for what would become one huge war. The war was pretty heavy with big losses on both sides, but Gambino had a slight advantage after the first night. But that was not until, most of the common bloods between gambino & vaffanculo clearly chose a side. When our close bloods like Vinci or even ID&T (which we helped a lot, by killing coccada back in janaury) decided to kill us indirectly by killing P&L, Glow/Slow & Proletarians.

Once Riot, Krays, Liberta and Caliente started to shoot at us (for what reason? We still wonder. It could easily have been the opposite), we barely had bullets/money left and we went down pretty easily.

STeeNBuLL (Top Liberta): We tried to be organized asap but there wasn't many online friends back then. So the day after, we organized and started to shoot at Gambino, Sprecata and Casalesi fams with our bloods.

Tibz (Top Gravano): The rights and wrongs of this war for Gravano can be written on the back of a postage stamp! We was already the instigator in a plan versus PLM & Proletarians. We was also well aware of growing tension between Vaffanculo and Gambino. So we approached a certain family to handle some targets - as a result we understand our aproach was leaked! This left us with no alternative for the events that played out, we felt it was our duty to compensate for this fuck-up, if it's viewed as backstab to some then so be it.

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