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18-08 Coup d'état!
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14-08 A Day To Forget!
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14-08 Richestfamily down!
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12-08 Poppers
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11-08 Fortressless
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10-08 The savage attack on Savagery!
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08-08 Fall of the Goldenarmy!
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02-08 A Day To Remember!
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30-07 Locating the needle in a ...Horde?
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Started articles: 10-03 End in sight?
10-03 Because why not!
12-03 Payback
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16-04 Inferno!
17-04 Anarchy in the Koninkrijk
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20-04 The Fellowship of Brave Men
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25-06 Nothing New
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26-07 Overture?
31-07 The Long Goodbye
07-08 Run All Night
14-08 Outro?
18-08 Casino Updates
10-09 Begin Again
24-09 Reset
28-09 Welcome to Omerta 4.91
04-10 And the Sky Came Falling ... Up?
05-11 Reset
Omerta News Integration
25-11 Taming the Wild
18-12 First Family
08-06 Bookmaker is back for Euro 2016
06-07 First Fam Down!
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14-08 A Day To Forget!
23:49:23 - 15-08
Anonymous at 23:41:58 on 15/08:
inf` at 23:37:10 on 15/08:
Anonymous at 23:24:41 on 15/08:
inf` at 23:15:21 on 15/08:
Anonymous at 22:19:41 on 15/08:
Anonymous at 22:19:16 on 15/08:
Aeterna seems to be winning

Which means that Gambino will join their side = Huggers

Oh, they long have. Fuerta told their members to not shoot at Aeterna while Aeterna conveniently blooded Krays as they needed even more help.

you should think the guy that sold out his own fam would stfu, but mehh here he is

Nothing sold out. Regardless, I'd tell you the entire story if you weren't hiding behind an Anonymous name.

i know the story a bit 50/50. but you did't just sell out the "top". a lot of us came back to play for aeterna you sold us all out, that can never be justified.
Here's a thought: If you're a family where you regularly lose half of your active tops because of decisions made by the others (or should I say made by one, and grudgingly accepted by some of the others?), perhaps the problem isn't with the tops that are leaving.
12-08 Poppers
23:40:31 - 14-08
Veggzi at 23:36:09 on 14/08:
Give me a good cake recipe instead of that ass of a statement, plz
I'm pretty sure it actually is a nub cake recipe.

14-08 A Day To Forget!
20:02:14 - 14-08
Dreadful at 19:34:55 on 14/08:
eskurza at 19:17:32 on 14/08:
And people were saying that def/bratva is gonna stab aeterna :S I hope they are all accept they are wrong now .
Don't come all emo on us now. Its just your plans backfired :D Did you really think no one would notice your little games? Here is a little lesson for you about omerta. The ones who think themselves smarter than others will lose big time. Especially for your case, your enemies are probably the most sneaky guys around. You are just .tr players after all. Your inexperience on .com will be your undoing imo.
If you think you need smarts or sneakiness to win on any server nowadays, you're deluded. Omerta is like a version of curling where you let a bunch of drunkards play against each other for a month. Sure, you might get in a nice hit in a rare moment of sobriety, but odds are some other wasted guy is going to run into you mid-shot on your next attempt, and it's all random from that point on.

Honestly, you might as well take the 3-5 biggest families and flip a coin to decide the winner.
16-12 OmertaBeyond 2.2.0 -UPDT-
17:14:06 - 09-08
Eliza at 01:26:32 on 06/08:
Could you fix Raid Result showing on Raid page? Doesn't work for me in any of the v5 versions.
This is fixed now and will go out with the next release. if you want to get the fix now.

Eliza at 01:26:32 on 06/08:
Also, would it be possible to select which cars show up on race car choosing list, like we do for Group Crimes? Or at least remove SH cars from showing up on race cars (so you can choose random car without using a 250k car by accident).
The "don't chose SH cars when random car is used" thing would have to be implemented by the game, we don't have control over that. We could add a way to make race cars work like heist/oc/moc cars, but that's a bit involved. Might happen at some point, but probably not too soon.
02-08 A Day To Remember!
19:11:27 - 03-08
joas at 18:46:34 on 03/08:
Achille at 18:01:35 on 03/08:
Anonymous at 17:49:37 on 03/08:
Anonymous at 17:45:11 on 03/08:
Anonymous at 17:42:37 on 03/08:
Inf, you are the most dishonorable guy I've ever seen.
Hijacking your own family to lick ass of Siberia? Where is your honor? O wait, you don't have any.
Because stabbing your bloods is very honorable :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
That's totally different then hijack your OWN family for another family.
And i think all the times that Aeterna saved Siberia, and 1 stab can't be compared.
All the times Aeterna saved Siberia? You are obviously confused and ment to say 'All the times Aeterna stabbed Siberia'. And that is also why we took precaution by getting own members inside their fam. Same goes for Assassino. The almighty one is simply almighty.

Are you saying Assassino have a habit of stabbing Siberia? Considering this is our 3rd version and we were loyal af the first two?