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20-01 Florava <-> Vincitori
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 2.5
Involved families: Florava, Vincitori
02:59:44 [Heista] [02:56] [Dareios] :52am] [+Para`Gone] my fam is kinda hacked
02:59:44 [Heista] [02:56] [Dareios] [2:52am] [+Para`Gone] i'm Outrageous
02:59:44 [Heista] [02:56] [Dareios] [2:52am] [+Para`Gone] the only one who can change things atm
02:59:44 [Heista] [02:56] [Dareios] [2:52am] [+Para`Gone] but everything changes
02:59:44 [Heista] [02:56] [Dareios] [2:52am] satira ([email protected]) has joined. �43 people�
02:59:44 [Heista] [02:56] [Dareios] [2:52am] [+Para`Gone] whole fam kicked, leavemoney on $1 no suc6or appointed
02:59:44 [Heista] [02:56] [Dareios] [2:53am] [+Para`Gone] i invited some shooters again
02:59:44 [Heista] [02:56] [Dareios] [2:53am] [+Para`Gone] they accpeted invite, and got kicked again
02:59:44 [Heista] [02:56] [Dareios] [2:53am] [+Para`Gone] wtf is going on :/

Outrageous was the don at that time, now handed over to Ixbalanque.

It has every sign of an admin's action, very helpful for Vincitori who had just been attacked by some Florava highranks. Of course there is no proof for this yet, other than things going on that the don didn't do (like putting the leavemoney on $1).

Exclusively, Outrageous' chat in #help with Skive. It's a very interesting read, showing both sides of the medallion. Skive first accuses Outrageous of scripting (probably because that's standard procedure), but later turns around and is willing to actively search for the problem and for a solution.

From #help
(02:18:57) <Para`Gone> i still can't login/
(02:19:13) <Skive> Para`Gone not until we are sure your not infected by something
(02:19:31) <Para`Gone> ok, will i be safe during??
(02:19:31) <Para`Gone> :')
(02:19:47) <Skive> basically yes
(02:19:54) <Skive> no one can login to your account
(02:20:10) <Para`Gone> but they can shoot me, i'm in the middle of a warhehe
(02:20:10) <Skive> Para`Gone are you using a stats site ?
(02:20:15) <Para`Gone> nope
(02:20:22) <Skive> they can shoot you, but it's better than being hacked
(02:20:27) <Skive> gave your pass away ?
(02:20:33) <Para`Gone> nope
(02:20:48) <Skive> use a script ?
(02:20:51) <Para`Gone> :')
(02:20:56) <Skive> i'm serious
(02:20:59) <Para`Gone> ok sorry
(02:21:05) <Para`Gone> no i don't use a script
(02:21:17) <Skive> scan your computer for trojans please
(02:21:22) <Para`Gone> k
(02:21:42) <Skive> b2w why the superdynamic ip ?
(02:22:37) <Skive> Para`Gone
(02:22:54) <Para`Gone> superdynamic??
(02:22:57) <Para`Gone> eh
(02:23:05) <Para`Gone> dunno
(02:23:28) <Skive> are you by any chance on a proxy ?
(02:23:59) <Para`Gone> \o/
(02:24:03) <Para`Gone> an ip i don't know
(02:24:04) <Para`Gone> :x
(02:24:21) <Skive> any particular reason for using a proxy ?
(02:24:45) <Para`Gone> i guess
(02:24:52) <Para`Gone> they hacked into my pc
(02:24:57) <Para`Gone> set proxy
(02:25:03) <Para`Gone> and took control
(02:25:05) <Para`Gone> ?!
(02:25:44) <Para`Gone> i don't use proxy
(02:25:47) <Para`Gone> why should i
(02:25:59) <Skive> ehm if they hacked you they did it from the beginning
(02:26:06) <Skive> since there are over 12 ips on your account
(02:26:16) <Bramblerose> have you ever used a program which makes it possible for others to go on your computer?
(02:26:16) <Para`Gone> 12?? :/
(02:26:30) <Para`Gone> not on this pc
(02:27:21) <Skive> want to hear my personal opinion?
(02:27:25) <Para`Gone> sure
(02:27:30) <Skive> but your not going to like it
(02:27:40) <Bramblerose> :)
(02:27:47) <Para`Gone> it can't get worse
(02:27:49) <Para`Gone> so tell me
(02:27:50) <Para`Gone> hehe
(02:28:01) <Skive> oh yes it can actually, coz i think you lied to me at a certain point
(02:28:07) <Para`Gone> what point
(02:28:11) <Skive> the script one
(02:28:14) <Para`Gone> :x
(02:28:19) <Para`Gone> omfg
(02:28:25) <Para`Gone> this can't be true
(02:28:34) <Skive> we know for a fact there is a script which allowes people to access an account unseen
(02:28:48) <Para`Gone> i know who's behind this
(02:28:54) <Skive> you do ;)
(02:28:58) <Skive> do tell
(02:29:04) <Skive> i rather get the source
(02:29:38) <Para`Gone> there was big discussion...we had scripters in our fam
(02:29:44) <Para`Gone> but we get argue with them
(02:29:58) <Para`Gone> then leave was changed to $1 and they all left with the money
(02:30:09) <Skive> did they ever give you a site which you had to login too ?
(02:30:16) <Para`Gone> it was changed just like that
(02:30:26) <Para`Gone> no
(02:30:48) <Skive> so someone just hacked our database, found your family and set it to 0
(02:30:49) <Para`Gone> i don't even know how a script works -_-
(02:30:51) <Skive> ehm 1
(02:31:20) <Para`Gone> well i'm rip anyways i hear
(02:31:41) <Para`Gone> i never scripted -_-
(02:32:01) <Skive> no your not
(02:32:11) <Skive> your screwed yes
(02:32:21) <Para`Gone> bigtime
(02:32:28) <Skive> but not by us, per say
(02:32:57) <Para`Gone> [03:28:29] <Skive> we know for a fact there is a script which allowes people to access an account unseen
(02:33:35) <Para`Gone> so they surely can make it look like i use a script
(02:33:39) <Skive> ofc it could be something else
(02:33:43) <Skive> we don't know yet
(02:34:00) <Para`Gone> well the proxy was set, not by me
(02:34:04) <Para`Gone> that should say enough
(02:34:04) <Skive> but out of the 10 cases we encountered 8 turned out to be a scripter
(02:34:24) <Para`Gone> you need two who aren't for the statistics hehe
(02:34:51) <Skive> I basically need this to go away
(02:35:01) <Skive> this sucks bigtime
(02:35:07) <Skive> either we have a huge leak
(02:35:14) <Skive> or we are surrounded by idiot cheaters
(02:35:20) <Skive> either way it sucks
(02:35:20) <Para`Gone> both i suppose :x
(02:35:27) <Para`Gone> but that's my personal oppinion
(02:35:42) <Para`Gone> big cheaters helped by a couple of corrupt admins :)
(02:36:04) <Skive> ...
(02:36:09) <Skive> we have no corrupt admins
(02:36:13) <Para`Gone> of course you don't :)
(02:37:01) <Skive> well point em out
(02:37:58) <Para`Gone> there where 2 players with 8 acc in our fam, when we went to admins leave just changed to $1 and they all could leave just like that
(02:38:14) <Para`Gone> but the major problem then would be the leak i suppose
(02:39:06) <Skive> i'm kinda wondering if your sure you never hit a stats site ?
(02:39:12) <Skive> or a news site
(02:39:18) <Para`Gone> only ehm
(02:39:39) <Para`Gone>
(02:39:44) <Skive> thank you
(02:39:46) <Para`Gone> but never regged
(02:39:48) <Skive> what's the source ?
(02:41:03) <Para`Gone> sorry what source
(02:41:31) <Skive> of that site
(02:41:36) <Skive> do you know it by any chance
(02:41:37) <Skive> ?
(02:41:53) <Skive> b2w you just got shot
(02:42:25) <Para`Gone>
(02:42:29) <Para`Gone> if i look in source
(02:42:37) <Para`Gone> some kind of german server thing
(02:42:49) <Para`Gone> yeah i got shot, while i couldn;t log in
(02:43:09) <Skive> would have happened anyway, but it might give us a lead
(02:44:54) <Para`Gone> i was there only once, didn't filled anything in
(02:45:02) <Para`Gone> didn't reply to anything
(02:45:30) <Skive> hmmz
(02:45:38) <Para`Gone> no registration
(02:46:14) <Skive> who is galahad?
(02:46:44) <Para`Gone> check his ingame
(02:46:50) <Para`Gone> he sended whole top pm's
(02:46:58) <Para`Gone> that our fam sucks blablabal
(02:47:05) <Para`Gone> started just today
(02:48:00) <Skive> aha
(02:48:47) <Para`Gone> was he on same IP as Outrageous acc?
(02:48:56) <Skive> no
(02:49:02) <Skive> he's just not a big fan of your fam
(02:50:09) <Para`Gone> true...but has that anything to do with this?
(02:50:14) <Skive> dunno
(02:50:25) <Skive> at this point everything could be related
(02:52:08) <Para`Gone> the funny thing is though
(02:52:38) <Skive> funny ?
(02:52:43) <Para`Gone> with the groups scripters leaving for $1 the Don who was in charge back then also went to help
(02:52:53) <Para`Gone> and they also accussed him of scripting
(02:53:01) <Skive> I recall him
(02:53:05) <Para`Gone> while we are the group who don;t script at all
(02:53:12) <Para`Gone> and the scripters never get caught
(02:53:44) <Skive> look, this is the situation
(02:53:50) <Skive> I don't know what's next
(02:54:02) <Skive> We need to survey our complete code
(02:54:06) <Para`Gone> i don't blame you ofc :)
(02:54:15) <Skive> just to make sure we're clean
(02:54:18) <Para`Gone> uhu
(02:55:27) <Para`Gone> and a rollback and a firewall on my pc hehe :P
(02:56:39) <Skive> `first just finish the scan ;)
(02:56:47) <Skive> if it comes back clean it's us prolly
(02:57:26) <Para`Gone> hope you can solve this
(02:57:44) <Skive> so do i
(02:57:48) <Para`Gone> there are too many stange things lately
(02:58:06) <Skive> agreed
(03:03:33) <Para`Gone> ok should i wait, should i go?? will i be informed further about what's going on and what will happen?

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