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05-03 Pepe le Pew pew!
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 1810d 7h 32m 2s ago by Smul
Comments: 201
Views: 16,855
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.3
Involved families: Anadolu, Caliente, Equites, Escalada, Gravano, Guantanamo, Hangover, Liberta, Marangella, Marangello, Oblivions, Presidential, Quirites, Selenga, Senatores, Tremps, Vengeance, Venutti, Vincitori, Anonymous, Ilimitada, Purgatory, Serenity, Vertigo
Both parties hired detectives as the war was comming for days already. According to several rumours Presidential shot too early which Anonymous replied with shooting on Vincitori+.

Anonymous is a mix from the following families: Gambino, Leviticus, Notte and Tempestuoso

Vincitori/Escalada, Gravano, Presidential, Liberta+, Anadolu, Vengeance, Hangover and Caliente opened fire at Anonymous

Defensive counters:

Purgatory opened fire at Caliente and Presidential.
Vertigo opened fire at Presidentials + Caliente (Vincitori unconfirmed)
Serenity shooting at Vincitori+
Ilimitada shooting at Escalada

Attacker side jumping in:

Venutti seems to be shooting at Anonymous
Quirites+ leaped in and is targeting Vertigo
Marangello+ jumped in to defend their bloods
Phenkyhenky (Liberta Top): We have seen many ANONYMOUS, we solved many ANONYMOUS equations but we havent seen this much ANONYMOUS gay together .. hi to them and :W again ....

Schopenhauer (Anonymous Top): I have nothing smart to say about a pussy pact xD

T-bag (Top Vertigo): Firstly, RIP to both side. i believe in we died with our honor. Liberta offered us make an alliance to clear game but we couldn't accept the offer. we already happy in our way and don't afraid of die, that's why we blooded with Anonymous. I know a story and i wanna share it..

"When Nemrud starts to greatest fire seen on earth to burn Ibrahim the prophet, father of all religions..
There was an ant was running to douse that fire with as much water has it could carry on its back..
There was a crow which is carrying twigs to field that fire, ant notice that and asked mockingly.
Where are you going with this water?
Ant answers, i m going to put this fire out.
Crow smiles, so you put this fire out?
Quickly get in steps and ant answers, even I can not do it at least the side I am on will be defined."

Our side is defined.

/q sbanks |
War started on: 21:49:02 05-03-2012 War ended on: 13:29:02 07-03-2012
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