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26-02 The Clash of the Titans
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 18,696
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Akronia, Bangbros, Cannabis, Catania, Eretna, Favians, Gambino, Glow, Gravano, Honor & Glory, Krays, Larossa, Liberta, Mangano, Notte, Perforta, Ragione, Sicilia, Tempestuoso, The firm, Uncensored, Vaffanculo, Vincitori, Violence, Violenza
As the rumours already said the last few days, The Clash of the Titans is happening. Favians and Violenza are shooting at eachother, more info will follow.

Violenza, Violence, Larossa, Vincitori, Liberta, Eretna, Glow, Tempestuoso, Notte, Vaffanculo <-> Favians, Perforta, Akronia & Cannabis.

Mangano joined Favians side and is shooting at Vincitori back
Honor & Glory joined attackers side and opened a fire on Mangano/Vincenzo. Together with Vincitori and some of Vinci's bloods they brought down Mangano.

- Kerberos is up after Mangano goes down.
- Wtf with only 1 Local chief who got up after Vicenzo got shot down, got killed.
- Blitzkrieg & Distruzione up on former spots of Cannabis & Vicenzo/Wtf
- Shangai was up for less then 60 minutes on Perforta's spot
- Nocturne got up on former spot of Perforta/Shangai
- Slow got up, sister family of Glow
- Favians lost the spot to Violenza, who's setting up another sister family.
- Akronia sold his HQ to Vincitori
- Vincitori set an inactive LC as don and got taken down, so they kep a percentage of their capo money.
- Prozzini up
- Gerrard former Don of Akronia went to Liberta with some members
- Vincitori at Akronia's spot

Quick Summary:
The war started with roughly the following setup;
Violenza/Violence/Larossa + Catania + Ragione <-> Favians
Vincitori + Uncensored <-> Cannabis
Notte + Liberta + Glow <-> Perforta
Gravano + Vaffanculo + Krays/The Firm + Tempestuoso + Sicilia + Bangbros + Gambino <-> Akronia
Right away, Mangano jumps in and focuses on a single attacking family;
Mangano/Vincenzo <-> Vincitori
Which is immediately dealt with by;
Gravano + Vaffanculo + Vincitori <-> Mangano + Vincenzo

As the war went on, some families had to shift their original targets a bit here and there, to cover all bases and prevent any real counterattack from being set up - which was a success, as Favians and Akronia did not manage to give much resistance, save going down very slowly.

01-03-2010 22:15:57 Vincitori down
27-02-2010 21:38:45 Shangai down
27-02-2010 20:45:32 Perforta down
27-02-2010 15:52:43 Wtf down
27-02-2010 15:43:32 Cannabis down
27-02-2010 06:42:59 Vincenzo down
27-02-2010 04:10:38 Mangano down
Tosunpasa (Top Eretna): Party night

corniole (Top Tempestuoso): 2 weeks ago we were asked to help to shoot on favians, but violenza backed out at the last moment, now we got asked to shoot on akronia while violenza would shoot on favians, this was a good chance for us, shooting for an object + we are bored

Violenza's tops : It's AMAZING

Dartheru (Top Mangano): i love you idylle :^

Novita (Top Gravano): They were a threat that's all.

Lefty (Top Vincitori): We knew as soon as we went up that Favians was looking to bring us down... They've planned before but it didn't go through for some reasons, tonight it did, we had Cannabis as targets but then Mangano went loose on us...

Ladycherry (Top Cannabis): Well we heard we were going to be shot, so we set detectives. As soon as the first one of us was shot at we opened fire. Big respect and rip to our fallen members.

/q sbanks for a topstatement

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