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General Comments & Major Rumors
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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
Comments: 6 - Views: 600 - Votes: 0
12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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General Comments & Major Rumors
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 3996d 21h 38m 3s ago by MrWhite
Comments: 57,015
Views: 12,079,059
Votes: 81 (4.5 average)
General Comments & Major Rumors section.

Everyone knows where this section is for, keep it clean from flaming and only posts in english are allowed.

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Anonymous (16h 27m 6s ago)
Link Quote
the for reason poker 48 for reason of all
bring back..and to this get bg before no ike ray nameless all
Anonymous (20h 13m 13s ago)
Link Quote
Is it easier to dupe living in other country? Makes to be fair for ppayl 500 benefit?.
Anonymous (20h 41m 14s ago)
Link Quote
Why so many Don?
Anonymous (18:04:44 - 02-02)
Link Quote
Time Name Rank Family
02-02 17:53:29 (A) Sisi Soldier
02-02 17:53:29 (A) Vietnam Swindler Utd nations
02-02 17:53:29 (A) Scotland Local Chief Utd nations
02-02 17:53:29 (A) Benin Local Chief Utd nations
02-02 17:53:29 (A) Haiti Chief Utd nations
02-02 17:53:29 (A) Gabon Local Chief Utd nations
02-02 17:53:29 (A) Colombia Local Chief Utd nations

Ouch :w
oldschool playah (10:05:16 - 29-01)
Link Quote
its nice to see that with 31 families omerta is more popular then ever before

Anonymous (01:13:45 - 28-01)
Link Quote
I like retard time. Safely behind a monitor screen, what could go wrong?
Anonymous (08:52:18 - 24-01)
Link Quote
Heavy Retardation in com these day
Anonymous (15:29:35 - 21-01)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 13:48:58 on 20/01:
Anonymous at 23:13:34 on 18/01:
First family is?
Who cares, it’s singleplayer vers anyway ;)
Anonymous (04:07:59 - 21-01)
Link Quote
No, Mcgee had a terrible month.
You see he got some negativity to an extent it forced him underground in Omerta.
He’d shoot a million bullets two rounds in a row and people would be upset that they underestimated him as a troll and find out who is helping him out financially and with more guns.
So it was said the community broke him after him grinding like a maniac in this game for so long.
He did talk a lot, known more so in his early 20’s so he pays the piper for his actions and public statements later on his elder years when he was last around (late 30’s).
People have spoken to him and tried to provide wise words about his anger and trolling.
Shit, he’s gone so hateful and spiteful at times with his rage he’s lucky he never got swatted.

Anyways back to his horrible month.
Well apparently he failed getting into a bunch of street games in woke NY because of his hairy white irish ass, he went emo and crazy and got busted playing with his toy soldiers at a public school playground which was not for public use. The only reason why he didnt do it while children were around because he was afraid they were going to beat his ass while the cops watched and laughed cause he looks like such a loser.
So you won’t hear from him anymore, you’re all welcome I’m even embarrassed myself to have come across this amount of knowledge.
I heard Mcgee is so skitzo he got upset and finnaly admitted to Righello he was done being a loser and using toxic rage against his enemies because he wanted to reach through the screen and pound fucking skulls.

Jeetje is your everyday american idiot.
Thinks people want to talk about NFL on “com” , not a real mans sport.
And he had a pair of pussylips so the constant bullying scarred him in life and forced him to play this game to feel apart of something at a safe distance.

Thanks for reading you sad motherfacker!
Anonymous (21:28:29 - 20-01)
Link Quote
McGee are you ingame Jeetje? I think is u
Anonymous (13:48:58 - 20-01)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 23:13:34 on 18/01:
First family is?
Who cares, it’s singleplayer vers anyway ;)
Anonymous (23:13:34 - 18-01)
Link Quote
First family is?
Anonymous (00:55:51 - 18-01)
Link Quote
What’s the drama and story about Alpi?
I like details.
Anonymous (13:05:20 - 16-01)
Link Quote
big reset
Anonymous (02:20:50 - 16-01)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 23:46:09 on 15/01:
who will win

Anonymous (23:46:09 - 15-01)
Link Quote
who will win
Anonymous (17:21:16 - 15-01)
Link Quote
Soty rdy for being ontario member?? Better role for you :))
Anonymous (03:51:19 - 13-01)
Link Quote
why must I feel so alone
Anonymous (22:47:14 - 11-01)
Link Quote
For me I favor. I miss my friendships
Anonymous (18:47:49 - 07-01)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 16:28:57 on 07/01:
Anonymous at 17:09:57 on 04/01:
Anonymous at 23:38:57 on 03/01:
Anonymous at 14:34:49 on 03/01:
Gratz gondor, ontarium too easy for you
Correction, Gratz volume :D
big moves, super slick guy. He won single handledly. GG

Yea with join anydesk and kicking all imp ppl otherwise volume or gondor cant win shit anything against anyone
I mean tomato tomayto. even though full hq vs full hq and core members volume was far behind, he still managed to smoke the arrogance of soty :D.
lessons lessons boys.
Geez Assfeathering much? Need something of him?
I have his phone nr! :D

Hi Volume did you kill me ? asshole <3