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General Comments & Major Rumors
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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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» Family History
Founder:Woeiii & Whoepa
Been up in:2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5/2.6, 2.7, 2.7b
Hijacked:No, but in 2.6 Firari tried but failed
Alliance:2.1, BEST syndicate 2.2, NA after 2.2 always outside an Alliance
Sisterfam:Phoenix 2.2, Pavleone 2.3, 2.5/2.6
Version 2.1
Woeiii & Whoepa Cybah Ku Pereira Puppie

2 January 2005 (2.1) Woeiii & Whoepa decided to build a family named Tempestuoso and started as a sisterfamily of Belicoso. tops where Woeiii, Whoepa and Cybah. They joined BEST (the syndicate) Belicoso Elite Soprano Tempestuoso. The syndicate went down in a huge war against LSO, Lucchese Squad Odio

Version 2.2
Woeiii Cybah Pereira Fingon Madbob JsssSmith Heista Roma

Cybah, Woeiii, Pereira and a few other players from different family's build Veneratio which was planned to split up in 4 different family's. At some point there where threats and Acoma which was a mix of Belicoso and some Elite, Veneratio made an agreement with Catania to shoot Fruitbat to get the spots... Later Veneratio shot at Talamasca / Vincitori and was killed by their bloods We came back as Tempestuoso builded by Pereira, Cybah, Woeiii, Fingon Heista and Madbob and joined NA (Northern Alliance, Hispania Merovingians and Andalusia) We created a sisterfam called Phoenix and from what some people say it was against the agreements with NA. Some tops of Tempestuoso wanted to get out of NA. some internal troubles where born with this decision, Pereira passed donspot too Rockbiter but later that day Tempestuoso & Phoenix where killed by NA. Reasons for our death are we created the sisterfamily or the fact that we wanted to leave NA (not 100% sure, different sources told different story's ) After this Heista who survived founded Coalesco where many temps where ranking inside and went down against CCCE.

Also in 2.2 Pereira introduced a honourcode many players added it to their profile.

Version 2.3
Cybah Pereira Heista JsssSmith Corniole Moonburn Bahadirrr Roma

in 2.3 we weren't there in the start, half the version some old tops Pereira, Cybah and few ex members Moonburn Heista Bahadirrrr Corniole decided to rebuild Tempestuoso, later Roma Ladyaurora and Innocenteyes also joined topchannel, again some internal struggling happened and most tops left the family. 2.3 wasn't the way we wanted to play. Shit happens everywhere after this Pereira retired for ever and never came back.

Version 2.4
Cybah Heista Corniole Bloodyslow Bahadirrr Moonburn Fingon Mokster

Moonburn Bahadir Corniole Cybah Heista and Bloodyslow decided to rank from the start to rebuild the Coalesco family as soon Corniole and Bloodyslow both became LC they decided minutes before they bought the 1st spot to name it Tempestuoso instead of Coalesco. We agreed on few points that we never wanted to join an alliance and also we didn't want the trouble from 2.3. We started without permission & bloods (no family wanted us as blood after the 2.3 debacle) and stayed a small family for long time. We didn't had any serious wars only killed 1 or 2 small families for spots and slowly we became stronger and reached pos #1 as a family without an alliance behind us. Alliances where dominating the game this version, at some point the 3 big alliance where working together, better known as pussypact and we decided to hurt them as much as possible in a suicidewar. Affinitas became our target and we damaged them much more then we ever thought we could, we killed Vincitori Gravano Xzone with a total clean up of almost all their soldier++

Version 2.5 / 2.6
Cybah Fingon Heista Corniole Bloodyslow Bahadirrr Moonburn Mokster Sam NinaV Valentine

Same tops rebuilded Tempestuoso, this time we didn't had any troubles to find bloods after the Affinitas war. We went down in the Violenza war, after that we came back and later got killed by Anadolu. We ranked inside Cal/Evo and came back in Vegas this time and builded up a very close relationship with Bruinsma which we still have at this day. We where killed by Merovingians & Infragilis at the end.

Version 2.7
Cybah Heista Corniole Bloodyslow Moonburn Valentine Kaperka Carloscifo

Same tops rebuilded Tempestuoso only Bahadirrr left to work with Chaos family short after that also Moonburn left us. We worked together with all Baltimore family's, Bruinsma Chaos Rizzuto Anotherty Mangano we had a bad start when Bruinsma don was hijacked and the hacker killed Corniole who killed Bruinsma don in backfire and shot down the whole fam due to removed successors by the hacker. We Never blamed Bruinsma and helped them rebuilding. We had a good organised war together with Bruinsma, Chaos, Mangano, Rizzuto, Anotherty, Cuore vs Ilteber (#1 ranked), Consiglio (#3 ranked) and Larochella. Later we went down with almost all Baltimore family's in the Baltimore war. We rebuilded and later we got killed by Lectano Ferocitas Sigma & Vulture.

Version 2.7b
Cybah Heista Corniole Bloodyslow Valentine Kaperka Carloscifo Amorphis Depfone

Again the same tops rebuilded Tempestuoso and we went down against Conflict which was a bad organised war. Basically realised due rumours. We rebuilded and got killed by our former bloods Rizzuto who also went down. We didn't came back after this because most tops where too busy in real life for serious ranking.

Version 2.1 & 2.2 is from what I heard from extops & members, from 2.3 until now I'm 99% sure its correct. If any mistakes in here feel free to drop it in my PM so i can change it

corniole on behalf of the Tempestuoso family
Involved wars
07-12 Tempestuoso + Notte <-> Akustica
23-12 Revenge War
07-01 Conflict War
12-01 Violenza war
14-02 Delitium killed
31-03 Atlantica/Armonia/Lioni War
05-04 Anadolu <-> Tempestuoso
07-05 Merovingians+Infragilis <-> Tempestuoso
13-07 Hack: Bruinsma down
10-08 Censored on a suicide mission
28-08 Consiglio + Ilteber War
04-10 Baltimore War
22-11 Tempestuoso + Vicaria war
23-01 Tempestuoso <-> Conflict
20-02 Tempestuoso down
08-06 Affinitas under attack
10-06 Bullets flying
03-11 Conflict War
27-04 Big ass war
26-02 The Clash of the Titans
13-04 Sanctuary down
16-04 Bangbros War
21-04 Gambino <-> Vaffanculo
26-05 Tempestuoso+ <-> Krays+
20-09 Conflict+ vs Kerberos+
10-01 More shooting!
17-04 End of the Cold War
17-05 Gambino in trouble
14-06 Marazzino getting shot
13-07 Caliente/Camorra war [update]
25-08 Carneglia under heavy attack
31-08 Tempestuoso hijacked
14-09 Retaking Tempestuoso
09-10 Tempestuoso ↔ Fabrizio
22-10 Complexio/Tempestuoso getting shot
21-01 The Mexican standoff!
15-07 Regcleaner?
24-07 Plumber needed. There is a leak!
25-07 It's a Massacre!
07-08 It's a Delirium!
20-08 The editors getting edited
22-08 The Graveyard is your final Destination
24-08 They don't know what is what
02-09 Getting Censored
19-10 The Gates of Hell have opened
21-10 Wake you from your sunday blues
29-10 Rate Reducers!
17-01 To shoot or not to shoot
27-02 The revenge
12-03 No sushi for Fidelitas tonight!
25-03 And another one! (updated)
28-03 The final stand!
02-04 Struggle for Existence
03-04 Trinitario down
11-05 Late night mayhem
16-05 Righelli being shot!
16-05 Lusa being shot!
22-05 Krays to the grave
23-05 Next day retaliation
03-07 First family down!
03-07 First trouble...
14-05 The war of wars
05-06 Bug abusing anybody?
17-06 War!
23-06 No pride left in Palermo -UPDT-
16-05 Wrap Up!
13-06 Winter has come! - UPDATE #2
26-07 The War creeps at Midnight
31-07 Tempest Temper
31-07 Prophecy fulfilled
03-08 Fragile figureheads
28-06 Batavia under fire!
08-07 Turbulent wednesday


Sexyass (16:21:12 - 23-07)
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They are there when my own fam is down so .... <3 Respect !! _o_
moonburn@home (02:24:07 - 24-03)
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need an updated and if possible with musty girls pics on it
Lordofsith United States (16:03:45 - 16-08)
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Best fam around _o_
sbanks Guatemala (15:42:49 - 16-08)
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Anonymous at 12:10:14 on 16/08:
Fingon top of tempestuoso is the same fingon owner/maker of

yup thats the same guy
Anonymous (12:10:14 - 16-08)
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Fingon top of tempestuoso is the same fingon owner/maker of