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10-08 Censored on a suicide mission
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 8,205
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.7
Involved families: Censored, Chaos, Tempestuoso
Smiga asked a place for his friends in Baltimore. They wanted to call the family Kklevuh. More of the balti families disagreed with the name and some, under which Heista (Tempestuoso top), said they would shoot the family if that family would go up. No compromise. So Smiga went to talk to his friends and reported that 'Kklevuh' was not accepted in any form.

They decide not to make Kklevuh and called it Censored, but they had this picture on the family page of Censored. Heista complained to Censored about that family picture, because the censored-out word was "kklevuh". In some dutch dialects/slang, this horribly spelled word literally means "Cancerlife" - though it's interpretation is more along the lines of "fucked up life".

Regardless, Heista felt offended by the association with cancer on a fampage, so he asked Censored to remove or change the pic. After first asking and then threathening diddn't work, Heista called in the admin's help.

The admins talked amongst themselves and changed the fampicture from Censored. This in turn caused something to snap with the Censored tops, after which they went into suicide mode against Heista [ingame Sincere] and people from Tempestuoso and Chaos. For a possible reason for the "sudden snap", read Llama's statement.

Tempestuoso responded by killing off the remaining lower-ranks from Censored.
Heista (Tempestuoso top): I understand many will blame me and maybe they should. This family wanted to start as Kklevuh, which means Cancerlife. I have objected to that before they started and said there would be no compromise. Sure, they started as Censored, but their picture still reads kklevuh. Maybe you think it's funny to joke around with cancer, I really think it's not. You can laugh because I feel so strongly about this, since I have experienced my share off grief over cancer. I asked nicely if it could be changed. In my anger I set decs, which I later removed when Jdjinco asked me to have patience a day so he could handle it.

Corniole (Tempestuoso top): It was an action of Heista not of Tempestuoso as family, but I support Heista in this. Only he could have be more tactic trying to solve it.

Llama (Censored top): We never wanted to joke about it.. we told you that many times and maybe you should read Ngin's post one more time. [which states that kklevuh means 'To have a bad life' in dutch dialect]
The fam was kinda ruined because of the removed pic imo :) and I don't really care about my account or anything and I/we dont let others rule over our fam. After you let our famname be changed and our fampic we just had a fam with some stupid name which we'd be nothing with. Censored didnt make any sense without the pic.

Sluggproof (Censored top): It was NEVER EVER our intention to hurt or to offend ppl. Why would we do that? That's just lame, I got respect for ppl who overwon cancer and for ppl who are fighting to overwin it.

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