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13-07 Hack: Bruinsma down
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 3,856
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.7
Involved families: Bruinsma, Tempestuoso
Apparently, the account of Bruinsma's Don Estevez (Bwa) was hacked, and used to shoot the Don of Tempestuoso, Energyfreak.
It's still a mystery how Bwa got hacked exactly, but it's almost certain he did, as Estevez himself was asleep (Long after midnight local time when this occurred).

This seems more as an act to settle something with Bruinsma then with Tempestuoso, as "Bwa" doesn't survive backfire, and the family falls because successors had been removed.

As it looks now, Energyfreak will not get a revive.
This once again proves that the Omerta Crew reviews their oh-so controversial "Revive Policy" from day to day.

With the current situations going on on omerta, some families have decided to state, that they are against the policy as it is atm. If you support this idea and/or your family does, you can add this pic. to the fam.page:

Admins know this site well, and they are undoubtedly reading this.
You know how to type words and put them together into sentences.
So please crew, do so, and explain yourselves this time.

Below is a log, where Mjws clearly states, it was a hack (look at 1:48:52), but never the less, the admins won't do anything. A family of 4 spots is lost, 2 fair ranked accounts has been lost. Who is the winner? The hacker. By refusing to revive any of the persons involved, by refusing to undo the losses of the spots, and by letting a lot of people be fam.less as sitting ducks, the admins indirectly approve of the hacking. Instead of undo the damage to send a signal telling, that a hack won't influence on the game, so it's pointless to make it, the admins let the "hacker" win even though, they are fully aware of, that the account is hacked.
If you see it from another point of view - then this is illegal accountsharing, which should be equal to an akill, Corniole should be alive and Bruinsma shouldn't have lost spots.
So this passive actions of the admins doesn't make any sense at all, not matter how you look at it.

[01:36:56] [Helpster] corniole|PISSED: Please state your question(s)
[01:36:59] [corniole|PISSED] You have witnessed Bwa kill Energyfreak i was energyfreak and it seems bwa was hacked im sure you can check the IP's and iff needed try a revive please because this sucks killed by hacked account while i was 20% brug and don
[01:36:59] * redtifosi has left #help
[01:38:14] [Mjws] too bad, we don't revive in that case, we can't help if someone was careless with his pass, rank back up and kill him too
[01:38:23] [Mjws] how sure are you that he was hacked?
[01:38:33] [corniole|PISSED] 99% sure
[01:38:46] [corniole|PISSED] jaketherude in here can tell you more poroblaby
[01:38:49] * vindicta has joined #help
[01:39:15] [corniole|PISSED] i wasnt careless with pass my killer was im innocent
[01:39:39] * vindicta has left #help
[01:39:45] [corniole|PISSED] never ever told my pass to no1 so im not the 1 to blame
[01:40:19] * BrikzZz is now known as zz_BrikzZz
[01:41:24] * lanzas_ has joined #help
[01:42:05] * Masterpeerke has joined #help
[01:42:40] [Mjws] !next Jaketherude|TotallyAway
[01:42:41] * Helpster sets mode: +v Jaketherude|TotallyAway
[01:42:45] [Helpster] Jaketherude|TotallyAway: Please state your question(s)
[01:42:52] [Mjws] corniole|PISSED what'was your nick?
[01:42:59] [corniole|PISSED] energyfreak
[01:43:12] [corniole|PISSED] don of tempestuoso
[01:43:14] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] hey
[01:43:20] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] Bwa was definitely hacked
[01:43:27] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] has been away for almost 2½ h
[01:44:31] * DonP has joined #help
[01:46:13] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] So I seriously think you should check ip'
[01:48:17] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] Eztevez is coming on in a sec.
[01:48:23] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] just called him
[01:48:29] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] Eztevez = Bwa
[01:48:41] [Mjws] ok
[01:48:48] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] Haike just called him
[01:48:50] * muhmark has quit IRC (EOF from client)
[01:48:52] [Mjws] he was hacked indeed
[01:48:56] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] [01:48:17] [Haike|away] I just phoned him.
[01:48:56] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] [01:48:21] [Haike|away] He was sleeping.
[01:48:56] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] [01:48:24] [Haike|away] He will be on in a second.
[01:49:02] [corniole|PISSED] :o
[01:49:02] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] good
[01:49:17] [corniole|PISSED] so is there a chance on a revive
[01:49:19] [corniole|PISSED] ?
[01:49:31] [corniole|PISSED] because im killed by a cheater
[01:49:34] * Eztevez|away has joined #help
[01:49:35] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] Then both him and Corniole should have a revive imo.
[01:49:40] * Eztevez|away is now known as Bwa
[01:49:41] [Mjws] none, we have 2 cases in which we revive
[01:49:54] * Bwa is now known as Eztevez|Bwa
[01:49:55] [Mjws] 1. We knew at the time the person was hacked and we failed to act
[01:50:18] [Mjws] and 2. We knew and someone who was moderator+ messed up
[01:50:29] [Mjws] !next Eztevez|Bwa
[01:50:30] * Helpster sets mode: +v Eztevez|Bwa
[01:50:33] [Helpster] Eztevez|Bwa: Please state your question(s)
[01:50:33] [corniole|PISSED] so you just let fair players die and suffer by hackers??
[01:50:34] [Eztevez|Bwa] Hy
[01:51:08] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] If you don't revive, when you can see, that accounts are hacked, then you are indirectly approving, when accounts is hacked. Bad signal to send. If you instead undo it, then you show, that it's not worth it to hack.
[01:51:22] [Mjws] no, that BS
[01:51:34] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] no
[01:51:37] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] it's common sense
[01:51:40] [Mjws] we're not approving, but we can't follow every single account
[01:51:44] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] if you don't benefit from it, then it's not worth it.
[01:51:47] [Mjws] no, the approving part is
[01:51:54] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] well
[01:51:57] [Mjws] I'm sorry?
[01:52:10] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] you let them win, and you can prevent them from winning by undoing their business.
[01:52:17] [Mjws] I don't benefit from omerta
[01:52:21] * lanzas_ has left #help
[01:52:27] [Mjws] I don't get paid, it only costs me time
[01:52:34] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] no
[01:52:39] * Lils has joined #help
[01:52:48] [Mjws] this is our policy and these are the way we handle these things
[01:52:56] [Mjws] we always have
[01:53:00] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] but if they don't benefit from a hack = are doing damage, then there is not point in doing it.
[01:53:02] [Mjws] we always will
[01:53:04] * Lils has left #help
[01:53:09] [corniole|PISSED] but without revive a fair player you let hackers win and you admitted he was hacked
[01:53:29] * Angelez|SleepM0de has joined #help
[01:53:35] [Mjws] yet you come in here complaining everytime some dipshit has been careless enough to not change his password
[01:53:55] [corniole|PISSED] I didnt share my pass
[01:54:03] [corniole|PISSED] im shot im innocent
[01:54:07] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] nobody has claimed he has been careless with his pass
[01:54:15] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] Corniole just said, the he wasn't
[01:54:16] [Mjws] of course not
[01:54:25] [Mjws] how about Eztevez|Bwa
[01:54:57] [Eztevez|Bwa] My pw is one of the best
[01:54:59] [Kaas`around`i`guess] !next
[01:55:00] * Helpster sets mode: +v Sollid
[01:55:04] [Helpster] Sollid: Please state your question(s)
[01:55:21] [Sollid] oh there was a capo of my fam hacked a few days ago
[01:55:26] [Eztevez|Bwa] it was something like this: 13js7jh5ko
[01:55:28] [Sollid] was wondering where this convo would let to
[01:55:34] [Sollid] but I guess I'm not welcome anymore now
[01:55:34] [Sollid] :p
[01:55:35] [Mjws] Eztevez|Bwa your computer security however was one of the weakest?
[01:55:50] [Kaas`around`i`guess] not if you don't have a questions Sollid
[01:55:55] [Sollid] ok :p
[01:55:56] * Sollid has left #help
[01:56:16] [Kaas`around`i`guess] !next
[01:56:16] * Helpster sets mode: +v Furax`
[01:56:19] [Helpster] Furax`: Please state your question(s)
[01:56:21] * Schuurpapier has left #help
[01:56:22] * Schuurpapier has joined #help
[01:56:30] [Eztevez|Bwa] I did follow the instruction at FAQ for sure..
[01:56:35] * Furax` has left #help
[01:56:35] * Furax` has joined #help
[01:56:43] * Kaas`around`i`guess sets mode: +b *!*@Furax.users.barafranca.com
[01:56:46] * Furax` was kicked by Kaas`around`i`guess (Kaas`around`i`guess)
[01:56:47] [Kaas`around`i`guess] !next
[01:56:48] * Helpster sets mode: +v Masterpeerke
[01:56:49] [Helpster] Masterpeerke: Please state your question(s)
[01:56:51] [Mjws] do you even have antivirus software?
[01:56:56] [Masterpeerke] hi
[01:56:57] * Avender has joined #help
[01:57:02] [Mjws] or antispyware?
[01:57:03] [Kaas`around`i`guess] hey Masterpeerke what's up
[01:57:10] [Masterpeerke] i like cheese
[01:57:13] [Eztevez|Bwa] Yes Mjws Norton
[01:57:19] [Mjws] wow
[01:57:21] [Kaas`around`i`guess] got a questoin Masterpeerke
[01:57:24] [Kaas`around`i`guess] ?
[01:57:28] [Masterpeerke] well
[01:57:30] * Jflex|Jboz|NUECHTROKE has joined #help
[01:57:35] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] Mjws - didn't the admins get hacked too some weeks ago? So everybody can get hacked, not only players.
[01:57:35] [Masterpeerke] i just wanted to follow this convo
[01:57:36] [Masterpeerke] :')
[01:57:40] [Kaas`around`i`guess] !done Masterpeerke
[01:57:41] * Helpster sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]
[01:57:42] [Kaas`around`i`guess] !next
[01:57:43] * Masterpeerke was kicked by Helpster (Thanks for visiting, we hope we were able to answer your question.)
[01:57:43] * Helpster sets mode: +v DonP
[01:57:44] [Mjws] one word Eztevez|Bwa symnrt [ google that
[01:57:49] [Jaketherude|TotallyAway] Mjws - didn't the admins get hacked too some weeks ago? So everybody can get hacked, not only players.
[01:57:50] [Helpster] DonP: Please state your question(s)
[01:57:51] * Angelez|SleepM0de has left #help
[01:57:52] * Angelez|SleepM0de has joined #help
[01:57:52] [Mjws] Jaketherude|TotallyAway that leak was on fr
[01:57:57] * Kaas`around`i`guess sets mode: +b *!*@Angelez.users.barafranca.com
[01:57:58] [Mjws] bye Jaketherude|TotallyAway
[01:58:00] * Angelez|SleepM0de was kicked by Kaas`around`i`guess (Kaas`around`i`guess)
[01:58:03] [Mjws] !done Jaketherude|TotallyAway
[01:58:04] * Helpster sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]
[01:58:05] * You were kicked by Helpster (Thanks for visiting, we hope we were able to answer your question.)
[01:58:05] * Attempting to rejoin channel #help
Session Close: Fri Jul 13 01:58:05 2007

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