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12-03 No sushi for Fidelitas tonight!
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 1440d 11h 56m 33s ago by sbanks
Comments: 302
Views: 18,033
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Version: 4.0
Involved families: Alamut, Alderisio, Cascio, Gravano, Impact, Kurosawa, Amicitia, Ascension, Fidelitas, Ilimitada, Jannisary, Karadeniz, Pistoleros, Psychonymous, Signoria, Spinoza, Tempestuoso, Trafficante, Vittoria
Mcgee was cruising down the streets of New York in his brand new Bugatti Type 38 Torpedo this evening. He hardly survived yesterday when he was out hanging with Honest Larry and were hiding behind a few trash cans when Krays got shot in London's East End.

Suddenly Mcgee got tapped on his shoulder by his new best friend Mr. Noodles while they were planning a heist together. Mr Noodles pointed up. He saw people in weird black uniforms carrying katanas on their back jumping over the roof tops in New York. Suddenly they hear screeching car tires and roaring engines come around the corner. Where the hell did Mcgee end up now?

The samurais of the Kurosawa alliance sliced the necks of the unexpected Fidelitas & Amicitia members, followed by the foot soldiers from Gravano & Impact emptying their tommies on everything that moves.

What a strike! I think Mcgee even pee'd a little when the action started. We see hardly any backfire kills.

The Fidelitas & Amicitia connection, immediately called and telexed their bloods all over the world.

Trafficante, Psychonymous/Ilimitada & Tempestuoso didn't hesitate a second and started to counter on Gravano.

Ascension/Signoria also joined and started to target the samurais from Kurosawa

Pistolerosare shooting at Gravano
Spinoza are shooting at Alderisio
Vittoria are shooting at Kurosawa
Jannisary/Karadeniz countering on Impact

in short:

* Kurosawa+ (Kurosawa, Alamut, Alderisio & Cascio) + Gravano + Impact vs Fidelitas+ (Fidelitas & Amicitia)
* Trafficante, Tempestuoso & Psychonymous countering on Gravano
* Ascension countering on Kurosawa
* Pistoleros are shooting at Gravano
* Spinoza are shooting at Alderisio
* Vittoria are shooting at Kurosawa
* Jannisary/Karadeniz countering on Impact

- As it seems the fams are for now only focussing on cleaning all Assa+ of Gravano.
- Alamut changed their fampage and are not in alliance with Kurosawa anymore.
- Alamut and Cascio are out of this war.
`corniole (Top Spinoza): we just do what bloods should do, helping bloods, cant make it any cooler as statement xD <---- thats my statement for today

Amorphis (Top Tempestuoso): Sit down, let me tell you a story... Once upon a time , we shot for bloods this night!

Merki (Top Vittoria): Greetings to our dead but never forgotten friends from Leviticus and Lucchese.

Based on: http://news.omertabeyond.com/1420/132#132 (Mcgee's travel stories)
War started on: 18:21:00 12-03-2013 War ended on: 18:04:01 13-03-2013
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