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26-05 Tempestuoso+ <-> Krays+
Author: Redspeert
Last updated: 3209d 3h 41m 4s ago by Smul
Comments: 0
Views: 12,632
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.0
Involved families: Bravado, Caliente, Catania, Dead Rabbits, Destination, Diluvio, Gravano, Guardians, Ilimitada, Indelicato, Irriducibli, Krays, Marazzino, Pavleone, Talamasca, Tempestuoso, Twins
Seems like Tempestuoso/Diluvo and Catania is shooting at Krays/Twins!

Could this be the end of the small-war spree we have seen so far this month?

DIG IT/Pavleone/Bravado/Gravano/Calliente/Marazzino/DR is helping their bloods Krays and is attacking the attackers.

Irriducibile is shooting at Pavleone.
Depfone (Top Tempestuoso) : Krays Gravano Caliente/Phantoms were planning to shoot our bloods Irriducibili and Catania, to force us in a war. Quite clever, since that would be the only situation where our close bloods Kerberos and Notte would have been left powerless, since they have bloods on both sides. Tempes jumping-in would be perfect "free ticket" for them to shoot us. We were fortunate enough that their plans leaked, cuz if not, we most likely would have walked in a line or fire. However, this gave us the opportunity to act instead of react. Yes, we probably won't succeed, but at least we died trying. And yes, by shooting tonight, the brains behind this probably get what they wanted in the first place, but we don't give us away that easily, like many other did before. We don't think that all of this would have been necessary, but they left us no choice ;). RIP to all fallen on both sides. It has been a long and tiring version, hopefully this would lead to a quicker start of a new one. Till then, \o

Makia (Top Catania) : we dont like being sitting ducks, hopefully some powerfull fams will follow our and tempes example and finally do something in this version. Tempes it was an honor to shoot with you, Rip to all Catanians and lets enjoy our summer now o/

Zzzz (Top Irriducibile) : Well first for thoes who wonder why we didnt shot in first wave with temp, simply i didnt wanted to shoot at krays :)So we decided to shoot at pavleone even we knew we wont stand a chance vs them and few bloods :')Anyhow RIP Temp and RIP my soldiers who fought even when they knew we stand no chance _o_

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