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12-01 Violenza war
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 3,094
Votes: 1 (1 average)
Version: 2.5
Involved families: Astilleros, Epica, Fumatore, Larochela, Moretti, Mysterious, Nazdrovia, Nerezza, Pavleone, Solntsevo, Syracuse, Tempestuoso, Violenza
Following the bloody events of the week, three of the families that shot during the Conflict war teamed up again, this time to shoot away Violenza. Tempestuoso/Pavleone, Moretti/Epica and Fumatore all had their own reason for wanting Violenza gone. Tempestuoso and Moretti both feared to be taken down soon as well. Violenza had already killed 3 long-stand families since it's formation not 5 days before, and were a big threat to both Tempestuoso and Moretti.
Fumatore was in for different reasons, because even though Solntsevo/Nazdrovia were Fuma's bloods, they never were informed about the sudden expansion to the Violenza alliance. They saw themselves confronted with the fact that suddenly they were blooded to ex-Inceptum families as well, something they didn't really like. Furthermore, all 3 families that Violenza had shot during the days before (Lucchese, Nuevitas and Coccada), were Fuma's bloods. Bloods they valued a lot higher than Violenza.

Detectives were set at 5 OT on Fridaymorning, and the first (pre-)shootings commenced at a little before 6 OT. Everything was going more or less according to plan, when suddenly Violenza's highranks massively came online and started preparing a counterattack. Also the Astilleros family, Violenza's bloods who had been mostly offline till an hour before, suddenly all came online and set detectives to help on Violenza's side.

The initial attack was not done with overwhelming numbers, simply because the 3 families had lost some highranks during the Conflict war, and because obviously not everyone could make it online at 5 OT. The sudden appearance of online highranks in massive numbers ensured that Violenza and Astilleros together were more than a match for Tempestuoso, Fumatore and Moretti. The result is a fair, and long stretched war, lasting for many hours. Violenza and Astilleros focus most of their bullets on Tempestuoso, killing off their brugliones one by one. Meanwhile, all 6 Violenza families and Astilleros are slowly killed off as well.

The 3 attacking families call in the help of some of their bloods, most notably V&V and Illimitada, in return for objects. However they both are unable to help in force, with just a few highranks online. They manage to kill off the odd bruglione and take down a few LC's, thus helping the attackers but not preventing the eventual downfall of Tempestuoso.

The latter, having lost nearly all of their highranks, and having serious disagreements with their sisterfamily Pavleone mid-war, are trying to save the family by safehousing consecutive dons. They are however all shot down and about 17 hours after the start of the attack, Tempestuoso is taken down around 22:30OT. By that time, all of Astilleros and Violenza are down as well, as the last alive family, Mysterious, died a little after 20 OT.

Moretti+Epica and Fumatore survive the war, and effictively come out victorious. However they have both suffered serious loss of highranks and are almost completely out of bullets.

The Violenza War in numbers, based on the latest famstats (11-01) :
  • Brugs : 50 vs 34
  • Chiefs : 24 vs 14
  • LC's : 29 vs 52

  • Total bullets fired/lost : roughly 15M

    A very spicy detail is that the sudden coming online of highranks is not due to real-life phonecalls or something along that line. No, it is due to account takeovers and password sharing among all highranks in both Violenza and Astilleros. The only online admin at the time (Calen) is informed about this, but does not react on it, allowing the takeovers to continue and make a true difference in the war.

    It is only many hours after the war that Oyaji investigates matters and IP-bans a couple of the people who did the account takeovers. However they foolishly did not IP-ban those overtaken accounts themselves (who are guilty of giving out their password), and of course the actions of the cheating accounts aren't rewinded. The people they killed remain dead, as Tekno, one of the cheaters, pointedly states it himself.

    12-01 TempestuosoRIP + Pavleone + Moretti + Epica + Fumatore <-> Violenza (LarochelaRIP, NerezzaRIP, NazdroviaRIP, SyracuseRIP, SolntsevoRIP, MysteriousRIP) + AstillerosRIP
  • statements
    Tekno (one of the overtakers) I'm banned but tempes/moretti/fuma brugs still dead :D btw admin of omerta are n00bs not my fault m8

    [uncle`WarMode] Whispers died from the wounds you have inflicted. He's sleeping with the fishes now.
    [uncle`WarMode] Your enemy tried to strike back, but failed completely.
    [uncle`WarMode] That you asked cote told me
    [KeRiM_itlnmafia] niceeee
    [uncle`WarMode] I play tears account for few hours
    [cream|Away] Niceeee :)
    [uncle`WarMode] =)
    [uncle`WarMode] After i am hit from backfire
    [cream|Away] is he tear now?
    [uncle`WarMode] hehe
    [cote] yeap
    [cote] (:
    [uncle`WarMode] 4th brug dead
    [uncle`WarMode] =)

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