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General Comments & Major Rumors
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16-05 A-Kills
Comments: 13 - Views: 895 - Votes: 0
15-05 Royals are next! *Update*
Comments: 14 - Views: 939 - Votes: 1
14-05 Sure under attack!
Comments: 54 - Views: 1,269 - Votes: 0
12-05 War! (again)
Comments: 17 - Views: 1,296 - Votes: 0
12-05 Revenge?
Comments: 17 - Views: 1,088 - Votes: 0
11-05 The plating war
Comments: 46 - Views: 2,544 - Votes: 0
09-05 Do you feel the call?
Comments: 18 - Views: 912 - Votes: 0
01-05 When pacts collide
Comments: 94 - Views: 4,615 - Votes: 3
Omerta Balance Patch *UPDATE #2*
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Registered: 19:48:50 on 10-02-2011 (3019d 23h 3m 29s ago)
Last activity: 12:58:05 on 23-04-2019 (26d 5h 54m 14s ago)
Country: Netherlands Netherlands
Comment count: 88 (0.03 per day)
Started articles: 20-02 Levana → Ilimitada
06-04 Ideal Suicide → S.w.a.t
Alliance Stats [02-05-2011]
Alliance stats
09-05 Escalada down
30-05 Sunshine down
08-06 Affinitas under attack
09-06 Magistrale down
10-06 Bullets flying
19-06 G.M.X. & Infragilis+Novecento war
24-07 Shooting Continues
27-07 GMX <-> Malvagio
05-08 Dozens got pwnd?
13-08 Gracelandian <-> Favians
17-08 Marnero Down
17-08 APA <-> Conquista
20-08 NEFI <-> Bloods
24-08 LVBMLS <-> Famless
18-11 Angora down
16-12 Castellano <-> Negative
05-01 Corona <-> Fanucci
13-01 Umberto down
19-03 Lorica down
18-03 Atreus down
18-03 Gratia <-> Nomads
27-03 Corona Hijacked
06-04 O.F.C. <-> Riot/Riot's bloods
12-04 Capelli down
Martin Sundell - Rocker - (24.01.1965 - 10.04.2009)
19-04 Paternostra down
20-04 Greenjackets & Joekiefans down
22-04 Liberta down
27-04 Notte/Ferocitas/Kerberos war
27-04 Infezione <-> Damnbitch
27-04 Big ass war
02-05 Hellskitchen down
06-05 Colombo merges with Vittoria
06-05 Memento + Calogero <-> Infinito
06-05 Calieri suicides on Valahia
14-05 3.0 beta released
17-05 Profaci war
07-07 Omerta 3.0 BETA
10-06 Vitale <-> Delatore
07-07 3.0 Launch
06-09 Messina up due to bug
06-05 Mighty 44 down
16-08 Object distribution 3.1
26-11 Uncensored <-> Vincitori
14-12 [upd] Akills part II
01-04 Bruinsma's end?!
08-04 Object distribution!
17-05 Coltello hijacked!
21-05 Syndrum says hello!
05- 03 Righelli died!
15-04 Reset!
19-06 Reset!
13-06 Some Riot
21-06 Bullets lost!
27-06 When Saints become angels
28-07 First family of V5!
08-08 Fall of the Goldenarmy!
07-09 The final countdown?
10-09 Krays & Lafy ↔ Defiance
15-09 Will it make any difference?
16-09 Brexit!
17-09 Lafy down!
11-10 First family!
13-10 Prophecyyy down!
17-10 Colossal and United akilled!
17-10 Penta casino down!
16-03 First Family of 5.4 (And First family down)
06-05 Admins → Kerberos
06-05 This is not Sparta!
09-05 Cleaning out the garage
Quotes added: 2 (view all quotes)
Credits: 14.99
Placed bets: 11 (6 won / 5 lost / 0 pending)
General Comments & Major Rumors
19:05:35 - 03-07
Anonymous at 13:31:52 on 03/07:
Kapow at 13:23:18 on 03/07:
Anonymous at 13:20:06 on 03/07:
Kapow at 13:17:44 on 03/07:
Can authors of war articles please end the wars when the war is finished. I am tired of closing down open wars that keep tracking stats 1 version after the war started. (or bother Murderdick to do it)


*Edit: Hi Cove.

I didnt even see an article about levi war yet....
Or should I bother murderdick or asspeert for that?

*p.s. Go away cove
Kapow has been brought back after the ROMa (he he made a gypsy joke.. Roma you get it?)

Irrelevant cleanup wars don't deserve articles.

Who decides that ?
Kapow just decided...
General Comments & Major Rumors
08:31:53 - 18-06
So happy I didn't make an account :')
09-05 Cleaning out the garage
09:59:53 - 10-05
Anonymous at 09:58:47 on 10/05:
Hyobanshi, you can do better on the title.
"Cleaning out the garage"?
08-05 Viddani under fire!
09:38:22 - 10-05
Anonymous at 09:31:58 on 10/05:
Anonymous at 13:59:36 on 09/05:
This blooding shit needs to go, pussy fams don't know how to play the game on their own merits, they need to make backroom deals to win a version.

This guy kinda gets it. Blooding and pacting have ruined the game. Sure, admins are perhaps not doing the best job and the cheating sucks. But it is pacting and blooding that ruined Omerta.

There was a time back in the old days, like 1.0-2.x where blooding where a thing. Back then when there were no clear goal with Omerta. The goal was the game itself, to play. Nowadays with a clear goal, own a city to win, blooding is just bullshit. Everytime a family bloods or join a big pact they do not have any ambitions to win, or they plan on stabbing. Looser mentality.

Used to be better when there were more sides. Siberia, Anarchy or later Winterhill and also Merciless to some part. They rarely played at the same time but often two of the sides played. Nowadays it is one big side vs a few families. Which results in the underdogs shoot at chief to do as much harm as possible and after that it is just a few smaller wars between the families in the pact for fun but the main family is never threatened. Cleanup wars and version over in 1 month.

The problem is that the game now is run by a few old tops who have played for a while already, when blooding were a thing, and they are stuck in their ways. Then there are the puppets, or dogs/pussies/dicksucking fags as they go by here on OMB. These guys think they are big shots when they can be top 3 of a family but in reality they are just puppets with no real power. None of them even think about going for the win. They are just happy when they can pretend to be a big shot and blood the old farts running the game.

What is needed are tops who wants to play for themselves, play to win, people with a winner mentality. But whenever someone new tries to go up the old farts gather their puppets and gun the new comers down. Guess they are too afraid to be challenged? And the puppets are happy to do the dirty work. Thinking they are doing something good when in reality they are only being used and ruins the game more and more.

If things changed and people stopped blooding we would get longer and more interesting versions. Whole cities could not be "claimed" and even a smaller family could with a good game plan, clever play and good war planning have a chance to win.

I don't say a family has to do everything alone but if you ask for help from someone you gotta offer them something in return. Or if you join in and help someone it would be because it benefits your family. Not because you are "bloods" and you are obligated to.

Unfortunately this will never happen. Things will never change. Thus the game will stay shit.
Totally agreed. It's fun to do it for a few months, then its better to leave again and enjoy the real life you got used to.
So bye :w
03-05 Shit hits the fan
17:40:01 - 05-05
Anonymous at 16:51:45 on 05/05:
viddani is also a useless piece of shit family to be honest