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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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Started articles: 14-09 Retaking Tempestuoso
22-10 Complexio/Tempestuoso getting shot
02-12 Anadolu getting shot
02-12 Blackgolden vs Samagono
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22-09 And so it begins
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30-11 Bass Bass Boom!
08-12 Fare Thee Well Faffie
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06-01 Kaboom bruh!
01:40:39 - 07-01
From what is known for now, at least the families ranked #2-3-4-6-7-8 are on the same side at this (first) war.

The crew giving fuck all about the game isn't the only reason why it's dying.
09-12 Cleaning all the way!
21:59:25 - 09-12
Anonymous at 21:50:48 on 09/12:
PeterPanAirLines at 21:45:05 on 09/12:
Anonymous at 21:39:02 on 09/12:
PeterPanAirLines at 21:33:44 on 09/12:
09-Dec @ 18:48:14 Jimbo failed to kill you but did some damage, you hit back and did some damage to Jimbo

User: Jimbo / (Add to your friends list)
Rank: Bruglione
Honour points: 345 (Click here to send some honor points)
Status Alive | Last on: 20:26:05 09/12 OT (0d 0h 13m ago)
Family: Provenzano(CapoRegime: Undertaker)

22:28:28| (@Baldeagle) Bedstuy 09-Dec @ 21:27:30 Bedstuy failed to kill you but did some damage, you tried to hit back but did no damage to Bedstuy
22:28:56| (@Baldeagle) brug from Interficio cant kill a LC muhahaha

User: Bedstuy / / / (Add to your friends list)
Rank: Bruglione
Honour points: 150 (Click here to send some honor points)
Status Alive and online in the past 5 minutes
Marital status: Single
Family: Interficio(CapoRegime: Duna)

Falcone im glad that u need Provenzano and Interficio to kill us _o_ Brancaccians

Your attempts:
Nick Time Status
Krev 09-Dec @ 21:22:28 You killed Krev , he hit back and did some damage
Corsendonk 09-Dec @ 17:59:00 You killed Corsendonk , he hit back and did some damage
Jij 09-Dec @ 16:56:32 You killed Jij , he hit back and did some damage
Sundsjolen 09-Dec @ 15:21:46 You killed Sundsjolen , he hit back and did some damage

whos next regards MrPersie o/

with preshoot im good me to to kill all :) i had 8 % blood left and talking to soprano in pm , when i noticed i was buyng blood and then i was dead , gratz mrpersie see u next version :)

Preshoot lol u fucking windowlicker, no such thing as preshoot on weak accounts :P

You know quite a bit about preshooting though, don't you MrPersie? Who's the windowlicker now? ;)
05-12 Cleaning up so soon?!
15:16:39 - 06-12
Pipoz at 12:17:44 on 06/12:
This is ridiculous, seriously this isnt a bug- staying offline just to keep account CD/GF this has been used from 3.0+ i dunno what admins doing these days, or maybe they are blind, or probably new noob admins at the moment.
A lot of family used that in this version, none got AKILLED! and now at the end GF of Lusa (the best account on game) get akilled and now Aranea, this is bullshit.
And you other guys who talking shit cheater bla bla bla, got only 1 answer - 60,000 in your ass.
Thanks all bloods who played with us, except 1 which is being pussy and they know who they are no need names.


It is not about staying offline to maintain your CD rank. It is about tops moving theremaining people in the family around to keep (read: repromote) all your capo's CD.

To all the people who say there have been many instances where this happened, I think you are strongly exaggerating to make yourself feel better.
Not many families have survived a war for such a long time, that all their members got killed while their capo's remained alive, to have the need to move members around because you can't keep all regimes at 750 or higher.
If this is so prevalent in Omerta, please give me an example or 10 of other fams doing it.

Besides that, about it happening since 3.0, that's bullshit. Regimestrength has only been implemented in 4.x.
12-11 Urgent Fury
20:20:06 - 15-11
MurderInc at 16:44:06 on 15/11:
Anonymous at 16:37:42 on 15/11:
MurderInc at 16:28:06 on 15/11:
Anonymous at 16:23:31 on 15/11:
MurderInc at 16:20:26 on 15/11:
Anonymous at 13:33:33 on 15/11:
@ Caesar

Wartactics, that really made my day, haha! #1 with so many dupers and legit top accs, still can't do shit and dies like flies, if there is one thing they need it's someone who knows how to plan and play a war...
Our attackers lost 2 brugs for every one of ours that got killed, and you tell me I need to learn how to plan a war? :')

right... math not your strongest point eh
We got shot by (at least) Atom, Catania, Provenzano, Samagono, Scarleone and Sovereign. I'll let you do the math.

so you indeed havent done the math, just screaming here, look at us we did so good. we shot 2 for everyone that died.

bla bla bla,

Murdingink let me tell you, the fact that you come on here to defend yourself everytime, makes you look pathetic really
so it's 60 vs. 42 brugs, not exactly 2:1, big deal. We received some shots from other fams as well, if you count those, you'd be at more than 2:1. Now go shut the fuck up.

MurderInc, this "math" only is true if all those accounts were killed by you and we can all agree that that's not the case.
You killed a decent amount, but your statement is not true.
15-09 Autumn Rain
05:10:01 - 16-09
Nuke at 01:40:18 on 16/09:
Just don't call us an attacking family.

No one is calling you an attacking family. The Green and Red namecolours are only there to set a clear boundary for readers between the attacking and defending sides of the war.

Red will be all families that are sided with the initial agressors and Green for all the families that are siding with the initial defenders. Regardless of who attacks who within the war.