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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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Been up in:2.2, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.71
Alliance:Against family policy
2.2 - New kids on the stage
Tops: Vendeth, Dellamorte, Skelda, TmX, Rektangas, Kalnuerelis, Skebish, Grace, Mafiniz, Vincesteris

In the beginning of 2.2 none of those people thought of creating a family. It was a first version for most of them, so they just spent hours learning and gathering experience. Still, maybe because of fast learning, or more likely, charismatic personalities, this group of friends decided: we need our own family!
Preparations took long. The version was in it's middle stage, dominated by 3 alliances (NA, CCCE and PRLG). Getting permissions to start was a challenge. Still, after long debates, the family could finally take place.
The new family was called Samagono. Why Samagono? This word actually means some kind of illegal homemade alcohol. Still, why? Well, Al Capone himself started his career from smuggling illegal booze, so this is how the family name was connected with mafia world. Still, even without thinking of correlating with Al Capone, the tops were alcohol-lovers enough, to choose this family name.
Samagono started mightily, taking five spots at once, and with a large crusher at the first day. Vendeth, who was brug over 100%, became the first Samagono don.
The family had a nice potential, and grew fast. Still, after a month or two of growing, two headaches appeared. First was CCCE alliance, who kept killing families around. Second was different opinions. All tops were clever and valuable people, and all had different opinions about how family should be ruled. Something had to happen...
And it happened. Several days after CCCE shot NA alliance and our bloods Merovingians, Samagono started developing a plan. Plan was simple, but hard to organize: gather chiefs/brugs of the friendly fams who are still alive, then all brugs above 100% would create a lot of 1 spot families (in 2.2 brug over 100% becoming a don would automatically become a godfather), then recruit 1-2 guys and shoot. This could result in high number of godfathers and hammers shooting same time, while lower ranks would shoot 1 bullet shots and keeping them alive.
Still, a plan was too optimistic. And too late. Very soon rumours about Cobras attacking Samagono were spread, and Samagono top took it's last unisonous decision: shoot ASAP. Shoot despite their 10 times larger amount of brugs.
The same night detectives were set, and when the targets were found, two Samagono brugs took 2 spots, making 2 more godfathers and 2 more hammers for better firepower. Don Vendeth killed Slapper, don of Cobras and first player in the game. With a lucky guess on the successor (who was shot seconds before), Cobras went down in less than a minute. To be honest, only 6 or 7 enemy brugs were killed in total, and Samagono died 3 hours later. Still, this created a nice mess, and reminded what people were starting to forget: everyone is mortal.

2.4 - The flame still burns...
Dellamorte, TmX, Lilla, Grace, Halfsoul

More than year passed after the first (and last) Samagono fight. Some of the old tops joined another families, others retired from the game. It was the end of 2.4 when Dellamorte met Lilla (a former member of the family) and decided: Samagono is coming back!
TmX and Grace also joined the restarted fam. Since this was the end of the version, nobody thought about achieving something. The plan was just to stay on the stage and keep the name alive.
Right before the reset the family was killed by I don't even remember who, but the plan was done, and some important connections also found. It was like a green light to 2.5.

2.5/2.6 - With bricks and stones against the tanks...
TmX, Dellamorte, Fina, Kaukas, Dobermann, Halfsoul, Elvira, Liu, _Rot_, Imas, Soulfly, Benitto, Ezhov

When 2.5 version began, only couple of people started ranking for Samagono. But they already knew – Samagono is the reason and the aim. Since most of the loyal Samagonos are more or less alcoholics and prefer real life over games, ranking was quite slow, and permission stuff also had to be considered.
Suddenly, a good chance appeared: a pretty empty city after one of the big wars. With no permission, family was started by Dellamorte, a local chief at that time. In the environment, full of aggressive brugs and chiefs, successor was needed fast.
The tops decided to invite one more LC, offering a sottocapo jobs. Of course, only trustful people were considered. Sottocapo job was given to Elvira, and when she left after a week – to Fina. Although loaned from Merovingians, he stayed with Samagono till the end.
This time family grew pretty slow, but still kept gathering loyal members and educating new guys. Also participated in a couple of wars, and as a spoil of war, ruled a blackjack.
Still, some families wanted that object. Others wanted to revenge for the ones we have been shooting at.
One evening, when kids and teenagers were already sleeping, and real Samagono's were drunk as usually, some secret information appeared: Calamari/Evolution were going to kill Samagono. Later some more information came through: Suspicio are also going to attack.
That wouldn't be a tragedy, if we had some time to prepare, and less people were drunk or offline. Still, there were three drunk capodecinas online (Kaukas, Dobermann and Dellamorte), a chief and a couple of lc's too. Enemy side had like 30 brug +.
Die laughing, Samagonos said. Plan was made in several minutes – shoot down Calamari, then with 1 bullet shooters last 1 hour, shoot down Evolution. Then, if possible, go to safehouse and after that do the same with Suspicio.
First part worked well – after Kaukas shot at 2nd successor, Calamari went down with no backfire losses.
Too bad, enemy detectives found us faster than 1 bullet shooters. 2 minutes before he could shoot again, don Dellamorte was killed. Kaukas and Dobermann did not give up – enemies had to waste loads of bullets to get them down (Dobermann even survived 5 brug shots).
Finally, Samagono went down. Many called this attack a suicide. But we did not shoot because we wanted to die. We shot because we wanted to live. Calamari and Suspicio understood that, and did not take the attack personally. They even helped Samagono to restart. Mutual respect was shown.
When Samagono restarted, it was already 2.6 version (2.5 and 2.6 was actually one long version). Since most of the highranks were killed, Samagono needed a new don, but in old style. Then Ezhov joined us. His ability to drink 2 bottles of vodka and still rank fast convinced us, that he's the best choice for the family.
Also, Halfsoul came as a top. Having Samagono education from 2.2, he didn't forget his roots, and often helped us.
Loyal members from 2.5 ranked fast – Samagono always preferred quality over quantity. Family issued some ranking guides, war guides and other tutorial materials, and educated a nice amount of new players. Even tops – more young tops were brought in order to educate them on the job, and form a strong and loyal group.
Samagono lived in peace and happily. The family radio was introduced, so all family members could rank listening to the music, making their own requests and sometimes hearing drunk Dellamorte's voice.
By that time, the ERA alliance took leading position in the game. Or, more likely, leading fams formed the alliance. Getting rid of other families, one by one, they seemed unstoppable. But they weren't actually enemies of Samagono. When some information leaked, about Infragilis planning to shoot us down, we had connections in that side, so we could decide – to go diplomatic way and try to make peace until the end, or to put a nice goodbye fight. Guess what drunken minds chose? :)
War went Samagono style. Fam with 9 brugs attacked 3 families (Nocturne, Infragilis and Vamily). Infragilis – because of the rumours. Nocturne – to show respect to them, as trying to bring down the strongest ones. Vamily – because of their family name (who the hell could name family Vamily. It is like father naming his baby Vaby).

With this picture, Samagono went to war:

Two battles were won (Infragilis and Vamily down). In respect to Nocturne, I have to say they managed to get their second successor in safehouse. So, Samagono went down only with 2/3 job done, but still, laughing and drunk, as real Samagonos should be.

2.7 - Ashes to Ashes...
Ezhov, Dellamorte, Tmx, Kaukas, Benitto, Sheena, Valentine, Halfsoul

The beginning of the version was a complete disaster. Most of the former Samagono members went away for higher positions in another fams, or felt they can create something on their own (remember, Samagono gives good education, but this is as much disadvantage, as an advantage). The most loyal people, of course, stayed and were going to create family again. While ranking in another families, most of them were killed at wars. However, Dellamorte and Ezhov made it to LC and started the family in Palermo.
Palermo families, although gave us the permission to start, weren't very happy. Two days later Samagono was shot down by Ataraxia, who were actually friends of Halfsoul (just did not know he's a top here). The reason they shot us weren't only the spots. They had a blessing from other Palermo fams, who told them we started without any permission. Looks like wars can be fought in a lot of ways, after all.
After that, some of the tops retired, some started career in another fams. Still there were people who believed in bright future. TmX, and Kaukas started Samagono again, together with Sheena and Valentine. Sheena was a Samagono member in 2.6 and she made a promise to help Samagono in hard times – therefore she kept it.
This time Samagono lasted long, but the end still came unexpected. One night Samagono were backstabbed by their allies Qerrano, and killed because of spots in the same city.
Armed and drunk learned their lesson. Trust noone.

2.71 - ...Gloriously Pointless...
TmX, Ezhov, Kaukas, Artuk, Dellamorte, Noszzz, Benitto, Mya, Valentine, Halfsoul

This version was a first time when tops gave up a bit of their IRL time, and tried to make a good start. TmX, who bravely changed his everyday's dose of beer into everynight's dose of redbull and coffe, succeed to reach LC with the first wave of the families starting. This helped us to recruit some fast rankers, and loyal people. Everything seemed fine.
Game situation was different from previous versions. Two huge blocks formed at the beginning and shot each other down. Samagono also participated in a battle. With bloods Natarelli on our side, we decided to give up old good Samagono style, and fight in open war.
But the plans leaked (actually, I don't remember a war in 2.71 where plans didn't leak). Our targets, Cosanostra woke up and showed hell of the fight. They went down, but their bloods did not let Samagono survive.
Recovery plan was prepared, and Samagono restarted fast with the new philosophy and fampage (“machines cannot get drunk – they must die”). With this slogan, Samagono went to war second time. Again, with bloods – this time Calypso and Merovingians. Target family was Curse, famous for having lots of high ranks. As usual in 2,71, plans leaked. Curse fought well, and died right before their bloods jumped in. Samagono was taken down several hours after that.
Couple of weeks later family restarted again. Like in old 2.4, more to keep its old members until the reset, than to change something. During some global war, Samagono, being one brug family, was taken down by Selvatica.

All the versions Samagono could be very proud of it' members. Quality, against quantity, remains the main criteria for the future recruiting too. And all the alcoholics are also welcome :)

Dellamorte on behalf of the Samagono family.
Involved wars
06-02 Belleville killed
24-02 V & V War
14-03 Calamari + Suspicio <-> Samagono
07-06 Samagono <-> Infragilis + Nocturne
02-08 Ataraxia Samagono
15-11 Vacchi and Samagono down
19-01 Natarelli/Samagono <-> Cosanostra
13-02 Notte & co. <-> Conflict & co.
19-03 Leviticus+Gehenna+Impavido
14-06 Garnizon Under Attack
19-06 G.M.X. & Infragilis+Novecento war
22-06 Andronova war
25-06 Fatoslocos war
02-07 Samagono war
20-11 WAR Again
24-02 Memento and bloods shot down
21-03 Memento + Samagono < - > Pragaras
25-03 Atrocita/Asymmetric War
17-05 Profaci war
08-06 Infezione War
09-06 Apas + Valientes War
10-06 Memento + Samagono <-> Vitale
13-06 Kerberos/Vincitori War
22-06 Rencide Down
01-07 Falcones and Bross going down
09-09 Vaffanculo&bloods war
28-09 Lucchese goes down after war plans leaked
29-09 Conquista war
09-11 The shit hits the fan!
20-09 Conflict+ vs Kerberos+
21-09 Gambino <-> Samagono
08-01 Chivas under attack
24-01 Samagono war
17-09 Vaff+Nuevitas+Casappa shootout
08-10 Caliente Getting Shot!
22-10 Complexio/Tempestuoso getting shot
02-11 Gambino under attack
20-11 Ilimitada war
30-11 Major war
01-12 Venture Getting Shot!
02-12 Blackgolden vs Samagono
04-05 Falling Stars?
08-05 The war of the Rising Stars!?
20-05 Mayday?
21-05 Syndrum says hello!
27-05 Bada bing bada boom
28-05 Memento Mori
07-06 Samagono ↔ Bruinsma+Lucchese
02-08 Drunk with a gun
21-10 Wake you from your sunday blues
25-11 Must go back to the origin
11-01 There was a FIREFIGHT!
25-03 And another one! (updated)
05-06 Bug abusing anybody?
17-06 War!
19-07 The Chaos Begins
07-08 Payback
13-08 Struggle for the Top
06-10 It ain't over till the fat lady sings
12-11 Urgent Fury
28-11 The way of the Ninja
30-11 Bass Bass Boom!
07-12 Showdown
26-03 Dead bodies everywhere!


Dellamorte Lithuania (14:49:12 - 26-05)
Link Quote
Lol, i come after few years and i see that we have probably the worst likes vs. haters ratio.

Well if this ratio is bad, this means the family probably was playing the game right.

Good luck all :)
Anonymous (02:03:08 - 09-07)
Link Quote
Nice fam till tmx was the boss :(
maddoxx (11:32:12 - 12-04)
Link Quote
nice story thumbs up