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06-02 Belleville killed
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Views: 1,136
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 2.5
Involved families: Belleville, Samagono
Belleville, another small 1 spot family with just 1 LC, is killed by Samagono. Bloodrage, Samagono's don, explains it all nicely in Hakansukur's ripforum (the LC don of Belleville). For the record and for easy reading, the whole explanation is copied here.

Hakansukur 06-02-2007 01:37:31 Local Chief Belleville
Fina (Samagono sottocapo): Belleville came to us and asked permission to start in Philly. They lied they had permission from other families and they 'stole' one of our spots. This was reason enough to kill them.

Bloodrage (Samagono don), in Hakansukur's ripforum: Well, nothing personal, but

1. You started family without a permission.
2. You took other family's spot.
3. You lied that you have permission from some fams. (Well i not just thinked it, i spoke with other philly fams).
4. You are faking irc logs. Ok, i saw the logs today. No, you did not create them yourself. Still, you copied me just the lines which are useful to you, not the whole conversation (and i call that faking too).

Well "no permission, but we may help you to find out more information", and "why don't you try chicago" was ment, as our sotto was at work at his lunchbreak, and did not have time to deal with you properly. You did not wait until he doublechecks. You left after that and started your unpermitted actions.

Well that may be smart enough, but you did not leave us many choices...

I hope you start again, with more respect to the other fams, and we may have a nice game. Just read the fampages more carefuly and don't take spots until all the city fams tell you "yes, you can".


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