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30-10 Maranello bites the dust!
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27-10 Unfinished business
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25-10 Another day, another war
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22-10 Lads, its a war
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19-10 Batavia → IBM
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17-10 Let's get ready to rumbleee!!!
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13-10 You can run, but you can't hide!
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03-10 The Detroit War
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08-01 Chivas under attack
Author: Rix
Last updated: Never
Comments: 0
Views: 14,474
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.1
Involved families: Akronia, Aspava, Caliente, Catania, Chivas, Euphoria, Ilimitada, Kurosawa, Letalis, Levana, Nazdrovia, Parabellum, Samagono, Spamfam
Nazdrovia, Letalis, Ilimitada and Akronia are shooting at Chivas.
Rumour has it they do this because Chivas was planning a war with Kurosawa against Nazdrovia.

Kurosawa jumped in and is shooting at Letalis.
Spamfam jumped in and started shooting at Letalis, to change their target later to Aspava, and then back to finish off Letalis.
Catania jumped in and is shooting at Letalis.
Euphoria jumped in and is shooting at Nazdrovia.
Aspava jumped in and is shooting at Catania and Spamfam.
Levana jumped in and is shooting at Euphoria.
Caliente jumped in and is shooting at Letalis.
Parabellum jumped in and is shooting at Caliente.
Samagono jumped in and is shooting Letalis.

[Aspava] Family down on 09-01-2011 10:26:05
[Letalis] Family down on 09-01-2011 19:34:21
[Euphoria] Family down on 09-01-2011 21:17:30
VStel [Chivas]: rip all chivas soldiers nice fight. Ty to our bloods for help

Pils|awaY [Spamfam]: When our most important blood kuro asked us to help counter the attack on their bloods we didn't hesitate and joined the war. Thanks to all who made this war possible. And rip all fallen spammers _o_

Lucca [Kurosawa]: in this version's kurosawa had ups and downs but with a firm hand of our don Car. our bloods were attacked, as always, kuro always jumps to the side of his blood and always gets what she wants. I would like to thank the loyalty spamfam rip all those who have fallen on both of the ad and still have not learned eng and I do not want thanks

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