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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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28-09 Lucchese goes down after war plans leaked
Author: sbanks
Last updated: Never
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Version: 3.0
Involved families: Blitzkrieg, Concheesta, Conquista, Ekipa, Hools, Luchesse, Memento, Pulp Fiction, Samagono, Schizophreni, Sicilians, Sindikat, Zero
Amazing backed out of a war scheduled for tonight were amazing, blacksea, talamasca, anarchy, kankys, execution, leviticus, krays, glow, brigade, balcanica, dead rabbits, roach guards, indelicato & pavleone would attack mangano, vincenzo, memento, hools, conquista, ekipa, concheesta, sindikat, blitzkrieg, samagono and in a 2nd wave sicilians, vacchi and lupertazzi.

The attackers could not agree on dividing the targets, most notably krays was unhappy about amazing's behavior. As the latter feared they would be taken out by favians+ afterwards, they only wanted to shoot a minor amount of targets compared to their strength. This made several families upset and the plans went downhill.

First attempt to divide the targets: Here

Second and last attempt to divide the targets: Here

After the meeting went bogus, amazing & some others leaked the plans and Conquista+, Samagono+, Memento+, Sindikat+, Pulp Ficiton+ opened the fire on Lucchese/Zero (for details about who is who use our recently pimped Daily Famstats).

Around noon (OT) visto killed with Patience the last standing Lucchese don, and thus putting and end to the war.

Remarkable detail: two high lucchese capodecina's - one of them was confirmed to have shot at amazing's don delpiero - have left Lucchese in the middle of the heat for Schizophreni.

Many players are curious what will happen now. One thing is sure: with the plans made public and of Lucchese's bloods staying quiet, the tension on omerta will not disappear any soon.

For top statements, corrections & info
/q zenga

PannaJunkie (zero top)

Amazing turned into a one day fly, this means this version they will be big etc etc but really in 1 or 2 versions everyone will forget you because you don't bring a special twist to omerta which makes the fam special to remember (like conflict, lso, C&C, illusion, ...). They all had something in omerta wich made us remember them.

I dont really see the prob of amazing backing out, almost every fam does it nowadays. Goodluck Krays and Amazing, i hope you have some vaseline cuz believe you will need it if you wanna stay alive.

Aphelion` (no top)

[11:52:57] -Aphelion`- o/
[11:53:04] -Aphelion`- top statements plox =p
[11:53:04] -zenga- hi
[11:53:15] -zenga- top from?
[11:53:16] -Aphelion`- ah nvm
[11:53:19] -Aphelion`- I guess i gotta give you one?
[11:53:33] -zenga- only if its not something dumb
[11:53:37] -Aphelion`- lol
[11:53:39] -Aphelion`- I'm not top ;p
[11:53:46] -zenga- then shut up :D
[11:53:48] -Aphelion`- thought you had some top statements and I had to pm you to read them xD

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Anonymous (23:17:10 - 28-09)
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Last log was hilários x)