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General Comments & Major Rumors
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23-09 Round 25 begins
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12-09 Reset announced & new meta changes
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12-09 The End is Nigh
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10-09 Poll: Where to go with version 24
Comments: 93 - Views: 2,333 - Votes: 2
07-09 Cleanup on aisle two!
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04-09 Cleanup on aisle one!
Comments: 223 - Views: 10,225 - Votes: 7
26-08 Dispute in Middle Earth
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20-08 First family
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31-07 Batavia is the Winner of R23
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Started articles: 29-01 Marazzino++ ↔ Civella/Gigante
08-04 Corleone down
04-05 Americanos down!
04-05 Violenza under fire!
13-05 / 14-05 Gravano war! [update]
15-05 Correptio war
13-06 DIG vs Talamasca
26-04 Regulators <-> Brotherhood
05-05 Clash of the Gladiators
05-05 Gravano/Vaffanculo <--> Signature
08-05 Invictus down
12-05 Brotherhood <-> Syracuse
13-05 Krays <-> Rohans
16-05 Yad down
17-05 Influente under fire
23-05 Vaffanculo down
24-05 Phantoms under fire
25-05 Spamfam gone
26-05 Tempestuoso+ <-> Krays+
27-05 Vincitori <-> Distruzione
05-06 Furiousangel down
17-06 Capulets under fire
17-06 Gambino war
08-07 Pavleone civilwar
13-07 Reset announced
02-08 Reset troubles.
27-08 Memento <-> Cobi
01-09 Prozzini <-> Infragilis
20-09 Conflict+ vs Kerberos+
16-10 Mysterious message
23-10 Favians <-> Amnesia
26-10 Buster season is open?
27-12 Messina <-> Marazzino/Memento
10-01 More shooting!
17-01 Leviticus getting shot
10-09 Dead Rabbits under fire!
17-09 Vaff+Nuevitas+Casappa shootout
29-10 AsFu ↔ Infragilis
07-11 Blacksea ↔ Trafficante
30-11 Major war
07-12 DIG ↔ Le Battant
31-01 Sacrifice under fire!
10-02 Cotroni under slow fire
21-03 Mangano getting shot
24-03 Sacrifice down
24-03 Blitzkrieg used against Blitzkrieg
25-03 Wild night
31-03 Infragilis vs Bruinsma
31-03 Retro on the loose
01-04 Venutti got told a deadly joke
02-04 Reset!
25-05 Venutti under fire!
28-05 Memento Mori
28-05 Righelli ↔ Mangano
02-06 Casappa down
07-06 Samagono ↔ Bruinsma+Lucchese
23-06 First fam up!
12-07 First blood
14-09 Reset
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23-10 Do you want to write reports?
12-05 Persico getting shot
13-05 Wednesday war day
17-05 Cleanup on aisle four.
05-06 First family down!
08-06 The crew strike again!
16-06 Hostile takeover!
23-06 Krays has fallen
25-06 Philadelphia brawl
07-09 Cleanup on aisle two!
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10-09 Poll: Where to go with version 24
16:29:29 - 11-09
Nier|AFK at 12:33:25 on 11/09:
"What should happen with the game?", is a better question to ask. We can discuss about new features to make the game better or interesting, new things just make it more complicated while this game had the best times when it was plain simple, easy, accessable for new players, free to play, long versions, irc chat fun.

All those new things, what has it actually done to improve the game? Lackeys, HoF, family system/city map, new lay-out. It only brought bugs, more cheats, pay2win, no balance. On top of that there is extremely poor management of the game. Players are also part of the downfall, including me, why fight the cheaters if you can join and have more fun aye?

Lackeys can't be removed, none will play without. HoF and the rewards should be removed. City win (solo win) should always be the ending, that is the way this system should be played. I never saw this system work as it is built for. The new 5.0 layout looks fancy, but imo the old lay-out only required a re-style, not a total change.

In this case we come to the developer/management issues. It's ok to change and work on new things, long enough until it works properly. Make a beta version, and not .dm, a real beta version to make players test new things and let them play there. We can give feedback. There have been/are players willing to help. I have no experience on programming, but from the looks and extremely frequent bug appearances, I can be certain that none of the things are worked out properly and a lot of them were a hasty job.

What kind of developer are you if you make something and let it run in a game that people pay for while it is still full of bugs or very sensitive for bugs. It only requires testing. And if so, how can bugs return version after version? If you fix something, it should be a permanent fix. Reported bugs are not even fixed, often enough it's not fixed yet. While mister is already working on a new bugtastic fail feature to ruin the game even more. There is a lack of logic in the game also (racing for buying more bullets?!) Sorry, that is just poor management. And there is nothing we can do about that except for: stop paying and stop playing.

They have shown that they don't listen to player feedback, they don't care about quality, only about money and there is obviously a lack of professionality and skills concerned managing the game. So why bother, they can't even run the game atm, with all the bugs and bullshit. Shame for Omerta, if they only decided to invest in an application instead of lackeys..

You bring up several good points. This game has two major problems, one is that the playerbase is cancerous and toxic at best. Back in the days we had 50+ fams with atleast 20-40 shooters each, now we have at best 10 fams with those numbers. Having such a small playerbase and no new blood coming in (because lets be that find this game in 2020 wont be staying around for long, especially not when they can't even get a faminvite since nobody want to take the risk to invite a new player) brings problems on their own. Its the same old people each version that run fams, only famnames change.

I remember some years ago there was a truckload of tops that wanted a meeting with the game crew, bringing good ideas on how to change the game. Nothing came out of that since the crew didn't bother to care. I thought we'd be better off when Brando left but nothing much changed, but atleast you cant get DC's for 1 euro a pop anymore if you donated to his Canyudo project anymore.

As you already said, bugs don't get fixed and if they get fixed its more likely that it just brings more exploitable bugs instead of fixing the original problem. The current owner of the game seems to spend more time complaining about shameful gameplay on beyond than trying to fix the game. Unless he thinks adding random shit that nobody likes to .dm to be ''tested'' for a year and then brought into .com either not working as intended or bugged out. If you ask me it looks like they're milking the cow with as little work as possible...but the cow is about to run out of milk soon if the numbers of active players is anything to go by.
General Comments & Major Rumors
09:59:16 - 11-09
Critycal at 09:38:21 on 11/09:
Anonymous at 08:06:55 on 11/09:
Close omerta. 2.0 was fun this is bullshit
Ah yeah, because you'd still bother posting here if not a single enjoyable version has been played in the 10+ years since 2.0, lmao.

10 years ago we were two months into 3.0, for 2.0 you'd have to venture back to the ancient times of annus horribilis 2003~.
10-09 Poll: Where to go with version 24
21:32:03 - 10-09
Dipz at 21:17:45 on 10/09:
Anonymous at 21:08:28 on 10/09:
Weak reporter deleted messages because he is weak
Diealone is WEAK also many weak people in Omerta!

Weakest of them all is Franco imo
10-09 Poll: Where to go with version 24
15:38:36 - 10-09
Trend at 15:21:22 on 10/09:

Bro why are you so upset over a poll 😂

Because he's playing in the winning family obviously.
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:16:28 - 10-09
Cardenas at 11:34:57 on 10/09:
Shameful gamemanagement.

Couldn't agree more.