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Good ol' days?
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 4700d 17h 44m 45s ago by sbanks
Comments: 29
Views: 15,394
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.2
Involved families:
There is a posibility to recover articles from our old site (fingon.be). My question is to everyone: Do you like to see those articles again? and will you read them then?

i really want your honest opinion here, if i get a lot of no votes i won't add them, because it will be a lot of work!

please care to login and vote, or register an account, it only will take 5 seconds to register

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Acidum Denmark (01:56:19 - 05-07)
Link Quote
Let the past be the past, and let life go on ;)
Achille Netherlands (09:57:43 - 29-06)
Link Quote
Link the good ol' days thingy that Zenga posted in here so everyone notices it ;d It is awesome to be able to read back!
Anonymous (01:06:30 - 15-06)
Link Quote
from 2.0 would be nice :)
Anonymous (00:34:24 - 14-06)
Link Quote
Fingon is still up (and actually has always been up) at The domain is owned by fingon and was linked to a dedicated IP on my server. There were major troubles with 1 HD on the server that took care of all the virtual hosting on the server. Which basically meant that the site was no longer reachable through the domain nor the linked IP. However it was reachable through the servers main IP. I just didn't realize it. My attempts to sort it out kinda failed, and never got around to installing the machine from scartch, too busy with world of warcraft :P

Will see what happens with it in the near future. For now you can just check back and read all the good ol' mocking. Think you should still be able to comment.

Have fun in omerta, zenga
Maddox Singapore (10:02:31 - 12-06)
Link Quote
yes please bring back the old articles=)
Jans Netherlands (13:37:51 - 10-06)
Link Quote
Always used fingons to check what was when, forgot loads what fam was up what version, and could check that back on fingons, really miss that.

Also was fun to read back, what wars been , and what fams now are bloods from that 'always' enemy sides.

Used it allot to check things up.
So yes please all back.
microbi (17:11:02 - 09-06)
Link Quote
all back as I have forgot whom I should hate (for what they have done in the past).
Achille Netherlands (11:22:29 - 08-06)
Link Quote
It would make Fingon way better than the TraBot news site if they brought history back, who doesn't like to see what happend in the past when we (or well, I) were playing. Bring it back :>
Anonymous (11:52:15 - 07-06)
Link Quote
Fingons was a part of Omerta History since 2.5. If it could be recovered it'd be great, and a huge bonus to this news site in general.


The arguments you used against could also very well be used for.
The past history being there, can be used to talk crap about current version or... it can be used to counter the 'nostalgia'. Its even harder to "fight" nostalgia if you don't have solid facts to do it.

For example, without the old forums ppl could say, oh, 2.9 was great ! The KA was great ! Except almost everyone who played before it thought it sucked major balls. And if you would go there to check, you could see that.

It's easy to say that if it is there, it will be destructive, but it is completely unfounded... Even on Fingons itself, it didn't have this effect.
Sollid (11:04:03 - 07-06)
Link Quote
What I think is most relevant to get back is the articles and dates. All the comments on the articles and stuff are so outdated, who really cares for those? But knowing what happend when and stuff is something I would really like to see again. In the past I used it quite often to figure out which version we were talking about on irc, seeing the wars made me remember it better. Also for families who want to write a family history it's handy to get inspiration and forgotten facts.
Anonymous (10:56:52 - 07-06)
Link Quote
That will be years* for the grammar fags
Anonymous (10:55:43 - 07-06)
Link Quote
Ow i pwned you 5 heats ago wheee :'D #care
Escape (10:53:58 - 07-06)
Link Quote
I voted for No.
Others seems to be eager to read them again.. but I guess it is only temporary.
Lets asume you managed to get evereything back, as they were, people will cheer about it, maybe read a few articles and comments, and that will be all.
I bet no one will ever read everything again, maybe some forum trolls will link to past articles, trying to argument their nonsense comments, like: "see, you were pussy even in 2.5 with your x family, and so are you now". What is more, the so called "old (ab)users" will comapare the actual version with the past ones, brining up only the bad sides of this one, and the good sides of previous ones (bad and good are subjective, of course in their perspective, not as an objective point of view).
argumants against brining anything back at all:
- probably hard, time consuming work for the site manager(s)
- the (good, and aimed) effect would last only in a short term, till people check a few things, they allready know about
- the long term effect will be rather destructive: increasing tense with good old, but always evergreen arguments, rumours, probably often just trolling and making fun of others; making subjective comparations between versions, stating them as being objective
KohfiKonnekt Brazil (04:44:43 - 07-06)
Link Quote
Would be nice
Mickay United States (02:46:39 - 07-06)
Link Quote
Burn it. Burn it all!
Kyra Seychelles (21:46:17 - 06-06)
Link Quote
All of it!
If not possible, then from 2.5 till now.
Thank you.
Redspeert Syrian Arab Republic (21:38:22 - 06-06)
Link Quote
Trice Tokelau (21:10:04 - 06-06)
Link Quote
I'd like all of it back.

That way for any war, I can just go to one of the old versions where the involved fams were bloods/enemies, and post it in the relevant new war, with "LULUL YOU IS MAKING HIPOCRAXIES" underneath.

gilly (20:48:38 - 06-06)
Link Quote
fam historys bring them back \0/
Retard (20:32:31 - 06-06)
Link Quote
LL at 20:30:34 on 06/06:
sbanks at 19:11:44 on 06/06:
Nooti at 19:01:39 on 06/06:
All of them :P if u have them even from 1.0 :P omerta was better back then :P

fingon started in 2.3 (with stats only) and in 2.5 the news site, so earlier is impossible :p

At the end of 2.4 (with Affinitas leading the Pussypact he so readily made a mockery of) Fingon started putting the family stats as we still know them today on his profile (with the nick Hawk). A few months later he started the site, which just before the "2.6 reset".

I wonder what happened to Fingon...
Not the site, the human being :p

Still around under a different name or so?
Or simply gone? :x