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25-10 Another day, another war
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22-10 Lads, its a war
Comments: 94 - Views: 4,616 - Votes: 0
19-10 Batavia → IBM
Comments: 15 - Views: 1,048 - Votes: 0
17-10 Let's get ready to rumbleee!!!
Comments: 216 - Views: 9,972 - Votes: 0
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13-10 You can run, but you can't hide!
Comments: 46 - Views: 1,620 - Votes: 0
03-10 The Detroit War
Comments: 218 - Views: 8,940 - Votes: 0
01-10 First fams!
Comments: 42 - Views: 1,656 - Votes: 0
23-09 Round 25 begins
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12-09 Reset announced & new meta changes
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06-06 Coca Cola vs Pepsi
16:33:19 - 08-06
02-08 OBN Contract Killer Cup?!
00:34:38 - 05-08
Anonymous at 22:42:15 on 04/08:

Wuahahahaa some one is mad??


I dont see any turkish reporters you racist fucks.. Atleast accept the fact you hate turks like sbanks just did.. And dont say we obn reporters are from everywhere..

Dogs of pact o//

The fact that we have no Turkish mods... well lets be honest, most of you can barely talk English. And that's kind of a requirement for a mod *rolls eyes*
Doubt sbanks would say no to someone, when reporters needed, because he is Turkish. He does indeed say no to people who can't write in English.

And about sides, red smul impact always seem on different sides to me. So ye, we cover almost all sides. You really can't say OBN as a site has a "side". Wonder what the pact is nowadays, so i know who I'm cheering for \o/

The idea for the damn contest was given as an alternative to a boring game. You don't like it, fine, vote no and get over it

02-08 OBN Contract Killer Cup?!
18:36:27 - 04-08
Anonymous at 14:29:13 on 04/08:
So the pact is dead and they use their dogs in beyond to make chaos in the game? What brug would shoot another brug for a dc? How midly retarded are you people.. You will probably add targets from enemy families and make them targets just to amuse your selves?

Beyond showing true colors gj mates o//

you're a funny one xd

1st off, to make it clear, again, the "targets" are just people that sign up, not people WE choose.

2nd, reporters and admins here are people from pretty much every side this game has. but hell ye! we want our enemies to die!!

02-08 OBN Contract Killer Cup?!
22:08:59 - 02-08
Well all the "targets" are people that signed in. So no don will be target, unless he willingly signs in.

And not only brug+ can participate. If enough chiefs, there will be a cup for chiefs; if enough shoppies, a cup for them also.
15-07 Regcleaner?
20:36:44 - 15-07
Gangxta at 20:32:05 on 15/07:
sbanks you arent professional so you are only noob.you create this site in 2.3 doesnt matter.manage is important.if you scoff a side, this site cant omerta news site.this is pact site.

lol some people are funny!
so for 2 versions now he is trying to make the articles more entertaining, was ok till now, now that u dont like the title, all of a sudden is unprofessional, and this is a "pact" site (ow ye , guess what, sbanks isnt playing this game for a long time now)
grow up..