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General Comments & Major Rumors
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15-09 Another big ass war
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10-09 Big ass war
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08-09 Supremacy ↔ Momentum
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08-09 First family down
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07-09 Admins vs Supremacy?
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07-09 First family up
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25-08 A word from the brave winners
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19-08 Troublesome closure of the version
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06-08 Exile of a blood
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Started articles: 03-03 Admin Intervention!
17-09 Saturday Night War!
21-09 Admins showing no Mercy
27-09 Colossal violence
01-10 Stabs here, stabs there, stabs everywhere!
29-10 Balls
16-11 When lego gets boring
18-11 War!
04-04 The last round
06-08 Exile of a blood
25-08 A word from the brave winners
15-09 Another big ass war
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15-09 Another big ass war
05:45:52 - 21-09
ites at 23:21:04 on 20/09:
Anonymous at 21:55:39 on 20/09:
how did supremacy get down. they had like 40+ local chiefs to take over the fam?

they made an hijacker successor :')
15-09 Another big ass war
11:05:35 - 15-09
Anonymous at 10:50:12 on 15/09:
So first war Tremps and Kartello jump in, and are also helping Bluth/Hoogvliet that are getting shot...

5 days later Tremps/Kartello finish the job on the attackers(of Bluth/Hoogvliet) and Bluth/Hoogvliet shoot at them?
Or do i miss something?
You are right, you are missing a lot.
25-08 A word from the brave winners
09:43:59 - 25-08
A neutral, non-biased report without sarcasm or pun intended. No really, it was a good version and Horde was vewy good. Well deserved with honor, dignity and respect from everyone!
06-08 Exile of a blood
13:17:25 - 07-08
~Destraffer at 13:14:17 on 07/08:
Actually you should name this topic "Akronia tried.."

You had nice talks about the past and stuff when we decided to become bloods, those talks changed fast though.

We didnt realy care that you wanted to act tough when you become bigger/stronger, or that you did everything behind our backs the whole time, or that you have threat to finish our relation ;)

We do care about the part that you tried to team up and shoot Vicaria last night or today, thats something we couldnt accept.

You have never been our blood.

Much respect for the entire Horde fam and Trapezia.


To answer you @Anonymous : Tempestuoso was not our blood and Akronia needed to get fucked so yes we can stil say proud that we never have fucked our bloods.

RIP all who died.

Want me to add this as Vicaria top statement?
06-08 Exile of a blood
12:55:19 - 07-08
Anonymous at 12:44:52 on 07/08:
Achille at 12:38:38 on 07/08:
Anonymous at 12:14:37 on 07/08:
Beyond reporters should be objective. Achille has butthurt cuz he was in akro. Stab and lame excuses etc. can not acceptable.

If you cant handle your acc died, do not open the topic. Let other reporters do it.
I knew sooner or later a anonymous nobody would start about me being ‘objective’.

Seriously though, who the f*ck cares. I am enjoying summer and so should you. Report isn’t objective either, it is based on facts. Or do you have intel for me showing Horde and Akronia weren’t bloods? Enjoy your day, Mr. Anonymous number 301829394

No, you do not have right to change slogans of fams and consider statements as lame excuses. you are only a reporter here - you can not use this power to humiliate a family or a person.

Please behave yourself and change it. After that you can write your opinions as a comment under the post.
I didn’t humiliate anyone. If any, they humiliated themselves. I will repeat myself: I am only reporting according to the information we reporters get. And this info tells us it is blood vs blood; a stab. Good day sir Ano.