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15-01 Double hijack
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15-01 Brutal, savage, REKT
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13-01 Stabfest Vol. 69
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11-01 Herres ↔ Latitante
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08-01 War!
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06-01 The onslaught continues
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05-01 More trouble in NY
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05-01 Chainreaction
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04-01 Cyka blyat!
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21-03 Mangano getting shot
10:26:02 - 22-03
As with all wars since the dawn of time, this was leaked real early. We knew we were gonna get raped by a billion fams (I miss 2.2, where the biggest 'alliance' was 4 fams, but each one was stacked as fuck and there were at least comparative alliances) and as Anonymous said, the fact we took out 15 with our 19 shows something sorely lacking in modern omerta, willingness for members to die for a fam they are passionate about and trust. So a huge credit to our mangano members.

However, passive thinking isnt what won you the version. Once again, the version will be won by making a big ass alliance and killing fams with a 100:1 brug ratio :P

Oooh look. Free DC to whoever is speedy: df98ui1d
22-10 Complexio/Tempestuoso getting shot
23:12:31 - 22-10
For all the anonymous posters, and trolls who call anda pussies, if we are the pussies, why did no one shoot at me all version? I had double figures of brug kills, from the wars we took part in that you turn a blind eye to, and yet still none of you took a shot at me? Cmon now anonymouses, i shot your consigs, capos, dons and insome cases, your lackeydupes. and still, anda are the pussies who you never shot at?

If andalusia suck, why didnt someone finish us off after Kuro and Carneglia raped us?

Andalusia are one of the few fams to survive from the early days of omerta, we have a top thats played for versions and versions. Anonymous posters can criticise all they want, but we have friends where it matters, and back up our bloods accordingly. You'll never see any proper tops whine about anda.

Theres a reason why anyone we are/were blooded to is a fam with a proper top, comprised of people who are able to understand the game, rather than those who make alliances with 16 other familes. You'll never see Andalusia's name in a ridiculous alliance of 5 fams.

And yes, I do sound arrogant. But being ungodly amounts of awesome will do that to you. Bring the hate anonyrats (hee. clever wordplay), im off to do busywork in london till the reset.

also, LL tastes like strawberries.
21-10 Reset?
00:43:35 - 22-10
Need a lackey to join for me
03-10 Ilimitada Alliance Under Attack
13:02:48 - 04-10
Anonymous at 11:59:33 on 04/10:Then we get a fam thats up since the start, that lost few to zero accounts,

lolwhat? it would take you just a few clicks to come up with wars where we have lost a lot of members. your laziness and ignorance is unbelievable.

Of course we defend our fam. Someone lies about you, its human nature to correct their mistake.

and lol @ more anonypussy posting :')
if we're so lame, post your real name. i mean, not like we'd shoot you for it, right? :o

03-10 Ilimitada Alliance Under Attack
11:22:03 - 04-10
3 anonymouses now? nice :D
is there a reason you dont put your names? it cant be because you are scared, because you think anda is a fail fam.

at anony1: if we kill, but dont die, and its not because we know how to shoot, its because we are stupid? stupid like a fox!

anony2: its not a question of me putting my name to "feel like a made man". its more that im putting my name, because im not a little girl who is worried that people will know my opinions are mine. whether the same can be said for you is questionable

anony3: if only i could be as funny as you, have as an amazing account as you, and be as successful as you in real life. i'd be able to tell my grandkids i'm just as successful as... anonymous.

smiga: hi ^_^