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General Comments & Major Rumors
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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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Started articles: 10-03 End in sight?
10-03 Because why not!
12-03 Payback
24-03 Reset!
16-04 Inferno!
17-04 Anarchy in the Koninkrijk
20-04 It's raining money!
20-04 The Fellowship of Brave Men
27-04 Tonight we dine in hell!
29-05 First Family
02-06 Omerta Down - Workaround
10-06 The Last Crusade
11-06 For the night is dark and full of tommies
16-06 And now his watch is ended
17-06 War!
22-06 Red Army in Trouble
24-06 War!
13-07 Deathmatch is coming back!
19-07 Roman Invasion
06-08 Night terror
07-08 Payback
13-08 Struggle for the Top
20-08 Reset
19-09 Busted!
24-09 All good things come in threes
25-09 Unbreakable?
26-09 Civil War
28-09 Surprise, Motherf***er!
06-10 It ain't over till the fat lady sings
08-10 War!
13-10 Prophecy of Doom
21-10 Recent Downtime and Server Migration -UPDT 2-
10-01 Keep your friends close.. or..?
12-01 No stopping now!
01-03 Breaking the habit
20-03 War!
08-04 OBN Awards are back!
26-04 King's Night
29-04 Hat-Trick Denied
11-05 English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?!
17-05 The Breakup
18-06 Fraternal Mischief
22-06 Taking out the crazies
25-06 Nothing New
26-06 Looks Like Cleanup on Aisle 4
26-07 Overture?
31-07 The Long Goodbye
07-08 Run All Night
14-08 Outro?
18-08 Casino Updates
10-09 Begin Again
24-09 Reset
28-09 Welcome to Omerta 4.91
04-10 And the Sky Came Falling ... Up?
05-11 Reset
Omerta News Integration
25-11 Taming the Wild
18-12 First Family
08-06 Bookmaker is back for Euro 2016
06-07 First Fam Down!
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General Comments & Major Rumors
00:12:06 - 10-12
Anonymous at 14:58:57 on 02/12:
Anonymous at 14:42:38 on 02/12:
Anonymous at 06:02:53 on 25/11:
Anonymous at 16:31:01 on 24/11:
Anonymous at 07:11:34 on 23/11:
Dragonite at 03:20:49 on 15/11:
MewTwo at 23:20:54 on 13/11:
Anonymous at 15:22:19 on 11/11:
Anonymous at 02:06:53 on 04/11:
Anonymous at 18:08:55 on 17/10:
Anonymous at 03:00:18 on 17/10:
will mcgee go up next version?

Mcgee is my son.
I dunno if he come back I authed his name tho.
Send me message on my account Mcgee I can pretend to be him for you sweetheart.

Did the real one die or smtng?

dead omerta players go to special location


U guys talk about me to much ….

I haven’t been on this site since years before the pamdemic!
It’s trippy, like I’m having a nightmare but so cool at the same time!
I remember Mcgee would be one of the regulars on this site, its no surprise people talk about him or slander him that was always going on, he was more public with his jokes than others. Weird seeing him not here unless hes anon anf all the othets.
I was used to seeing Critycal and Murderinc posting, along with Redspeert and Kapow.
Promo, Evil, Lyramen are these names out of order and existience.
So many good restraunts and cafes were still open when I used
to play omerta and visit here, now it looks so dead and I have a creeped out feeling of
nostalgia. What happened, a major loss of interest?
I was told com turned in a purse warrior show with dupes and long time
junkies with half a brain that made it a life to simply follow the largest croud and its littered with cheaters.
Weird, happy holidays to all who celebrate Im feeling off being away so long and coming here and seeing such change its like a nostalgic hell. I wonder if others feel the same.

hi donsantino

All those guys are now bronze statues, entombed forever.

They cry themselves to sleep every night

Can confirm.
Interview with Righello
22:29:12 - 10-09
Mr Mcgee at 22:06:14 on 10/09:
Critycal at 21:09:55 on 10/09:
wwwww at 20:44:50 on 10/09:
Critycal at 11:25:40 on 10/09:
wwwww at 19:21:05 on 09/09:
to be honest because of admin`s decisions(all of them not a single person) the game lost the popularity. just wanna say 2 of them not the all. first one plating. imagine you are don at one of the top families , and a stupid assa can take your table and you cant get it back. also in old times low ranks can lead and everyone is confident that they will get their money from oc and moc. if someone scams in oc probably he will die in 2 hour. and ofc early wars. with plating you nearly set the war date which fucks the all strategy.

second one is about the hj. that was the worst decision that i saw in this game. just forget the big families how a new family can recruit? or how a newbie will start a game?. thanks god you changed it but how did you give that decision? kinda sure all of the playerbase would deny it.

protip to new owners. you have to make a usergroup. take 2 or 3 people from families and take their advices. and choose admins carefully just a few knows the game. otherwise as you can see there will be 4 or 5 families in a round

There have been direct channels to the admins/devs with player input, the problem is more that the actual owners refuse to invest into anything rather than the devs/KCode not wanting to do anything.
KCode actually has a thorough passion for the game and is willing to change whatevers needed to make the game function again, but it’s kinda hard if you get 0 time and money allocated towards improvement.

did you guys finally buy the game? it seems kcode gave you decent discount. also #help and usergroup are different things.

No, MurderInc had morale issues and said controlling OBN was enough influence already 🤷🏼‍♂️

Murderinc definitely has dark webz influence over this site. He’s probably a King Kong over there, but at least with enough morales not to join dark webz rooms of poor cats from Afghanistan getting tortured and burned alive. If you’re an omerta player you by default have some half men in you and think cats are a little more human than the normal iq would.
I would know about that black magic he got Redspeert to deploy satellites to name every one of my anonymous posts I ever made. I tried telling him I only posted anonymous because I didn’t remember my old password and cause I’m a salty sadistic son of a bitch.
But yes very true, don’t think any of you are safe posting here. Your names do get floated to secret societies that are just as powerful ingame and offline.
Serious stuff ladies and gentlemen, thanks to this site I never looked at a soccer moms van the same anymore.
General Comments & Major Rumors
22:45:06 - 10-03
lazish at 21:11:26 on 10/03:
<lavish> Let me claify you froze my account with NO communication because i asked a question to some farmers? even tho i have aquired nothing and gained nothing you freez my account?
<Righello> Thats exactly what I did indeed
<Righello> Anything else?

YouTube video
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:08:53 - 10-03

Our data center burned down last night. It's probably related to the fact that we've been stuck in March of 2020 for about a year now, or maybe some baguettes just decided to level up from burning cars.

I've restored a backup created on 9 March 2021 05:30 OT. Approximately 18 hours worth of data from between 9 March 2021 05:30 OT and 9 March 2021 23:30 OT is lost. If you have posted any major literary works on this site in that time period (which is likely to be the case), you'll have to re-post it.

Most of our services are restored, though there's still a few rough edges. If you notice any new issues (i.e. not something that's been broken for months or years), please post it here.
General Comments & Major Rumors
16:26:49 - 29-07
Since it's easy to miss in the menu, I'll just announce it here as well: There are upcoming changes to the site moderation, details here.