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Upcoming Moderation Changes
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Upcoming Moderation Changes
Author: MurderInc
Last updated: 171d 23h 55m 47s ago by MurderInc
Comments: 15
Views: 2,032
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 5.24
To improve the quality of discourse on the site, we're making some changes to the way comments are moderated:

  1. Moderated Anonymous Comments
    Anonymous comments will no longer be published immediately, but rather placed in a moderation queue where site moderators will decide if they should be published. Comments that are against the rules will be deleted and may result in a ban.
  2. Pseudonymous Comments
    Registered users who are logged in to the site will be able to post anonymously (as if they weren't logged in) if they wish to do so. Anonymous comments made by logged-in users will bypass the moderation queue, meaning they will be published immediately.
    Site moderators will be able to look up the users who posted pseudonymous comments if they break a rule. These look-ups will be logged and can be reviewed by site admins to detect abuse.
    Comments that are against the rules will be deleted and may result in a ban or the permanent removal of the ability to post pseudonymous comments.
  3. Restrictions for Users
    Comments posted by new users (anyone who registers after this post is published) will be placed in the moderation queue, just like anonymous comments, and need to be manually published by a moderator. New users will gain the ability to bypass the moderation queue and post pseudonymously over time. Moderators may also remove the ability to bypass the moderation queue for rule violations. All existing users (anyone who registered prior to this post) will be able to bypass the moderation queue and post pseudonymously right away.

I'm aiming to roll out the changes this weekend. I'll keep an eye on this discussion until then, so if there are any suggestions you'd like to share, loopholes you see or questions that came up, just post a comment (while you still can 👹).

We may also add further temporary or permanent restrictions in the event that the new system is abused or causes too much work for moderators.

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Anonymous (14:07:26 - 15-10)
Link Quote
MurderInc at 17:53:01 on 14/08:
I forgot how fugly this code base was, so this is taking a bit longer.

Oke KCode
MurderInc Austria (17:53:01 - 14-08)
Link Quote
I forgot how fugly this code base was, so this is taking a bit longer.
Anonymous (13:22:12 - 08-08)
Link Quote
Solstice (18:37:35 - 02-08)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 15:04:18 on 02/08:
Anonymous at 14:19:54 on 02/08:
when is the reset?

When Siberia allows it

We've spent all our vacation-money and the next paychecks are due by the end of the month, so it's gonna be a while.
Anonymous (15:04:18 - 02-08)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 14:19:54 on 02/08:
when is the reset?

When Siberia allows it
Anonymous (14:19:54 - 02-08)
Link Quote
when is the reset?
Snooker Italy (08:56:44 - 02-08)
Link Quote
so you are not as useless here as you are on counter-strike huh? good shit mens))
Anonymous (08:12:28 - 02-08)
Link Quote
Anonymous (20:40:55 - 01-08)
Link Quote
Critycal Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Patron (13:01:29 - 30-07)
Link Quote
Good shit, was getting boring to look at people talking to themselves.
kimi Switzerland (06:01:10 - 30-07)
Link Quote
Good job!
Barbecos Netherlands (23:11:01 - 29-07)
Link Quote
Finally you do something usefull :)
Redspeert Armenia (20:54:31 - 29-07)
Link Quote
Awesome, back in the days we were plagued with anonymous posters, but in the recent years it has become much worse than it used to be, kinda kills any chance of civilized disussion.
Anonymous (19:48:26 - 29-07)
Link Quote
Anonymous (21:11:53 - 27-07)
Link Quote
good! cuz the rascism from some ppl here is rlly insane!