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Deathmatch is Calling!
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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12-08 Congratulations ...
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07-08 Hi! Jack? No it's Achille (again)
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07-08 Nirvana and Anxious under fire
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03-08 Let the madness begin.
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02-08 Krays dont give a fuck
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02-08 It's the final countdown!!!
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24-07 Bl(a)cklist down
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23-07 RIP Ontari(a)
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19-07 First family: Ontario
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Registered: 13:18:48 on 08-03-2011 (3087d 11h 43m 43s ago)
Last activity: 21:04:16 on 20-08-2019 (3h 58m 15s ago)
Country: Netherlands Netherlands
Comment count: 62 (0.02 per day)
Started articles: 12-09 Wake me up when September ends.
13-09 Bratva's droppings
13-09 Lucchese ↔ Mesopotamia
15-09 Dolcevita down
17-09 Sunday Bloody Sunday!
24-09 Autumn is comming?
25-09 Reset timer started (again)
27-09 Round #1 Winner Announced
20-11 Reset!
13-12 Battle for the Iron Throne
23-12 Kurosawa being shot
27-12 Prestige vs Memberhill
24-01 Admins on the hunt
24-01 Suprise m*therf*ckers: Chief War
01-03 And the Oscars go toooo?
17-03 Rage against the Machines
07-09 First family up
07-09 Admins vs Supremacy?
08-09 First family down
08-09 Supremacy ↔ Momentum
10-09 Big ass war
02-10 Tremp(s) ↔ Kartello(s)
04-10 RIP Krays
09-10 RIP
13-10 Tremps&co → Ili
26-10 Reset date announced & changes
31-10 Welcome to round 10
08-11 First family
16-11 Opening ceremony
27-11 Difference ↔ Lusa
05-01 More trouble in NY
11-01 Herres ↔ Latitante
19-01 Round 11 ends, reset announced
06-02 First family and a-kills
16-02 Redemption war
20-02 Warriors vs Ottaviano
26-02 Popcorn → Lusa
21-03 First family round 13: Outfit
19-07 First family: Ontario
23-07 RIP Ontari(a)
24-07 Bl(a)cklist down
02-08 It's the final countdown!!!
02-08 Krays dont give a fuck
03-08 Let the madness begin.
07-08 Nirvana and Anxious under fire
07-08 Hi! Jack? No it's Achille (again)
12-08 Congratulations ...
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General Comments & Major Rumors
13:50:12 - 08-08
The Don of Templars at 13:03:45 on 08/08:
Snooker at 12:55:54 on 08/08:
Tega at 00:42:29 on 08/08:
@KCode is going to fuuu this game..!
as reis

why u ignore me on irc dude?

We ALL try to ignore you amk :S
03-08 Let the madness begin.
11:43:12 - 07-08
Faded Sex Drive at 22:11:09 on 06/08:
EazyE at 15:02:06 on 06/08:
ElMariachi at 13:26:01 on 06/08:
Anonymous at 11:59:08 on 05/08:
Anonymous at 11:56:51 on 05/08:
Anonymous at 09:44:29 on 05/08:
After what deathbase and whole Lati said about horde last version, THEY WILL PAY FOR IT!
Remember when Tbag stabbed Lati in their victory speech after they won the version together? ;)
“lati takes many bloods next version, this is a problem, don’t shoot me im poor berkdog”
Berk/T-Bag: Ascension/Horde - TOP

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Thanks to who spent effort to achieve our 4th victory. It is their victory aswell.
Some unnecessary people cried this time more than before. I admit they have some good points.
Yes, we blooded too much for this kind of version. Wasnt planning but after realize others had no limits, we just couldnt reject people.
Believe it or not but most of families had same amount of bloods with us. I can count bloodlist of every single family if you wonder.
People looks like you are #1 family why you need this much bloods?
Exactly the same reason with others. You cant let people blood whoever they can and then you sit with 2 bloods.
They just eat you alive. Specially if there is jackals in the wood like this round, atleast they were thinking like that :)
Ofcourse there was good standing families like Ontario, Royals, Janissary, Proviano, Akronia with less bloods.

Normally, I was talking about fams, highlights and stuff after versions over. Just want to talk about the future this time. So next round;
As you know Latitante, Janissary, Liberta, Blacksea will up next round around 200 people maybe more as a pact. It is okey, good luck to them.
But I found out families like Delorio and Imperium already blooded to them. They are also bloods to eachother. Also both have 2 more bloods.
So you can understand the mentality here, it is not about me or my organisation. It is in everywhere.
Good luck to other unlucky families, next round winners are already certain, "account plating" will not save you.

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but Horde basically set the standard for mass blooding a long time ago. Maybe you thought it was needed to adapt to other fams this round, but imo those other fams simply evolved into playing the game with that exact same massblooding type of style ...

As long as this "better join 2/3rd of Omerta to claim a victory instead of playing our own game" mentality is the standard, not a single change from the devs will make this game better anytime soon ...
preach it

Haha xD
I bet he’s preaching inside one of those families he speaks against now.
Actually he is...

Mr TeaBag.
"But I found out families like Delorio and Imperium already blooded to them. They are also bloods to eachother. Also both have 2 more bloods."

I can confirm Delorio is not going up.
Furthermore, ask Deathbase how he feels about blooding us and prepare for an hour swearing :D

Where do you come up with this shit?
19-07 First family: Ontario
09:52:24 - 20-07
I've update Alliance stats
General Comments & Major Rumors
16:34:31 - 15-06
I updated 'Alliance stats' based off fam pages.
Did I miss any?
General Comments & Major Rumors
11:38:23 - 02-05
KCode at 10:29:51 on 02/05:
Since OmertaBeyond high ranks count has been bugged, I've added it inside the family profile.

Apply water to burned area Murderdink