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10-12 Difference & Xzone activate countdown
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08-12 Difference → Cosanostra
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29-11 Hotel Closed
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27-11 Difference ↔ Lusa
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26-11 Templar Trample
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23-11 Vianney → Difference
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18-11 Lusa ↔ Cosanostra
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18-11 Mo thee see
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16-11 Opening ceremony
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26-10 Reset date announced & changes
08:52:30 - 31-10
Achille at 07:01:36 on 31/10:
ElMariachi` at 19:13:50 on 29/10:
The conditions to unlock will be based on family rank and money in family bank (more details will follow at the start of the next round)

*The production of bullets in bullet factory will be based on the number of spots the capo owns (more details will follow at the start of the next round)

So let me get this straight: there will be less bullets in the game cause of these change, so bullet prices will go up on obay and ppl will spend more money on dc's to buy bullets ?

This gotta be the best change we have seen in years ...
That is not the intention behind this change. The intention is to get rid of Chief (and lately even LC) wars and to make a version more fun/longer again for everyone.

It actually is a good change.

Also it might stop the endless amount of sisterfams
13-10 Tremps&co → Ili
16:10:16 - 14-10
Anonymous at 11:29:55 on 14/10:
Smurfje can suck my dick

It's okay to be gay <o/
10-10 Supreme speech
08:38:17 - 11-10
Achille at 08:23:01 on 11/10:
Anonymous at 08:03:44 on 11/10:
Achille at 07:22:54 on 11/10:
ites at 20:44:33 on 10/10:
MrWhite added this statement.
I think Supremacy is an immense fag asslicking family, but what you've done here is unacceptable.
I hope (active) admins of this site take notice and remove your mod powers.
shame shame shame

He added this statement in a war article which had nothing to do with Supremaky. Would have been lack of respect to those other fams who were involved in that war article if the statement would stay there, wouldn't it? Now stop bitching like the bitch you are and focus on this article, as you still probably didn't finish reading the fairytale.

What I have done is perfectly fine, as I am Almighty and therefore permitted to do whatever I desire. Respect my authoritah. Thanks for understanding.

Oh, and #RighelloIN
Shut up you asslicking cunt
Oh yes, Righello likes it like that

@Ites im not very happy about Achilles his biased style of writing myself. BUT at least he's being pretty clear about it. He (sometimes) provides some interesting biased insights on the topic and this way of writing opens a discussion... wich I like.

Also, there are no OBN admins active anymore to do anything about it anyway :D
28-09 War!
09:36:12 - 28-09
I didn't feel like writing an article for a war that's been dragging on for 2 weeks :S
10-09 Big ass war
08:28:20 - 12-09
Anonymous at 12:58:02 on 11/09:
I can't stop reading this article over and over again. Especially how they captured the tension in the middle part of the war. That's brilliant journalism.

Yes yes, one of my finer pieces of journalism =]

You're welcome omerta internetjugend .