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08-07 And the winner is ...
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21-06 Horde is under attack!
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19-06 Mediterranean War!
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13-06 Winter has come! - UPDATE #2
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10-06 First FAM Down!
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09-06 Congratulations to the First Mafia Family! - HORDE!!!
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03-06 Welcome to Round 5.7 - A-Kill Spree - UPDATE #3
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22-05 Kerberossa - V5.5 Version winner!
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16-05 Wrap Up!
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13-05 Clean-up on aisle 4!
23:15:17 - 13-05
ites at 22:13:36 on 13/05:
ReBorN at 21:25:13 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 21:04:58 on 13/05:
nice artical ur writing about urselve :x

Yes, yes I am. Is there anything inaccurate about what I wrote?
you are not objective.
ie: embattled viddani. those 3 families shooting you were 1. total retards or 2. had no bullets in the first place to take care of you, how many deaths last 24 hours?

"commandable job": says you, the protagonist.
constant attack: really? -> how many deaths last 24 hrs?
and praising the killing of 2 of those shitfams.

your intel is correct, your writing is not subjective. this is why people don't report on their own fam's wars. and if they do, they would put up something like:

Kerberos+, Leviticus+ shooting Viddani+, end of. this is just a post to make yourself look brave, using your privileged position on this news medium to do so.
you should know better and ask another news writer to report on this war, and provide a top statement for your 'propaganda'

PS: no offence, nice stand and rip

I can write so colorfully because I know the exact circumstances of what happened and how it happened. Most reporters don't have that much information. When the war started we had almost 0 bullets against families that had far more than us. We were constantly shot everyday for 5 days. It's not my problem that they have no idea how to shoot. But yes, I would consider that embattled.

And as far as the use of the word commendable: I would use the same exact word had Krays stood for over 1 day under the same odds. Any family that can survive constant shooting for 5 days with no source of revenue and no help and very little bullets - while managing to take down two attacking families - should be commended. I'm sorry if you don't feel the same. Next time I see it happen I will report it exactly the same way.
13-05 Clean-up on aisle 4!
21:25:13 - 13-05
Anonymous at 21:04:58 on 13/05:
nice artical ur writing about urselve :x

Yes, yes I am. Is there anything inaccurate about what I wrote?
22-03 Round #2
00:05:05 - 23-03
YouTube video

Best song ever!
19-03 Oddity
15:37:51 - 20-03
Anonymous at 15:02:43 on 20/03:
Anonymous at 12:15:36 on 20/03:
viddani is now heroic for shooting lati just because lati has some sib people? fuck off... all of viddani was 1 big charade.
after all bloodlines were closed and warplans were discussed saros showed up in viddanis bloodchans and warchans and we see once again who is actually behind this family...

don't fucking trust these puppets because it's just aeterna hiding there and ready to massblood and stab their way through the version again. they had no reason to shoot lati except for wanting to shoot siberia and now lati fucked them.
Rofl. Aeterna trying really hard here lately to make people believe Latitante is Siberia, only to cover up that they are controlling Viddani.

I try not to comment here on the crap that people spew, but this is just ridiculous, lmao!

Aeterna has nothing to do with Viddani. I hear Saros is around somewhere but he's not in 1 Viddani channel - top, blood, or members.

Seriously, keep it coming. I need a good laugh today.
21-02 Minions War!
15:55:47 - 28-02
Anonymous at 22:33:27 on 27/02:
Viddani will shoot aeterna tomorrow night
Can confirm