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27-06 When Saints become angels
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21-06 Bullets lost!
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15-06 Let's pray for the best!
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13-06 Some Riot
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09-06 TGIF
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05-06 Discordia's Fall
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03-06 Hammer Struck, Godhand Rises!
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15-05 The Final Chapter!! - RESET Friday! (26/05) updated
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05-05 Crossfire Favour
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09-06 TGIF
15-06 Let's pray for the best!
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General Comments & Major Rumors
22:12:50 - 24-07
Anonymous at 22:09:37 on 24/07:

From: Sparta
Type: Personal
Sent: 24-Jul @ 02:36:20

I'm messaging you asking for a favor.

As you might know you have some honor points that you can give to people that helped you or to your closest friend.

In case you don't have anyone to give them, i'm asking you if you can give it to me, or if you want i can buy all your honour points for 100k.

The honour points would help me because i'm trying to be one of the top players, and hp increases my strenght.

Sorry for bothering and in case you want to get the 100k you can send the hps and just message me so i can send the money right away.

Delete | Reply

From: Sparta
Type: Personal
Sent: 24-Jul @ 13:45:14

You sell 80 hps for 100k?

I'm trying to buy to increase my account strenght so i'd appreciate the help !

If you want you can send and i pay right away.

Good afternoon

Omerta decided to make honor points part of account strength. I wouldnt even call it honor points anymore. I dont see any issue with buying/selling HPs.

General Comments & Major Rumors
12:48:31 - 17-06
+ Marazzino ofc
General Comments & Major Rumors
12:45:50 - 17-06
Anonymous at 13:11:19 on 16/06:
What a version guys! As i can see, i can bet Soty is selling all the fams to reach HoF. Ahahaha Soty style, like in the good old times!

GL everybody and have nice hunting! ;)

Well, a good bloodship should give benefits both ways right?

Riot/Godhand blooded both Exception(as1 blacksea/difference/rocinha), along with Imperium. Then they watched those sides go to war vs eachother, waited for the fams to go empty, then shot 2x Imperium bloods.

Who should Imperium have loyalty towards? Phoenix, Assassino, Ottaviano who shot and died for them? Or Riot/Godhand who had only their own interests in mind? Its kind of self explanatory. Riot/Godhands tactic could have worked out tho, putting themselves on the sidelines while the rest of the game shot eachother up. But when you put yourself in that position, you cant depend on others to help you.

I died for Imperium this version, which is okay for me. Imperium have died for my cause several times in the past, its about time i gave something back. And if you gain the loyalty of Imperium there aint many better bloods out there.

09-06 TGIF
11:01:05 - 09-06
Anonymous at 10:55:46 on 09/06:
"A strong collection of fams"

Since Fenrir is Don of Phoenix, who is part of the "strong collection" he should be able to know who else is part of the pact and write all the families is his report.

I suggest you take a look at the article again
General Comments & Major Rumors
22:29:14 - 30-03
H`HMD at 21:30:15 on 30/03:
Despot at 20:47:40 on 30/03:
brinkitz at 20:02:14 on 30/03:
Anonymous at 19:40:12 on 30/03:
Making the HOF family now. Owh how sweet it would be if admins just did not let anyone win this round cuz of all the cheating :P

Be funny if winterhill just shot anarchist family now.

Be funny if everyone sees your stupidity :D

Since it's the end of the version i'm just going to throw my two cents in here.

Regarding the current state of the game I think it's unfair to blame the crew for it, eventhough they have have been severely lacking when it comes to:
1. Actively trying to counter cheaters, mostly when it comes to dupes using teamviewer and running a nearly 100% online time within the first 72 hours of the version.
2. Following up on reports of potential cheaters.

This is mostly a result of the crew being under staffed, as certain people are more focused on Brando's new employment app ( - which hasn't shown any development since October 2016, but that's another story) and generally careless behavior from the crew members that aren't involved in that project. I don't believe the few players that are actively sharing their accounts have too much of an impact on the game, but it enables certain families to get the best spots in the game. Everyone lingering in detroit these days and the detroit spots being OP as a result of that, is another thing the crew can be blamed for, since they don't bother to implement changes to alter that development.

However, more importantly the current state of the game is that there are 2,5 powerhouses. One of them is Siberia+ (sure, you can consider me a part of that side), Anarchy+ and to a lesser extent Merciless since they tend to implode, get akilled and generally aren't big enough to have an impact on versions where either Anarchy or Siberia is playing.

Now, those powerhouses can't be blamed for being huge; they mostly have a very large player base and whenever they put word on the streets that they're going to play people will show up and play with them as they normally do.

I strongly believe the families that are to blame for recent shitty versions are the ones that either:
1. Merge into them, or
2. Decide to blood them instead of playing their own game
(minus the ones that historically play with these families, like Gravano etc.)

The current state of the game is what it is, and it has been like that for a while now. While v2.x for example had 10-20K active players, we now have about 1K and since very few people are attempting to put effort into bringing old families back, we need to adapt to that state. In my humble opinion, that means that smaller families without much history (i.e. Horde, Fortress and a bunch of smaller ones) should decide to play for themselves rather than joining the biggest side only to have a shot at survival. If we can manage to create an environment where large families are willing to play their own game rather than joining an already large side, maybe we'll be able to relive old times despite the declining playerbase.

And while i'm fully aware that what i'm talking about will only work in a so-called utopia, this is what needs to change to get omerta back on the track. Rather than just pointing fingers and talking smack on here without showing your name (which is the what most people do and is the easy way out), maybe have a look in the mirror.

As an example of proving that this might work: me and a bunch of friends have spent 2 versions on recruiting people that have been retired for 5-10 years and we managed to put Catania back up with roughly 80 active players, but we got shut down because families like Horde, Fortress, Fucilare etc. decided to join the bigger side (which backfired on them, as you can read in the war reports). If it wasn't for that I believe even a version like this could have been interesting.

Anyway congratulations to those who won, you folks put in the effort of putting your families back up as well. It's just a shame that you accepted bloodships from weak families that can't fend for themselves, which made it rather one-sided.

Good post.

I think at some point fams have to ask themselves if they are even having fun anymore. The gameplay of certain fams is simply terrible, blooding and as1ing everyone in order to secure wins or get some stars. If nothing changes i hope Brando just shuts the shit down, cause its not exactly dying with dignity :')