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16-04 Winner of Round 5!
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12-04 Eleet
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10-04 Stranger things
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07-04 Drowning
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05-04 RIPelle
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04-04 The last round
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31-03 Ratio testing
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28-03 Scripted!
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27-03 Woke
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31-03 Ratio testing
17:46:04 - 01-04
Tega at 15:56:56 on 01/04:
Kowalczyk, Radoi and Revenger are Latitante crew:) They started this vers in Latitante, you should know!


instead of shittalking everyone just create a fam in the beginning of the version and show off after, we all know you're trying to get the top killer with killing famless chiefs, funky bastard, every version after families are down, you are licking alive tops fams crew ass to make a new family.

I don't cheat like you guys do, or use scripts which enables you to open fam at the start.
And no, I was not trying to attain a kill star this version, so get your facts straight.
Licking alive tops fams crew? What - where did you get this piece of information?
It seems you just want to say something, so you are trying to make up shit, first say facts before trying to abuse me in any way possible that you are trying to do.
Go spend another 500 Euros and script hard! Bunch of cheaters.


Snooker at 16:02:35 on 01/04:
I love how simple your topics are when you are getting assfucked :')

Where are your bullshit stories bitch ass?

First of all, I did not make this topic, I think Kapow changed the topic at a later time.
There is no story to tell here, except the fact of what you see is in the topic of the report.
Now go and cheat some more, you piece of shit scripter.


Critycal at 16:11:45 on 01/04:

you're literally the most useless piece of shit in the game if you're actually butthurt about this war.
you actually thought you could still accomplish something when you try to sneak through and kill shitty empty accounts like you always do to try to get that star you still haven't received?
god you're a naive crybaby raja, just get a rope and end your life.
(or make up some bullshit about racism, LMAO)

Butthurt about the war? Where did I show you this expression of being butthurt?
It's not about thinking to accomplish something, its about, acting out of the crowd and doing something for yourself and on your own, unlike bunch of pacts every version, who simply cannot fight for their own flag and have to team up with bunch of others to achieve something. Atleast I build myself, without cheating, without scripting and without handholding with tons of other fams.
I think you are more of a crybaby than I am, at-least I play to enjoy and not be part of some bulshit politics that you guys actually think you control in a text based game? like really..
The BS about racism was not made up, people who were racists towards me, got the taste of what they deserve.

28-03 Scripted!
12:21:47 - 29-03
Anonymous at 08:51:46 on 29/03:
Raja retard trying hard to condemn cheaters but forgetting about all his own dupes

Good one dreamy boy.
You clearly have no idea what you are saying.
If you know so much about my alleged dupes, why don't you report them?
Anonymous Fool!
Don't say things without evidence, it just makes you seem stupid for me.
Claim your statement and reveal yourself, otherwise, shut it.
28-03 Scripted!
00:18:41 - 29-03
Critycal at 23:35:03 on 28/03:
Snooker at 22:49:54 on 28/03:
Raja at 22:42:54 on 28/03:
Barbecos at 22:10:23 on 28/03:
Im pretty sure i just got akilled on .Com.
Im still alive in every other version, <b>playing the same way in all of them. </b>

cool story bro.
almost as funny as your obn stories
omerta x harry potter fan fiction

Harry Potter is sick!
Who doesn't like Harry Potter should just go and kill them selves, lol
My Favourite Childhood growing up hero <3 :D
28-03 Scripted!
00:17:50 - 29-03
gsbaba at 23:43:10 on 28/03:
Im not even mad we cheated so fucking hard, didnt even hide anything, and it took 20 fucking days to get caught. Imo like in the past they should repay and rollback the version for those who died, anyways it is not going to happen for this dead game.

lol, look at this, how hard they be cheating like! Loud and Proud!

should name the next fam Cheat-Mafia :D
28-03 Scripted!
23:16:45 - 28-03
Snooker at 22:49:54 on 28/03:
Raja at 22:42:54 on 28/03:
Barbecos at 22:10:23 on 28/03:
Im pretty sure i just got akilled on .Com.
Im still alive in every other version, <b>playing the same way in all of them. </b>

cool story bro.
almost as funny as your obn stories

What can I say, I just have that unique factor.