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Omerta Balance Patch *UPDATE #2*
Author: Raja
Last updated: 394d 11h 16m 52s ago by Raja
Comments: 7
Views: 1,558
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 5.13
Hello Ladies & Gents,

Today we bring you some more spicy and hot yet minor, though influential changes. The following changes have been hit live just now! You will notice these changes as you play in to the game.

As we can see evidently, players are utilising the previous changes along with version reset, there has not been any recent serious war, except a battle is explored, Latitante -VS- Fatality + Multality, both suffered some casualties.

Kill rate has been a lot less than previous versions, this version is calling for a challenging round. You will need close and loyal bloods to survive! GetYoGripOn!

Lets dwell in to some more interesting facts...


Hello gangsters,

Since this version had too many changes, we've been following closely the way the game is being played and we're focused in improving and balance it even more as the game is played.

We do not plan to make any big changes as the round is going, but we will try to act in time to make sure the game is balanced instead of waiting too long for small changes.
With this in mind, we want users to distribute casinos more evenly and also we don't want to see casinos closed all time so we are limiting it's ownership to one and also enforcing a higher minimum maxbet (50,000$) on all casinos.

- Change Poker tables timeout from 30 minutes to 10
- Casinos are no longer allowed to have max bet lower than 50,000$ ( Applies to Local Mob too )
- Players can only own one casino at a time now
- Fixed a bug where casinos wouldn't go bankrupt, instead Local Mob would keep them. Now casinos go bankrupt and they can be purchased if user is eligible.
- Fixed a bug where Blackjack would show an error that casino doesn't exist in certain situations
- Added a redirection on 'Gambling' menu if user is in a poker game or blackjack game
- Improved overall information about casinos being out of business due to Gambling Office bankruptcy/destruction
- Added spots information to user profile
- Added Roulette max bet on numbers where relevant (Statistics and Family page)
- Added min bet of casinos to Statistics page
- Added information about Gambling Office of the respective casino to API page
We are also working to bring back casinos to Obay, so you will be able to sell/buy casinos there. It's not ready yet, we will announce it still this week.
Users that own multiple casinos will not lose them. But in case they do, they will not be able to get them back.

PS: All casino owners that have their casinos closed due to a bug (minbet higher than maxbet) will see their bets changed today at 00 OT, prepare your pockets!
You can find the full changes newspost here.
Enjoy the casino update!
Omerta Crew

the following were updated earlier, perhaps some have noticed..

- We've added "Next Profit Reset" information on City Maps on spots owned by Local Mob
- Casinos reset when Gambling Office resets
- Fixed a bug on City Maps, where "Next Raid" countdown would not be accurate. Now it's always 100% accurate.
- Garage now orders cars by value as default (thanks @Skfx)
- Fixed a bug which caused casino's owned by local mob not to reset their profit when they hit $5,000,000 profit.
- Re-added forum links back on jail page.
- Fix a bug where killing a capo from other family will 'promote' a new person to capo instead of splitting the spots to the killer.
- Added UI information about user being in Hospital.

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Anonymous (16:32:09 - 01-05)
Link Quote
Nice changes already see some people make huge profit
Reall Ocarina Thailand (23:38:15 - 30-04)
Link Quote
Reall Ocarnia at 23:02:25 on 30/04:
ye only ppl talking to themselves

and raja...

Reall Ocarnia (23:02:25 - 30-04)
Link Quote
ye only ppl talking to themselves

and raja...
Real Thor (22:58:51 - 30-04)
Link Quote
The game is dead more now :D
Reall Ocarina Thailand (22:38:22 - 30-04)
Link Quote