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09-02 Disregarded, Yet Not Forgiven!
Author: Raja
Last updated: 260d 6h 22m 55s ago by Raja
Comments: 50
Views: 2,458
Votes: 1 (5 average)
Version: 4.10.4
Involved families: Colossal, Hoogvliet, Sevenhills, Siberia, Narcos, Perseverance, Rome, Ohana


Siberia have been very busy in each and every previous war that they participated and we have seen and followed. To give a brief background of this war as follows:

Narcos shot at Siberia during first war with Penta/Desti/Aba. Siberia, was not some what free from threat of other pact of bloods and big families around hence they had to priortise their killings before.
Moving on Siberia now is pretty much and for surely is in safe zone, now they have decided to return the favour back to Narcos.

Siberia revenged themselves from killing Narcos that they could not prioritse previously and now have.

Siberia is slowly pre-planning and executing each and every other small family that seizes to exist. Rome was first target to clear, nice and easily wiped out. Moving on Siberia+Hoogvliet + Sevenhills VS Perseverance. However, Perseverance got knocked down with 1 kill and no sucessors, however, the their famless memebrs still being hunted.

Liberta in another war still remains neutral with Siberia and still managing to stay #2 on the international leaderboard.

When we come to realise, it seems as if Liberta and Siberia have a pre-agreement of taking out the remaining families and controlling the version as one big pact.

Is this really fun to play ? Least they are having fun. :)




After some big wars, there have been a big impact in top families being hunted down and allies and bloods being broken. We have seen, most populated families being knocked down, we have seen some friends break their relationship. We have seen some great families lasting at each and every war through out this Omerta Version!


As the previous wars cool down, families broken down make their ways to their destination. Siberia can forget for sometime, but they will not forgive!

To remind one more time, Narcos shot at Siberia during first war with Penta/Desti/Aba.

Narcos shot with Pentagram, their don, consig, sotto and capo shot at Propaganda/Link(Top Siberia) during that war. Three died except their Sotto.

Siberia VS Narcos

Siberia has now returned back on Narcos and have finished their unfinished target.

Narcos 09-02-2017 17:31:14 - Family Down!


Were you involved in going against Siberia ? Were you the one who secretly played with other MAFIA to cook up politics against Siberia ? Did you shoot their members in previous times of this version ? Are you still alive? Siberia is coming!

- Follow on to previous killings of Narcos, it has been concluded that Top Colossal was also involved in killing of One?OrMore? of Narcos members.


Phase 2

Siberia and Hoogvliet, the two friends and blooded families are on rampage of taking out Rome Mafia Familia!

Rome 09-02-2017 20:13:30 - Family Down!

However, Hoogvliet and Siberia are still pushing their famless targets making sure, they are wiped out for good!


- Who will Siberia target next to clean the streets ?

Will Liberta continue to keep their relationship with Siberia neutral ? Or will they stand up and show international soldiers that they have what it takes to obtain their #1 Position and not just peak behind Siberia!

Siberia+Hoogvliet + Sevenhills VS Perseverance

So it has come to a point where SIberia+Hoogvliet and their friends are moving in to step up the game a little bit.

They are going in for FLUSH!
They are going in for CLEAN TOWN!
They are coming to claim this Version!
They are coming to Ride and Step over you!

Siberia and Hoogvliet have began shooting Perseverance, but guess what? After making one sucessfull kill!

Perseverance 09-02-2017 20:48:40 - Family Down!

It seems as if Perseverance had no sucessor!


Siberia and Hoogvliet's detectives have been wondering a little too much of lately.

There has been a huge money drop earlier!

[WARNING] MONEYDROP (>=$150.000.000)

Does this mean Siberia and the bloods have detectives hired on pretty much most of the targets ??

Will the next potential target rise up and make the first move or will Siberia slowly creep up to ya!

It's night for Siberia to FEAST ON YOUR BLOOD!

Is Liberta just going to stay there and watch ?

Regard for disregard

It's whispered, Colossal has taken out its former member who started a fam as Ohana!
Ohana 09-02-2017 23:55:34 - Family Down!

Stay tuned to find out more about the top #1 #2 families ties as their relationship follows a neutral path.

Any News?
#Raja o/

War started on: 17:17:02 09-02-2017
Bullet difference: -14,714,818
Money difference: -$17,650,516,248 Players died: 40,986

Dead Families:
[Colossal] Family down on 23:42 30-12
[Colossal] Family down on 20:44 14-12
[Siberia] Family down on 02:09 22-11
[Siberia] Family down on 21:04 20-10
[Colossal] Family down on 23:18 17-10
[Colossal] Family down on 21:23 16-10
[Colossal] Family down on 19:19 29-09
[Siberia] Family down on 18:51 28-09
[Colossal] Family down on 23:05 27-09
[Siberia] Family down on 17:21 27-09
[Siberia] Family down on 20:15 20-08
[Narcos] Family down on 02:56 11-08
[Siberia] Family down on 06:43 06-08
[Siberia] Family down on 10:59 28-07
[Colossal] Family down on 20:43 19-04
[Narcos] Family down on 04:50 15-03
[Colossal] Family down on 00:22 13-02
[Hoogvliet] Family down on 19:23 12-02
[Sevenhills] Family down on 15:37 12-02
[Ohana] Family down on 23:55 09-02
[Perseverance] Family down on 20:48 09-02
[Rome] Family down on 20:13 09-02
[Narcos] Family down on 17:31 09-02
Deaths per family:
Sw As LC Ch Br CD GF Points
| swin: 600 | assa: 336 | lc: 436 | chief: 802 | brug: 3316 | cd: 0 | gf: 0 | points: 54,586