Tuesday - February 21st - 2017
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16-01 You reap what you sow
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 1495d 13h 8m 7s ago by Smul
Comments: 202
Views: 13,704
Votes: 0 (0 average)
Version: 3.52
Involved families: Cannabis, Catania, Cristeria, Favians, Leone, Lucchese, Marazzino, Nazdrovia, Righelli, Rogero, Targaryens, Trafficante, Troy, Valerio, Volontario, Wargasm, Audacia, Darkness, Inizio, Prospero, Silentium, Vedici
The ISPP alliance (Audacia, Darkness, Inizio, Prospero, Silentium, Vedici) is being attacked by a large number of families.

In the first wave of the attackers we saw 50 new deaths, with only a few backfire kills. Barafranca only let us log the last 20 names of the deaths, so we missed out 30 names! We try to get all those names updated asap. -> All should be updated now, if u see 1 i missed, leave a message. During this one statistics page update there were already nearly 10 million bullets lost.

The targets seem to be divided like this :
Marazzino/Troy/Targaryens + NazdroviaProspero
Favians + Trafficante/Pistoleros + Catania + Volontario + Valerio/RogeroInizio
Righelli + Cristeria + LeoneAudacia & Silentium
ReBorN (Lucchese): Lets get the most important item out of the way first - Lucchese was not blooded to the ISPP alliance. We played a very small part in this war and the ONLY reason we participated is because we had logs showing that ISPP intended to shoot some of our Bloods soon, and then turn their guns on us eventually.

Of course our first choice would not have been to shoot against ISPP as we shot together a few times already this version but we will not be used as a puppet and then thrown away later when there is no more need for us.

As far as ISPP "saving our asses" this is simply not true. You can spin it however you want but the simple fact remains that Lucchese's BLOODS are the reason we are still alive. Only our Bloods prevented us from going down in the war on 11-01. As a matter of fact, the war on 10-01 had nothing to do with Lucchese. We were dragged into a war with Pentagram because of a poor choice by a blood and ISPP. We did what we had to do because a Blood was in danger so we helped to shoot Pentagram.

If ISPP feels they "saved our ass" on 11-01 then they were obviously only repaying the favor from 10-01 when we saved their asses. But ofc, we really think ISPP and Lucchese didnt owe each other anything.

/q sbanks | #beyond.info
War started on: 18:59:00 16-01-2013 War ended on: 12:01:01 17-01-2013
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