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Deathmatch is Calling!
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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05-06 First family down!
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04-06 First family up!
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27-05 A new (Corona) Omerta round starts!
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23-05 Ontario wins Round 22
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21-05 The time has come?!
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19-05 The Final Phase
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17-05 Cleanup on aisle four.
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17-05 Exploring the Afterlife
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14-05 Ontario is drowning!
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21-05 The time has come?!
16:09:47 - 22-05
Redspeert at 15:56:38 on 22/05:
Can Ontario win the version though? Considering they were taken down by the admins for abusing the sisterfam rule.
They can, but won’t receive any rewards like HoF or stars
17-05 Cleanup on aisle four.
06:44:56 - 18-05
Anonymous at 01:24:30 on 18/05:
Anonymous at 23:59:38 on 17/05:
Anonymous at 21:21:04 on 17/05:
Anonymous at 20:30:24 on 17/05:
Anonymous at 18:42:54 on 17/05:
Anonymous at 18:33:12 on 17/05:
Anonymous at 18:30:29 on 17/05:
What happened then? Onta/May/Lib were in almost every big war fully involved, teamed up all together in Ontario since May and lib got shot in the Imp/Aqui war...

Whats so honourable about Krays? They shoot at Lib/May 1st time when they shot at Lock/Ence. Only 2 Brugs of them died and the asked cease fire already…

Anonymous at 17:20:29 on 17/05:
I wanted Ontario to win the version since the begining but watchin what happened now, damn i started to love Siberia and Krays, even tho i shot against them with my fam and their side whole time.

Everything they were doin together with Lib and Mayhem was awesome until they made these decisions to team up with Marazz and Batavia and threw everything they did since the stary with this move.

The Royals part of Batavia were bloods before… Marrazz (Lock) offered help after they got backstabbed by Siberia (who were backstabbed before by Lock/Ence) onta side was very low on bullets then, so coudln't do anything else then working together and it worked quite well.

Yes sadly it worked well to ruin one of the best versions we had lately, and i wouldn't be proud if i was one of them, and im pretty sure im not the only one who thinks the same.
No hate or anything, but i think this shit should've kept going.

Their members can mention all events they want to flame fam like the krays, but what matters is that 400 lc and over pact they sit in the end to rot out potental round.
You are not alone most readers know the obvious situation and the same players who use 100 different families behind one collective pact, its either horde winterhill or that big side of players now in Ontario and Batavia.

You are forgetting a lot more people played this round, if you look at the first war Siberia had 90 brug+ killed, Mayhem 75, Lockdown had 60 brug+ killed in another war and Enceladus 75.
There where lots of changes at the top when it came to being the #1 fam this round and they all could have won it if they had played it a bit smarter. In the end this is what is left of all fams and its simply time to end this round and start a new one.

if so many people play why round only last 1 week longer than others before
pact sim lol gtfo brain dead :w

If all family's ran into #1 and #2 fams and hide in there, there's nothing left to play right? U shouldn't blame thos big fams for closing together (3 fams in a version with over 3k active players isn't that bad), you should blame all fams that are hiding inside these 3 waiting for the perfect moment to restart. And now they found out that moment isn't coming anymore, they all flame.. ggwp

14-05 Ontario is drowning!
22:06:09 - 14-05
Anonymous at 21:34:06 on 14/05:
Batario u mean..
13-05 Wednesday war day
22:10:25 - 13-05
Anonymous at 22:00:56 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 21:50:52 on 13/05:
Please stop reranking for the 4-5th time. Stop creating shit fams. Stop sitting there idle of you already started a shit fam. Do something and end this shit. This version was trial and error, next round is gonna be more fun. Let’s get to it! Wrap this shit up!

i'd say +1 if i had any convindecen in admin to better the game.
demoting shit has to go, bf has to mean somthing sh has to be limited to a few hours, alls this expensive bullshit in udating fam drop it then next version might be nice
Yeah demoting should be reworked, u can force GF into SH now, demote him and whole family can be raped..

Blame Kcode!
13-05 Wednesday war day
21:47:06 - 13-05
Anonymous at 21:46:16 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 21:44:10 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 21:38:49 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 21:36:52 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 21:35:50 on 13/05:
Anonymous at 21:34:39 on 13/05:
Batavia blood of Ontario shoots Memento.
Siberia assists Batavia.
Maraz shoots Siberia.

batavia is no blood of ontario for god sake

yes they are

They are. Its Gravano Levi cancer pact with Hal whore and vedici dupes. The other Horde.

Cry baby cry :D
All true yes knk