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27-10 Unfinished business
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25-10 Another day, another war
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22-10 Lads, its a war
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19-10 Batavia → IBM
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17-10 Let's get ready to rumbleee!!!
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13-10 You can run, but you can't hide!
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03-10 The Detroit War
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01-10 First fams!
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23-09 Round 25 begins
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13-12 Battle for the Iron Throne
12:54:14 - 17-12
Marazzino is the best!!!
17-07 First up! And uhm.. Down?
21:05:32 - 17-07
Anonymous at 20:43:20 on 17/07:
Uhm so how did we screw you over at the end after everything was settled?

You had us reported, got the #1 that way, then after when you realized #1 was going to its legit owner, you decided to use all the excuses and shoot hoping you will make everyone sympathize with the shitty excuses.. how did that work out btw?

Anyways, tell joellin to cry more on battals app maybe our "care cup" will fill up a bit :(

See you next version, hope you'll have fun being the bitch you are rest of this one :*

Correction; As a friend joellin asked some questions and i responded him. But he didnt cry or whine about anything. Since we have known eachother for years, we can still discuss about any subject in a mature way.
17-07 First up! And uhm.. Down?
21:00:55 - 17-07
Anarchy at 20:54:50 on 17/07:
Indi6 at 19:53:03 on 17/07:
Let me see... i am not playing this round but let me see if i got it straight... maraz people suicides on siberia lc... and they are all please because they are lions!!!!

Yeah... i guess very brave and doing something not an ordinary account can do... plain suicide... :)

Perhaps... let me see rank... create maraz and shoot siberia @ lc level? Hmm... seems more brave isn't it...

Srry its just the sun.... :)

Madrazzino don't have the guts to ever start again because they know that we will fuck them. Over and over and over.

15-09 Autumn Rain
05:27:58 - 18-09
Anonymous at 17:14:38 on 17/09:
Anonymous at 15:34:30 on 17/09:
Anonymous at 15:08:58 on 17/09:
So Lusa planned and joined in a war with Siberia . Cos they cant have their own decision Aeterna stopped them and made them shoot for themself ? Am i right ? Also its sad to see that Marazzino/Janny couldnt learn the game yet since they help Aeterna side and will die after they have been used . Sad game . Zero loyality .

Zero loyalty? As far as I know both Marazzino and Jannisary is still alive and kicking. If any family they're big winners this war, looking at the amount of casualties those 2 fams have compared to other families.

Zero loyality was for Lusa Battal not for you . Well alao its nornal that Maraz/Janny stands since we all know your shooting capacity and tactics . You guys are making wars overall and safest . Less shoots and try to make other fams shoot for you . Actually i am surprised then i saw some deqths from you but it can be cos ur shooting experiences . Also read well about my comment about Maraz/Janny . it was about believing n helping Aeterna since they are alone .but its alao ur strategy to blood all omerta and say " we changed "Whatever . Greetings goes Lusa . Dont know who can trustfully can pm them and ask blood or shot exept Aeterna :) now i know better why they as one others :) . dogs .

dear anony guy, it wasnt me who posted the comment which you replied. im already too old to play online games, specially the ones which we cant see any nipples at the end :p

but its always a pleasure to watch wars on beyond :) and about your comment, i dont agree that Maraz always prefers the safest wars, coz i can even remember many suicide wars for our bloods (Krays,Carneglia,Catania,Peaky guys etc etc)

anyways, as soon as you guys have fun, go on shooting and backstabbing eachother :)
10-03 End in sight?
06:40:41 - 11-03
RD at 02:13:21 on 11/03:
byhero good statment actually but there is no such thing as a half way crook.

RD and Swish , maybe you guys have no idea but we were in touch with Guevara and some other Catania tops and believe me or not we were talking about shooting Lusa and Lucchese.

i do use mibbit , and dont have any logs , but as far as i know Difo ranks in Lucchese and he was mostly at the channel. He can confirm and prove it ;)

so as a result , Byhero is totally right. Prophecy shouldnt involve this war coz if we had suicided on Righelli and Lucchese , it would be only for Prophecy's victory , nothing more.

why we didnt suicide on Lucchese or Righelli ? coz we didnt want to effect the winner directly.

and now im really curious what will happen between Prophecy and Lucchese + Lusa :)