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25-09 Talking towards 3.3
Author: Rix
Last updated: 2669d 17h 25m 2s ago by Rix
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Version: 3.2
Brando has announced that the crew has started working on what will be known as version 3.3, after splatting all of the current bugs as promised by the 20th of August. Until the 3rd of September, though, the changes weren't all that clear, and the ones announced on that day are preliminary just for testing on two of the minor versions and deathmatch. After all the hints and discussions pointing towards the changes in the works for version 3.3, we decided to make a list of simple subjects and ask each of ourselves what changes we would like to see for these subjects for the upcoming version, hopefully sparking a discussion and creating a thread the admins can use in their decisions.

Note: This article was actually supposed to go up over a month ago, when it was more relevant and admins were working on the 3.3 changes for .dm. However, since this article only includes our opinions, which, undoubtedly, haven't changed much even though some changes have been implemented already on .dm, and the admins still might change stuff either in reaction to our or other players' opinions or because of results from the experiences on .dm, this article is still relevant and we ask you to ignore the fact that the article is “a month late” and just jump in on the discussion.

Kill Algorithm

Online people (and non-lackey users for that matter) should have a slight advantage when it comes to shooting. If you want to keep the game alive, you have to make people WANT to be online, specially in case of shooting, or else you will end up with 90% of active playerbase going offline when a war starts, just because they (think) are stronger like that.
Attackers shouldn't have a LOT more advantage than the defenders, because you will end up with all the defending families dead before they can fight back; then again, they should have the upper hand, or everyone will just wait for others to start shooting.

I think the KA's too unpredictable, but I'm glad the crew is going to adjust it again, and that it'll be in favour of the attacker. With a bit of luck at least some families will now dare shooting.

KA is a bitch!! Never understood very well how it works and i think many players join me in that.
Somebody can hire detectives, go offline, log in after 40 min, shoot the 60k and go offline again in his villa with enormous protection.
YOU DON'T GO TO BED WHILE IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOOTOUT! Stay online and fight! They should find a good way to make the villa protect you when you're offline for a longer period.
Maybe you should not be able to log out, but hit a button and go to sleep. Which will make your redraw to your villa and unable to login for x hours.
Or make the villa strength only count after * hours/minutes of being offline.
There are probably more things which aren't as I would like to see them, but I think the offline/online is one of the bigger things.

The KA should be favouring the attacker. Online should be stronger than Offline. Account strength should also count in a lot, like a top20 account shouldn't have any problem to kill a lets say #300 account.

I like the current KA partially for the need of pre-shoot; this favors good preparation and therefore favors the attackers since it's usually hard for the defenders to properly divide targets in the heat of the moment, so this part should definitely be kept. Even though it is connected to it, the strong backfire could be turned down a bit though, since this is another advantage for the one who shoots first and also lowers the bar for shooting. Of course being online should be stronger than being offline, this is indisputable.

I'm not playing the game anymore, but what I did notice is a big change in how wars are being executed. When a family is under attack they simply go offline. The attackers are scared to die in BF and only shoot the online targets. Which results in very very slow and boring wars. I think this version is the version I had to report the least wars ever since we started this site, and thats due the favoring of the offline players. I'm for favoring the attackers a bit over offline players, it's more realistic, you have to be online in the game to make a kill, and not hide hide hide and hope you kill someone with backfire.

The KA isn't that bad at all, especially in later stages of the game, people who worked more/harder for their account are stronger (with the exception of lackey accounts of course). The difference in account strength at the start of the version is so small that it looks like the KA is fucked up.
As we can see in the last wars, if you build your account properly this KA actually favors the people who use their brain. Though we have reached a point in the current version where this KA favors the "Account Huggers" (and in some cases impressive survivors) a lot. These accounts have been alive since the start of the version and are coming to a point where they are so strong any re-ranker is fucked by them with ease.
I don't really see a way how you can adjust the KA successfully to reduce the account hug benefit, while still maintaining the reward of the time those people put into the game. Because in my opinion, you can't just cap RP or whatever like they tried to do, but failed to properly do, in this version. Maybe make the account strength more of a Logarithmic formula, instead of a linear formula. This means that the stronger you get the "extra" strength gained is slowly decreasing.

Kill Skill

I really miss shooting the bottle! So +1 from me on killing skill, also the ks you gain from killing people. People barely have 1-2 kills on an account lately, wouldn't the game be more fun if you would have 20 kills? 50? Also ks and the number of kills should count in your attacking power. It's normal that more practice you get from killing, the better you should be at it.

Don't have much to say about the KS - since these questions were made before they announced the "return" of the KS I suppose.
But I'm excited about their new concept.

Shooting the bottle... Historical, but nothing of value. It was fun to paste another line on IRC how you shot your feet, but at some point a Chief could have 100% KS and that's it.
I think 100% KS should be only for the very elite, like busting skill. How many people got to 100% Busting Skill?
KS is Killing Skill, skills you get by killing. Admins already stated that with DM reset on the 9th they will add KS in this form.
They also say you might be able to earn it in a heist in the future. Not bad, I think, but this should not get you big amounts and this heist should be rare.
Killing a Shoppie while you're Thief you should not get KS
Killing a Thief while you're Shoppie, should get your some KS
Killing a Godfather while you're a Chief, Hell nice job gangster! You should get some more KS.

The KS should go back to what it used to be, shooting the bottle.

For the kill skills of personal accounts, it must be acquired by actually shooting, instead of shooting the bottle or the shooting range, and it should decrease again over time to stimulate shooting again after some time. I liked the idea for a family kill skill, though, since this is something which stimulates wars, gives benefit to the whole family, makes it interesting to actually be in a family and makes it less attractive to start sisters.

Shoot the bottle should be back, or some kind of concept like they introduced at deathmatch. Though I put big questionmarks at the one who got introduced at deathmatch. It should be for the elite or it should be really hard to reach.

KS really depends in what shape it comes back for me to like it or not. If it is the same style KS as in 2.x versions then I'd say, "don't do it", that KS was totally redundant by the rank of Swindler.
In my opinion for it to succeed and be a great asset to the KA it should be true Killing Skill. So you'd only gain KS when you kill something, not when you shoot at a bottle.. Of course with a certain formula attached to the amount of KS gained per kill (rank, account strength etc involved). This would also be a great tool in the fight to reduce the "useless" family count, because these families would be used as KS gain.

Shooting limits

I was disappointed when I couldn't "hunt" for rich picci's anymore. Was a fun thing to do while ranking, and also nice income. How can a newcomer survive at the start? Just find a family, then you are more or less protected.
The 1h time between shots worked well before, though maybe, the lower rank you shoot, the bigger timer you get; that could be a way to get people to shoot their own rank or higher in a war.
As for the hospital time, 15 minutes seems more appropriate to me then the current 5 minutes, even that could have been used as a strategy.

The shooting limits have always been bullshit, it's a dog eat dog world. And all smaller dogs should be eaten by the bigger ones.

Really what are we trying to change here?? Everybody knows even the biggest scumbag down to earth can kill the king! Why shouldn't a Thief be able to kill a Local Chief?
Of course a Local Chief has way more experience, but if that LC only has a few bullets and a Bodyguard which only brings him money instead of protection. I think it shouldn't be limited to ranks, but to how an account is build.

Like it used to be, you could shoot what you wanted downwards and 2 ranks up. Now it's a proper bitch to kill someone you don't like if he's famless and lowrank.

All lower ranks should be shootable for training the KS. The waiting time between shootings should be a bit more dynamic for a more dynamic gameplay. For instance, a lower than one hour waiting on a successful kill of the same or higher rank.

Simple, just remove it. Back to 2.1, where you could kill as many empty suits as Bruglione as you wanted.

To make Wars more dynamic and faster, thus more exciting, the waiting time should be reduced between shots. 1 Hour is too long nowadays, it should be reduced to something like 30 minutes. Together with the timer reduction there should also be a change in Market products. Secondary weapons should be purchasable without a timer, like you would go to a arms shop in the 30s and buy 1 Grenade just to come back in a bit to buy another one.. Besides that the ability to retrain BGs should be much quicker. For 1-3 BGs which you lose in a shot you need 5 hours to retrain them if you don't have the ability/money to buy them from Obay, that's just ludicrous.
Either have the ability to buy back a BG you lost at a certain rank, or just let them be "injured" instead of dying right away, reducing their levels somewhat. Together with this the waiting time to train the same stat should be reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.
Then the other limit, the rank limit. The 2 ranks up limit should stay applied while the 2 rank lower than you limit should be removed.

Capodecina rank

Here I can't say I mind it too much, in the last of his days being CD meant to much compared to a brug. I would vote for CD's again, with the condition the differences are way more subtle (when it comes to the KA).

The CD rank added something. Maybe it wasn't so useful, but it was a pretty cool idea. If there was a proper algorithm introduced instead of static rank and money requirements, a capo would become a capo again and the CD would be a whole lot cooler.

CD Rank is bullshit! Remove it completely or leave it and give it nothing extra than a normal brug.
Some will say: "But then there is big gap between a Bruglione and a Godfather!". Yes there is. C'mon a Godfather is the rank of all ranks, only for the few.
Godfather should be also harder to reach as it is harder to kill and more exclusive. 15 mil Capomoney? After 1 week of boosting any family can have a GF, that doesn't make the rank exclusive.
Maybe more like 15 mil CM, 600k bullets, 100% KS and 500% RP. That's exclusive!

CD for capo's and top3's.

It should be added again for the top 3 and the capo's, with some sort of minimum again, or removed from the game since it has no meaning anymore for normal families and to prevent sisters or one man army families. The need for monotonous boosting for gaining capomoney should be removed. Instead of capomoney the family level or a buyable(?) unlockable, which needs to be rebought/regained again when a CD is lost.

CD's should be a bit stronger than brugliones, and only for capo's and top3, now as capo you don't get anything special. Well.. you have a few members in your regime who might make money for you? Back in 2.1 you had to put reliable and strong capo's otherwise the spot would be gone in no time. Which meant you would lose 25 members.

Because of the CD rank still being available in the game the GF/FL rank is ridiculously overpowered. The possibility to make the CD rank for Capo's again isn't going to work either, because of the inactivity due to lackeys. There are 2 options to solve this problem, either remove the CD rank, or make the strength difference per rank less big. I'd go for the entire removal of the CD rank, as this also combats the amount of "useless" families made due to the "awesomeness of being CD".

Family system

After I saw now what the HQ meant and how much they changed the game, I'm 100% for going back to the old spots system. Half the wars then were for taking over spots; you managed to kill a capo, you could make that family lose up to 25 members. It animated the game a lot, and I think it's a real shame to keep the family system like this in the future.

The family system was a nice idea, but it just failed. The city map / spot system was the most flexible and useful. And it caused spotwars. Which are awesome.

I like this Family system of gaining rankprogress and be able to unlock stuff.
No need to change this in any way I think!

Should use the good old system we had in pre 3.0 where you bought one and one spot. A lot of wars came from the spot fighting :|. Should also remove a lot of spots, so it's more fighting for them.

As Mascotte suggested, the rankprogress with family levels should be replaced with a family killcounter or hooked upon a family kill skill; only through shooting the family is able to rank up and unlock goodies. If the rankprogress is kept, it should be sped up by about 25%. I think this system is better than the 2.* system of buying spots on the map since it requires effort instead of big bucks for the family to gain something, creating some minor chances for the smaller families.

Back to 2.1 city map / spot system. Spotwars!

The family rank system is fine like it is now. Only thing I would change about it is upping the cash amount needed for the initial purchase. To make the set up of a family harder to achieve and thus less likely to get "fun" families.
I would cap the amount of families for each city, which directly causes there to be a cap for the entire game.


What can I say.. If you can't beat them, join them? Even though I used lackeys myself, I'm still very VERY against them. They killed the game completely. When only illegal scripts were working, you still saw people online, animated famchanels. Now.. An option I (might) accept is making group crimes, gaining KS, etc etc a lot more important in the game than the b/n, crimes, cars and other stuff the lackeys do. Then we might still have a chance to see more people online and active again. Though the best solution would be to remove them completely and find other ways to fight against scripters.

I hate the lackeys, but I suppose I can agree with Brando that they're a necessary evil. Now use the cash they make on it to hire a really good developer, kill all scripts, and then have the lackeys removed again. Even if Omerta Ltd could make all scripts disappear, I'm sure they wouldn't remove the Lackeys though. But it's nice to think that they morally should.

The most fucked up measure against cheating ever.
But, if I believe what Brando says, it's effective against cheaters, so leave them as it is.
If you think it destroys the game, don't blame the admins. Blame the cheaters.
Do I want lackeys to be gone? Yes, of course!

Imo, they should be removed. But I suppose that ain't gonna happen.

They should be removed since they reward without putting in effort. Scripting was better than lackeys since it was less common and it didn't unbalance the game. The rankspeed should return again to the .nl values (22% faster) to compensate for the lost feeling of speed without the lackeys and thus lower the bar to rank again without lackeys, since for most players this probably is something to get used to again.

I guess it's nice for the "inactive" people to reach brug finally after years, but it's lame for the manual players. I also noticed since everyone is using lackeys it's kinda boring on IRC. I even saw a message from Teckna one time asking where everyone was.. :')



Without Rob and Mia it's better, but the old no-name bodyguards were easier. Now, even though you can shoot after 1h, you need several hours to re-train bodyguards. A nice option I see here is to be able to re-buy the bg's that die, with the same settings on them that you had after first train. So if a 4 defense 5 attack Vic dies, I can re-buy (same price as would take to train him, or maybe lower) a 4-5 Vic again if first one dies. Not sure how much your bg settings count now in the KA, but I think more important should be a lackey-free account, KS, how many kills you have etc; after all those, bodyguards can count for a bit too.

The bodyguards were fun for a while, but it's too complex for my liking. Bodyguards should give extra protection, and without them you should be able to shoot and be shot normally too, like you could in earlier versions with the nameless bodyguards. But now you'll just die.

Bodyguards are nice, but too limited.
Lex for example, he brings you money... That's not a bodyguard, thats somebody who brings you money.
A Bodyguard is someone who protects you when you get attacked and/or helps you when you attack someone!
Since we only have 2/3 real bodyguards thats waaay to limited, you can't make such a setting that your opponent will be surprised.
Make more bodyguards with a higher variety of traininglevels.
Does that make Lex, Joe and Ray superfluous? No, I don't think so.
Someone who keeps you out of jail of brings you this little extra money is a nice addition to the game.

Nameless 5 that could be rebought straight after, no wait time. Some of us can't sit around for 5h training bg's in the evening, or have 50/60mil to use for each shot on obay.

The current bodyguards are better than the nameless five since they bring in more dynamic into the game and it creates a real RPG element. However, they should be even more dynamical to make the differences between accounts bigger since the best options are quite common to find now, but I don't know how exactly. Perhaps by creating new ones or adding something new to train them on besides attack and defense (I don't count special since it doesn't give a real advantage when shooting). Further more, the training costs should be lowered (by about 2/3rd is my guess) to make it easier for families to recover from a war and the training times should be reduced to a number which makes it possible to fully train one BG in one hour, making it easier to shoot multiple times in the same night during a war.

It's nice for a player to choose what bodyguard setup they want. But I doubt it even works. I've seen 100% defensive accounts, who got shot down by 60k in 1 single shot, when they were offline. Also during a war when you lose a bodyguard you are kinda fucked, you can't train one back in 1 hour for your next shot, and most of the time you can't buy them on obay. So I prefer a bodyguard system like in 2.1. Maybe just an option to select if your bodyguard has to be defensive or offensive when you buy one.

I'd like to see there to be a more diverse range of Bodyguard possibilities, now it's just either Attack or Defense if you go for an aggressive/war ready build. It would be nice if there was a wider range of Bodyguards to choose from and have these Bodyguards also special abilities towards warring, like the ability of Mia to take out a Bodyguard (not like Rob ¬¬). It would also be nice to see the base amount of Def/Att points be upped so you are less dependent on training levels (20 base attack of a total 100 attack at Vic is a shame).
Also the ability to have real players service as bodyguards for a Don or other important members is appealing to me. This ability would unlock at the rank of Chief and you would be able to protect people who are within 1 rank range of you (Bruglione can defend GF). This would bring another dimension to the game as you need to take out protectors first before you can damage the important players. With a max of 2 players protecting 1 person.

Other changes or remarks?

Well I wish they'd change the USMS system to a simple Yes / No system. Every user gets to vote Yes or No on every suggestion, and only once. That'll give way better feedback as the current system, which makes no sense at all.

First of all I must say players want to change the game too much. Most changes admins made in the past were because the players wanted them to do something.
Omerta Ltd made a game which we like(d) to play. If you don't like it, don't play it.
It's their game and it's imo very weird they make such enormous changes, just because a few players with some influence want to have something changed.
But they also give a sign that they want to listen to the players.

Crimes should be replaced by something new and more dynamical. Something you can do, for instance, once every 20/30 minutes and has multiple settings you need to think about every time and influence the chance of success, the money reward, possibly a bullet reward, the rankprogress reward, and the waiting time until you can do it again (thus a dynamic waiting time). Also, the waiting time until you can earn rankprogress through smuggling should be pinned down to the full hour again so you can do it fast two times in a row again. Last but not least, we should get the admin messages in our inbox to check if we are a real account again. These three changes should help to reduce scripting by either checking or making the game less monotonous.

Leaving pokertable:
Whenever a game is created and the table doesn't fill within 5 minutes (or within 5 minutes after the last person joined) you are able to choose to leave the table without any expenses made.
Want to join in on the conversation? Feel free to use this template:

[b]Kill Algorithm:[/b]

[b]Kill Skill:[/b]

[b]Shooting limits:[/b]

[b]Capodecina rank:[/b]



[b]Other changes or remarks:[/b]

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Snuffelaar (12:19:13 - 25-09)
Link Quote
Kill Algorithm:
Online should be stronger than offline. Now wars are boring as said here before. i would like to see that when youre much online youre stronger than offliners. Also i would let villa the same but counting harder as defence when online.

Kill Skill:
Let the killing skill come back, but not with shootings bottles, thats Lame. You only gain skill when you kill someone. or else rename it to shooting skill.

Maybe make 2 skills, shooting skill with shooting te bottle and a kiling skill for kills.

Shooting limits:
1hr waiting is very long. change it to 20 min to make wars way more fun

Capodecina rank:
Keep that alive but make GF/FL and CD rank way harder to reach so if people reach it the are respected of there rank and harder to kill for lower ranks

Cant go without them anymore. But i would like to see that people who are more online and do more manually have advantage. now if you do crimes manually it doenst make much difference vs lackys.

Keep them almost like now BUT make LEX worth more now you pay shitload for little attack/defence.
Also change the quantitys of attack/defence so that you can make max attack setup for shooting ranks higher than yourself (and gaining some advantage while shooting higher ranks)and a Defence setup with good defence values so you trigger people to also be online when war is going on and be a bit more protected while online with defence BG-setup
Also the specials should stay for buster but delete the rest. Making money with BG is or the OC skill that comes with BG is stupid. (see last point)

Other changes or remarks:
This game is dying because of the offliners. That is what really needs the be changed. Let the lackeys stay but reward online players and make people with online time less <5% weaker than the diehard onliners

You should reward people that do much more Heist/OC/MOC/raid with extra strenght in stead of buying it on a. Orgcrime skills need to come with doing orgcrimes.
Anonymous (07:10:31 - 10-10)
Link Quote
bafrali at 20:03:59 on 08/10:
now i m playing at tr server. and as brando said new ka working there. online pll >> off ppl. However, as far as i see Bf kills pwns. To be honest this game based on organizition. if u organize ur members and bloods then attack first , you SHOULD win the battle not die in backfires. it s same in everthing attacking is all time profitable. But in this game a few stupid deveelopers keep on chenging Ka almost in every version. Why they insist on doing this? inever got it. well do organizition, win it . nothing more. Bf kills are bullshit

u want no BF kills then?

I have seen Xzone & DIG shooting and killing 30+ brugs, having no BF lose. And this was 3.2, offline was stronger.

I think better do your homework then bashing admins
bafrali (20:03:59 - 08-10)
Link Quote
now i m playing at tr server. and as brando said new ka working there. online pll >> off ppl. However, as far as i see Bf kills pwns. To be honest this game based on organizition. if u organize ur members and bloods then attack first , you SHOULD win the battle not die in backfires. it s same in everthing attacking is all time profitable. But in this game a few stupid deveelopers keep on chenging Ka almost in every version. Why they insist on doing this? inever got it. well do organizition, win it . nothing more. Bf kills are bullshit
Vito Italy (12:10:02 - 08-10)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 14:49:04 on 04/10:
families-> 100+ reset coming? wtf?:')

You sound like you started playing this game in version 3.2.. #IdontBlameyou
Anonymous (14:49:04 - 04-10)
Link Quote
families-> 100+ reset coming? wtf?:')
gode Turkey (13:23:10 - 04-10)
Link Quote

bring it on :)

bullet price > 1k
no bullets in BF
DC > 8m

reset coming :)
Anonymous (04:17:59 - 03-10)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 02:27:11 on 03/10:
Keep Lackeys but make manual ranking worth more in strength for your guy. So if you rank to brug using lackeys only you would be weak against a player that ranks manually. No?

you can't because admins/brando would say "then scripts would be back because there is no point to lackey" no doubt which would be on the money really xD

they are already considerably weaker + lackeys dont make much money atm so they need that for
bullets/bullet lackey wither one.

would take a long time really without to much help to load that brug lackey rather than already be half way to being loaded enough if ranked manually as you see then would be stronger already

to truley say that would have to be waited till lackeys 2 then maybe they would need to be "toned down" i bit i guess
Anonymous (02:27:11 - 03-10)
Link Quote
Keep Lackeys but make manual ranking worth more in strength for your guy. So if you rank to brug using lackeys only you would be weak against a player that ranks manually. No?
~Pierluigi (09:32:34 - 30-09)
Link Quote

Like have said before and Smul before me, I think that the players should have the role of high ranks bodyguards, that role should be chosen on rebirth or while inside the family structure, the player should be allowed to choose or adapt his account to the family needs, which it isn't always the case. This would increase relevance of the lower high ranked accounts role inside the family structure, because lately only joining a family and just sitting there and the tops doing all the work, it isn't fun, and it's very boring. I think the increased relevance of the lower high ranked accounts would make come people more online to participate in the family day-by-day life.
An example:

I have a brug account in a family, it's only useful in wars and in boosting high ranks to CDC and GF/FL or holding to spots or business objects, indeed the brug makes more money than others, but I have lackeys rolling, I don't have to be online very often, and except some few times in the family members channel which it could be very amusing, but most of the times it's boring.

Concluding, is isn't it better to increase the participation in the family day-by-day life ofall accounts, this could be applied to lower ranks, not only high ranked accounts or lower high ranked accounts.
klassikl (00:28:28 - 30-09)
Link Quote
Other changes or remarks:

I think that removing poker would be good for the family/objects dynamics. When they were offline for a while everyone noticed how good the objects can be again. Plus who cares for this sucky lottery poker :")

Most other things have been said and are in my opinion the only good steps to take.

- Change the offline/online power structure
- Remove the bodyguard system or develop it into something more than it is now
- Tweak the family system. There are alot of things to improve and add
- Lackeys wont be removed, but being able to hire a narcs and booze lackey with 400 action credits is pretty stupid.

I think that with those changes ranking and having wars would become atleast some better again. Eventhough with the bullet lackey, this game became pointles to play...
~Pierluigi (17:38:23 - 29-09)
Link Quote

Like much of you have witen " if you can't fight them join them", I have never been a scripter, indeed the lackeys are bad thing to the game. But I'd like to have a legal script ranking for me than a illegal one. But in 3.0 the ranking spots were so important to some families that there were wars to get them. I can remember Marazzino "The empty brugs factory maker", beside this bad example of spot ranking misuse , there were families that use them well, together with bullet spots, made those families grew faster and powerful, I can remember Krays, which were one of the families in that version.
Anyway, if the lackeys are removed Omerta Ltd will loose income and players, because I don't believe that the new players (joined the game after 3.0) would like to rank manually, and no DCs will be bought, than will have that old scripting problem in greater numbers.
Well, let's keep them, I love Sluggs!;P
~Pierluigi (17:17:35 - 29-09)
Link Quote
Capodecina rank:

I think about the CD rank, should the right successor of a GF/FL, by the way as many cds a family has as many sucessors the GF/FL has.I think each cd should it's own crew, a few brugs a a few chieves and lcs, that would give importatnce to CD position in a family. The family would be divided in factions that would be unified by the GF/FL, like in real mafia. Like in real Mafia, the cd position it should have it's own real players as bgs (Smul's idea) from it's own caporegime, its most trustalble players, like Smul idea for the GF/FL, which could be chosen from the highers ranks from the family.

About the family system, I loved the 3.0 HQ system, you had to fight for an HQ, great wars came from that, but I also like actual family system. the actual family system needs to tweaked a bit. It souldn't be limited when the family needs to expand the family growth in members or in spots. Like in real life the mafia families were capable of controlling and dominating entire cities with only a few men.
I think that a family should be able to expand their dominium to other cities, not by creating sister fams, but
by conquering territory and opening a family branch in a hostile city. Now the rank of cd comes alive, each branch can be controlled by a CD and its crew, composed by a few high ranks and low ranks. Each branch could be an upgrade from the family system, which implied, that each family had conquer territory in a different city.In wars the branch could be conquered independently from the defending family main HQ. The attacking family only has to have a CD and the branch upgrade unlocked.This way each family would have more spots that than the actual system.
An examle:

I have a family with a main HQ in Chicago, I have at least 100 members, and a few are high ranks, from those high ranks, I have two cds, I can choose one cd to set up a family branch (if the upgrade is unlocked and if there is space in the city that is chosen to set up the family branch), that branch iniatily would not have any kind of spots, and using the actual family system it could grow until it reached almost the size as the original family.
Than in the main family manager page it would have an upgrade to create a sister family, which it would be smaller in size.
About the creation of sister family,there are two options, it could be kept under the main family control (In the main family manager page) and smaller in size or let loose like the actual ones, which are created and can grow till or more than the size of the original family.The spots than, only benefict the sister family members.
If in the main family manager page the branch upgrades are unlocked, could have two options, create or divide a branch, depending on the size, if that branch it is located in the same city and if it is almost the size of the original family. That Branch could be divided in smaller branches in that city, (as long as the original has cds and members to fill in those smaller branches).
The advantage of the branches is that the spots gains owned in another city would be reflected in all members accounts and it wouldn't matter if the members are in a branch or in the main original HQ in Chicago, they all would profit from all the branches spots.The more Branches the family would have the more spots it could owne.
The main family HQ can not be divided in branches and has to have at least a minimum 25-50 members to branch creation. The caporegime can be create to divide the family internly or as to branch creation. At least 15 people composing that caporegime or branch.

Concluding, this way the CD position would gain some relavance inside the family structure, not as successor, but a money maker and territorial protector.

Anonymous (14:48:46 - 29-09)
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lol @ klementino, you dont get it , do you ? it has to be the opposite, if you are for few time offline, you have to be weaker, or else when war starts ppl will go offline to be strong and stay there, making omerta wars the biggest pile of crap ever, we dont mean that online ones will be much stronger then offlines, same for shooting against defending, advantage should be on whos attacking, to promote wars, but ofc only noticiable if accounts are +- same strenght. None wants a shit brug killing a strong Gf or smth... but advantage can never be on defending, or going offline.
Anonymous (13:36:08 - 29-09)
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Stating you want 'the shoot the bottle' ks back is stupid. You'll be asking to get scripters back, unless you state it cuz you want a bottleshootinglackey.
Entity Netherlands (21:49:36 - 28-09)
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Kill Skill:
They should be implanted like on .dm
1bg kill=1%
one rank higher kill=1.5% reward +3% for kill
it's good,better than shoot some fucking bottles

Complete bullshit. Should not implemented like .dm
Fucking bottles where fun. The Crimes are more stupid.
Clicking 30k on a jewelry.. Yeah thats real fucking logic.

Anyway. KS&KA as 2.1
And you got a game.
EvilS Serbia (21:00:33 - 28-09)
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Kill Algorithm:
Hard in beggining like it should be
its all in your bg setup,just experiment a bit
and u will find good combination.

Kill Skill:
They should be implanted like on .dm
1bg kill=1%
one rank higher kill=1.5% reward +3% for kill
it's good,better than shoot some fucking bottles

Shooting limits:
-Reduce waiting times btw shoots
-1 rank above\under(2 above under is pathetic:GFvsBrug)

Capodecina rank:
How much capo spots u unlocked
that much cd u should have + consi and sotto

Remove.Since we know this wont happen
maybe they should be shut down first 72h after restart
too make diffrence btw lackey and partial-lackey players

It's oke like is it now,but there should be
second option for 5th bodyguard
Lex\Rey doesn't solve a thing

Other changes or remarks:
Admins should listen players and their opinion,
and not to let us VOTE for nothing,i don't think every opinion is
awesome,but smth what has 75%+ should be consider.

Josephc United States (00:08:10 - 28-09)
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Kill Algorithm:

I only started in 3.0 so I don't go back as far as most. I will say that I thought the KA in both 3.0 and 3.1 was very fair. I think 3.2 suffered from the fact that the removal of Mia/Rob wasn't very thoroughly thought out. A lot of attack value was removed with almost nothing being lost from the defensive side of the ledger, which is the main reason for the strength of offline accounts in 3.2.

One method of making offline accounts weaker would be to limit the amount of backfire they can shoot based on the amount of time they've been offline. Perhaps a hasty retreat to a villa would only allow an account to shoot 20k max in backfire, while someone that had more time to get into defensive mode could shoot the full 60k. Not a very thoroughly thought out idea, but it's an idea nonetheless.

For lack of a better place to put it, the kill timer should be reduced to 20 minutes (1/3 of it's previous time) as the hospital timer was reduced to 1/3 of its previous time.

Kill Skill:

I've only heard of the "glory" of shooting the bottle, as that occurred before my time, but from everything I've heard the idea seems pretty stupid to me. Killing skill should be rewarded only for killing other accounts. It also shouldn't atrophy over time like others have suggested; unless that timeline is very long. Whether anyone likes it or not, wars do not happen regularly anymore and there's no proof that that is going to change anytime soon, no matter how much a small number of us might want it to. Punishing the few families/groups that want to push the issue more than others seems like a step in the wrong direction.

Shooting limits:

I see a little bit of both sides of this. I really don't think the "any rank shoots any rank" will go very far in integrating new players into the game; so perhaps the field opens up at the thief level for chief+ accounts. I think the shooting 2 ranks up should be maintained.

Capodecina rank:

I still think there is a legitimate use for the CD rank, but I think the entire framework of regimes would need to be reworked. I think there are plenty of deserving members in most of the families that are not top3 that deserve some kind of recognition for their service to their families and the CD rank is really the only way to give it to them. I think, though, rather than tieing CD rank to capomoney (and boosting) that you could use a rankprogress meter similar to the fam rankprogress to get brugs to CD and then some other measurement to determine the strength of the CD, perhaps using metrics about the average time of regime membership, average rank, or interaction amongst the regime through group crimes.


I think all of the negative aspects of lackeys have been hashed and rehashed, so I won't go down that road again. One positive benefit of lackeys was that it allowed many experienced and intelligent players who were becoming unable to play (competitively) due to other time commitments to come back into the community and play. Whether this single benefit weighs enough to balance all the negatives is up for debate, but it is rarely mentioned.

Lackeys really need to be held to the same rules than manual rankers are held to. This means that lackeys should become "tired" and suffer the consequences manual rankers do. Actually, making this one single change would probably bring me back to the game for another version.


I really like the bodyguard system, I just think it is underutilized. I think as others have mentioned a wider variety of bodyguards might make things more dynamic and allow for a greater degree of customization, but without understanding their role in the KA that is simply conjecture.

Other changes or remarks:
Anonymous (23:12:25 - 27-09)
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sbanks at 10:27:07 on 27/09:
Yayu at 01:37:38 on 27/09:
Klementino is craving attention and people here is giving it to him by responding.. he is nobody.. he is not worth taking seriously

and you are? exactly..

thanks for your ideas/point of views Klementino, appreciated!

lol owned
Anonymous (23:11:41 - 27-09)
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Anonymous at 13:55:42 on 27/09:
"Also the ability to have real players service as bodyguards for a Don or other important members is appealing to me. This ability would unlock at the rank of Chief and you would be able to protect people who are within 1 rank range of you (Bruglione can defend GF). This would bring another dimension to the game as you need to take out protectors first before you can damage the important players. With a max of 2 players protecting 1 person."

I like this idea. However if the GF/FL is still able to shoot it's just silly. If GF/FL has players as bg he shouldnt be able to shoot either.

nice idea, but are you the one who puts his account in front of mine? when the bullets fly
Anonymous (13:55:42 - 27-09)
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"Also the ability to have real players service as bodyguards for a Don or other important members is appealing to me. This ability would unlock at the rank of Chief and you would be able to protect people who are within 1 rank range of you (Bruglione can defend GF). This would bring another dimension to the game as you need to take out protectors first before you can damage the important players. With a max of 2 players protecting 1 person."

I like this idea. However if the GF/FL is still able to shoot it's just silly. If GF/FL has players as bg he shouldnt be able to shoot either.