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01-05 Labour day war
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Lusa under fire..
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Pre-plating update..
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First families...
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19-03 Horde under fire!
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18-03 NSA broken..
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15-03 Plating war day two
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05-06 Bug abusing anybody?
21:02:14 - 05-06
I dont think they cheated. They told us last version they werent.
So who are we to think they did, they told us themselves!
General Comments & Major Rumors
12:04:08 - 27-05
Brando at 04:56:20 on 26/05:
klassikl at 15:03:51 on 25/05:
Lol @ Brando posting here.

Brando you need 300k again?

That fund came and went - a missed opportunity maybe - but we didn't expect to be offered that money and were not harmed by not getting it. We will still run a crowdfunding bid, but later in the year.

We are also recruiting new developers & talking to the bank, as to private investors.

I don't believe that I said I 'needed 300k' - but perhaps you didn't understand the first time (& may not understand this).

Actually I am proud to say that we always ran the business without making a loss and have grown it from a small personal loan which I took out against the value of my house - a £10k loan, if you are interested.

With this we have been able to provide over 50 salaried jobs in total, so far, fund over 300 work-experience and study placements, fund one hard-up student all the way through university, train four people to drive and pay for a life-saving heart operation. Frequently criticised for being 'greedy' etc, we pay staff salaries before directors salaries and invest almost all profit in personnel costs.

So what is it that *you* do? - & thanks for your interest.

Look Brando. I dont think you're a bad dude or anything. And i'm glad you managed to keep this game going for all thise time. Cuz we all had our moments of joy while playing it.

This doenst mean you posting here is freaking hilarious. Since you will try to defend urself here for a few days. Get into arguments and give a shitload of promises ( or atleast promising things that will happen in the future ), which we all know wont happen. And if you ever really wanted to get serious input from the community, which you hated and tryed to silence for so long, you are a little too late. That ship has sailed.

So you go girl. Teach some fella how to drive a car. Get some ghetto boys to go go college and shit. I'm sure no one here gives a crap. In the meanwhile i'll enjoy this little show you will do for us every now and then. Keep doing them i find them entertaining.
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:03:51 - 25-05
Lol @ Brando posting here.

Brando you need 300k again?
General Comments & Major Rumors
16:10:25 - 15-05
KCode at 14:47:49 on 14/05:

The reason of the delay is due to the fact that we changed our office and got new devs, the remake is being lead by me and we've been deploying many changes on the inside, PT is not 10% of the changes that DM will have.

We've sent newsletter and we will keep sending to keep you updated, the site is not updated but the users that put the e-mail will get more updates.

I know the delay was bigger than I expected as well and that is my fault but the way changes are being made is worth the effort from our part.

But no, the project is not even close to be dead, in fact, it's 90%+ of our dev resources.

I hope we won't disappoint ;)


Kcode its great you still have hope but its kinda sad at the same time. I hope atleast Brando shares some of that 300K he is gathering for that omerta app! Dont allow him to spend it on drugs and hookers all on his own!
25-04 Exchange of money
15:59:22 - 27-04
Redspeert at 18:17:23 on 26/04:
Apperently trading money is not illegal, but having channels for it is not legal.

[20:09:10] <04!R> trading isnt forbidden
[20:09:14] <04!R> just trade channels are
[20:09:22] <04!R> so I will close whole trade channels I see
[20:09:25] <04!R> thats it

[20:06:31] <04!R> that those trade channels are raising the number of scammers
[20:06:42] <04!R> and omerta management doesnt want more scammers around

So instead of having channels with trusted people, where scammers would get banned and get A-kicked, one must now pm random people hoping they will not scam you.

The logic of the omerta crew...