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03-11 Congratulations Aquilas
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03-10 The Detroit War
21:12:47 - 06-10
Anonymous at 18:02:53 on 06/10:
lati/horde/maraz/coccada/gambino.. if you are from one of these fams and bragging about this war here, you have serious mental issues.

latitante made a serious showoff on their fampage about detroit being opened after forming one of the largest pacts in recent omerta history.. you have massblooded, mass merged, just to feel safe against good fighting families because in the end you know that you cannot survive any wars you participate without being up in 6/1 ratio.. this is a clear point that shows how pussy you are and yet you are trying to showoff as if you are a good fighting family even having to get those numbers before even you can come into a version..

during a well timed war, you guys started popping like pine cones in fire, none of you could respond back, going offline with all of your strong accounts that has plating meanwhile your members were falling.. your bloods horde were getting hit hard and meanwhile their members were falling you did not help them just to keep the plating of your strong accounts, trying to fight back with the sheep players that you have gathered from your merges.. those sheep players kept falling..

horde don and sotto being pos #1 and #3 and some strong accounts decided to leave their families meanwhile their sheep members were dying.. this is the honor you have.. sadly, those sheep players didnt even ask what kind of family are they playing at.. they just dont question and it looks so funny from outside.. lati top accs watch their members falling, horde top accs leave the family to keep their plating.. and against who? the families you consider weaker and worst than yourselves.. if you dont take them seriously and mock them here, why did you leave your families and why didnt you help your bloods with your top accs?

yet, you were not ashamed to ask help from marazzino/coccada/gambino meanwhile your top accs were not shooting anyone, and since they are kind of fams who likes to suck pact cocks, they helped instead of you.. yes you might find some sheep players that sucks you over just to stay alive or to taste victory for once in their miserable omerta careers by being a part of a huge pussypact..

when you see good families against your pussypacts and get demolished by fams that are being outnumbered, of course you are going to be in shock and despair.. because in your eyes noone can match your strenght and your ego is the only thing that makes you delusional and makes you think that you are actually a decent family..

just while you are being able to shoot the strong accounts by the help of your cocksucker bloods. meanwhile staying offline, you suddenly get hijacked and got your family handed over to your hands.. some dude claims here that the attackers shot only "shit accounts" meanwhile being one of the murdered.. and when you see that you can actually handle this war despite being 6/1 ratio, horde decides to get their top accs back, give them the same positions which they disregarded by fleeing the family, and start to shoot the wounded, thinking that you regained your honor.. no!

everyone saw how you got challenged, how you got raped with a much smaller ratio and more importantly, everyone saw that you have no honor in this game.. these families mentioned above has successfully wrote their names in the omerta history as the most shameful families ever..

lets see what happens during plating war.. until then, sit and think about it, evaluate yourselves and find a way to regain your honor, if it is even possible after all these shameful acts..

"kardes paramiz yoktu okuyamadik."

Dont dwell on it too much what happened during the war, no matter how bad it was for you. just see the truth that first round is lost... all your too much sayings are just a headache for reading


06-05 Will it ever end?
22:57:57 - 08-05
i cant believe sometimes what i m reading here. At first i cared some of them, then i was like " they are brainless, go buy a brain ", but later changed my mind that they pretend to be a fool..

06-05 Will it ever end?
22:47:28 - 08-05
Anonymous at 22:44:31 on 08/05:
Anonymous at 18:37:51 on 08/05:
Anonymous at 13:27:05 on 08/05:
Anonymous at 13:23:26 on 08/05:
Anonymous at 13:08:37 on 08/05:
Shit families like Marazzino, Outfit, Persico ruin the fun of this game.
Never act until they have a target they can kill, that's also the reason they can never win a version even with a good memberbase.

Shit families that turn good versions into shit versions.

I hope Mayhem recovers and take the version, they deserve


15-03 First war of the version!
20:58:44 - 15-03
15-03 First war of the version!

and last ?
18-12 Pow pow pow
07:59:49 - 21-12
Anonymous at 22:09:21 on 20/12:
bafrali at 21:20:30 on 20/12:
Anonymous at 20:34:12 on 20/12:
bafrali at 20:21:00 on 20/12:
so okey give the medals to winners and lets go for a new challange. i m looking forward to it :)

If this round is a sign of how future rounds are going to be played, so many more players will be back again.
I dont regret missing this round because I think all next rounds will feed off this one.
Nice extermination strategy and execution Malavitta.

i have no idea how previous rounds were played. In 3 days after first godfather, the game came to end...

what i am sure that the game needs more players. Why admins does not start a version named as "Nostalgia Round " and they can spam all old registered players mails, One More Time for Nostalgia Round :) even they can give free dc at start and second dc after accounts promote to, for example swindler... Thus, who knows, less cost for start and knowing more old players come to play will be more attractive for many people...

Yeah you’re pretty dumb if you didn’t know after godfather promoted if not all wars im a round done previously will break out after 3 days. It’s how the rounds have been played since plating was on and even before, the difference this time wad not difference it was Malavitta, you dont have large amounts of high ranks and pussy pact families closing the round. Maybe you should shut the fuck up instead of using spite if you dont know whats going on you fucking demented cancer cell.

Lol calm down little boy. i played first time this round after 4-5 years break and, just i wanted to highlight my simple wish that i missed old omerta days in my general comment, nothing more. Congralutaions to winners. i dont have any hate, or offend, spite as you think, got it sick mind ?