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17-03 Rage against the Machines
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16-03 First Family of 5.4 (And First family down)
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01-03 And the Oscars go toooo?
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25-02 Final Chapter
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27-07 Vae Victis Catania?!
20:18:44 - 27-07
since when u write war stuff :\
rip Catania
26-07 En Vogue - Don't Let Go
18:29:31 - 27-07
Donanza at 17:55:23 on 27/07:
Nice shoot from our bloods and another fams who helped this action.after that idiots were talking around that 'we raped ' etc. they deserved to die. i really have no respect that kind of 'one - version ' families, blooding half of omerta won't let you win the version. you need honour, you need respect. but seems Vogue has none any left. It would be so different when we asked our bloods to shoot them on time after they had shot Cristeria. it was our bad not to attack them even if we die alone. i have respect for people who play with honour and pride. but not for the fams like Vogue and etc.

sorry for you guys, i have told you 'you won't survive for long '

Rip for the soldiers of Catania, Censored, Chivas, Destination, Leviticus, Nazdrovia, Organizatsya

and thanks for revenging us.

yw :P
btw Antichrist u could get out from sh now,you are 19h in, are u stucked?
26-07 En Vogue - Don't Let Go
10:12:10 - 27-07
RD at 06:08:06 on 27/07:
ElMariachi at 00:08:48 on 27/07:
cul at 21:47:18 on 26/07:
7 family's for 3 fams that are out of bullets? hahaha

does 5 fams vs a low on bullets cristeria ring a bell ?
funny thing bout memory is that is short when you dont want to remember cya brah :P

antichrist your 15/16h in sh
get out dude,move on
24-07 It's JFK all over again
17:29:52 - 25-07
Deston at 07:42:22 on 25/07:
Marazzino = Marrosso = Blackdevils + Chivas + Destination + Leviticus + Krays + Provenzano

Eight fams to shoot down a family without bloods with only 8 brugliones.

* sarcasm: on
A pity I found out so late that Maraz was behind it, and a fun fact that the Maraz targets we hired on were in SH. I do believe they were scared of the odds they were facing. A brug ratio of 11 to 1 and all those strong bloods we didn't have. With these favorable odds we were planning to shoot down all of these families tomorrow, unfortunately one of our non-existent bloods leaked and our enemies shot us first.
* sarcasm: off

After tonight Marazzino proudly updated their fampage to show their bloods and Battalgazi wrote to me in private 'Sorry bro, I'm a Coyote'. A quick check on Wikipedia tells that they are pack animals and closely related to dogs. I know Battal really wants to be a wolf, but some things will never happen.

It's amusing to me to hear that Nazdrovia came running to Leviticus tonight and asked if they needed to help them out. After all, one of their only surviving bloods are among the shooters and they need to consolidate their own position as #1 family. After all, you have to be careful when you are trying to play with so many sides at once.

I suppose that peoples frustrations with supposed pacts drove a lot of them insane, at least I think it's strange to see one of Elegantes bloods shoot at their only blood that did something in response for them. Also that Venture shot down one of Marazzinos plentiful as one families Deprem yesterday (as proudly stated on Stan's profile), but Maraz of course chose to plan a different war.

As for my own family, no one once asked us for bloods this version, and no doubt in a situation like this no one would have helped anyway. Sadly families that know how to be good bloods are few and far between but I'm glad I don't have to bark to anyones orders like most families shooting here tonight. Between all these remaining families I'll gladly watch them fight it out amongst each other though.


lets be honest
when u was in pact last version u shoot for them
this version when our pact became stronger(yes some family's are retired *summer time*) u are bitching around :P
Seriosly its just a game, u know i love u bro <3 :D
02-07 Pillory!
16:56:48 - 02-07
Ballantines at 16:49:48 on 02/07:
alphabud at 16:37:18 on 02/07:
1st.... and always nice to see some tomato action.

even nicer if you kill a cheater or 2 :)

nothing new...