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First families..
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Welcome to Round #30
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01-05 Labour day war
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Lusa under fire..
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Pre-plating update..
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First families...
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19-03 Horde under fire!
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General Comments & Major Rumors
13:24:08 - 12-12
Solstice at 13:17:10 on 12/12:
Gotta feel for kuro here. Getting fucked over because admins are incompetent. Bramble should be on her knees thanking this game still exists. Without she'd get fired on a weekly basis from any other job she'd attempt.

Yeah if you look at it, it makes no sense at all. The reason that has been given:

Due to the amount of abuse this version (both due to the spot abuse and funding accounts) we will not run a Hall of Fame this version!

Spot abuse: Kurosawa didnt get akills for this, so the crew hasnt proven them guilty of using it. So kuro is not getting benefits due to abusers from OTHER fams?!?!

Funding accounts: This has been around for as long as i can remember, and now all of a sudden this becomes a issue. They could have removed HoF in all versions because this isnt anything new.

My point is, i understand why this version is damaged but i cant see how kurosawa should be the one paying for it.
05-12 The Punishment
15:33:25 - 05-12
rafaz at 15:30:13 on 05/12:
Nakketikker at 15:28:00 on 05/12:
rafaz at 15:25:56 on 05/12:
Next version you will have a good reason to cry :D



make fun while you can let's see who will laugh in the end :P

Rafaz what did i tell you? try to be nice
05-12 The Punishment
12:58:15 - 05-12
rafaz at 12:52:32 on 05/12:
Apparently Lusa got akilled by Spot Abuse, because they had Capodecinas with 0 strength who didn't do a crime to demote. Bug or a trick? Capos were losing a lot of money by never touching their accounts, just to keep the family alive.
There is a difference between a buse abuse and a trick that the game provides for those who need it. It's not hidden. In the 2nd war, many capodecinas were famless because they didn't come online after their family was down. Was that a bug? Of course not. Imagine that I am a capo and I am afk for a week my family gets shoted, i lose my strength... but I stay CDC. I'm a bug abuser now?
I think crew didn't understand that we had this organization strategy because we saw that it worked in the 2nd war.

The question is: if the crew didn't do anything after we report the CDC famless in the 2nd war, why would they akill us all now?
Instead of fixing the "bug" (lol), making users demote at the time they lose strength, they rather akill the #1 shooting family of this version!

RIP Lusa, hard to say this but RIP .com, your end is just begining :D

no hard feelings!

See, you do know how to phrase words nicely :')
General Comments & Major Rumors
18:10:26 - 13-11
Anonymous at 18:08:44 on 13/11:
Dear all,

Please take in mind that when ever you sell your villa/ apartment you won?t get any money back! We know the text says otherwise and we're going to have this changed.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


And another really professional issue.... OMG. Change the fucking text....how hard can it be.

Omerta is done......short versions, flat game play and no innovations.


it's actually already mentioned

Welcome to the shop - Here you can buy everything you need for your gangster.
All items except the houses are resellable for 90% of the original price.
You are currently viewing the shop in Philadelphia, and are waiting on the following deliveries:
10-11 Destination Unknown
12:52:43 - 11-11
`Donalo`Sixx at 12:49:46 on 11/11:
Nice war by attackers - correct war and well executed. R.I.P all Dig & Levi people _o_

+1 Rip y'all