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Deathmatch is Calling!
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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First family of the new version
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16-05 A-Kills
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15-05 Royals are next! *Update*
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14-05 Sure under attack!
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12-05 War! (again)
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12-05 Revenge?
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11-05 The plating war
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09-05 Do you feel the call?
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01-05 When pacts collide
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Last activity: 21:04:19 on 16-06-2019 (9h 44m 52s ago)
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General Comments & Major Rumors
16:43:39 - 05-06
Critycal at 15:06:19 on 05/06:
Anonymous at 03:07:30 on 05/06:
Siberia and Gambino still play?
Not currently. Maybe in one of next versions, depending how long it takes to get all patches rolled out.

PM Wesleysld for recruit.
General Comments & Major Rumors
14:02:10 - 25-05
mickgee aka mcgee at 13:33:37 on 25/05:
Keeley at 03:30:30 on 23/05:

ya fookin smeagol


Kinda reminds me of those two pikey kids making a vid

General Comments & Major Rumors
21:46:45 - 24-05
Snooker at 21:41:54 on 24/05:
Solstice at 12:25:47 on 24/05:
It's a tool with which someone can log on to your computer. For example Righello logs on to my teamviewer to do group crimes for me. He told me not to tell anyone though.
wtf I thought I was the only one using that service.

Nah, it's hella-cheap and I couldn't be more satisfied. Well I could, but he won't give me a blowjob after use.... Still 9/10
Deathmatch is Calling!
13:48:31 - 24-05
Anonymous at 21:54:10 on 23/05:
KCode at 22:14:26 on 22/05:
I know not everyone is happy with current state of game and we are part of the group of people that can't enjoy having monthly versions.

There is a long path to go and I think it's possible to bring full joy to everyone in the game again (from slow to fast rankers, from killers to busters, people that just want to chat and stay around with friends...)

Sometimes it's hard for everyone to understand what has been done and how much we're working to improve the game, so I just want to leave the last changelog (this was all done in less than 2 months).

With DM being fully DC-free, we expect to be able to move faster from TEST to main versions.

Hope you guys enjoyed the changes, more to come so we can finally focus on the app! :)


Account plating
Since people like to kill each other very early in version giving it a big advantage to families with higher numbers and closign the version earlier, we should allow the game to develop until there is at least Godfathers to make sure users can experience the full roleplay of the game.
Milestones will work better, everything will work better once the game is able to develop from 1 war = 1 version.

- Every account is 2x harder to kill
- Plating is gone for single user after user shoots 1 time
- Plating is gone for all version 24 hours after the first Godfather is promoted
- Added plating information to allusers page

You can find more information about account plating: http://omerta.wiki/x/fICp.

Busters and Jail changes
Busters are a big part of the game and they have almost no benefits and play very few part in the game apart from jail and become community heros.

- Captcha is back on jail page like before
- Busters can now join OCs and MOCs as Explosive Experts if they meet the following criteria
- Busters can join OC (independent of rank) if they have 6875 BOs (25%)
- Busters can join MOC (independent of rank) if they have 13750 BOs (50%)
- Re-added forum links back on jail page

Current page of Milestones is not informative at all and it bugs a lot

- Remake the UI using more modern design
- Fix the percentage to be working correctly (from 0 to 100) instead of starting at 80% for every milestone
- Fix and bring back the work experience milestone with a different concept (4 bars instead of 1)
- Fix bug when user selects ingame that already exist, all selected milestones previous get deleted
- Remove the option for user to be able to select milestones where value is 0

You can find more information about our rebirth system: http://omerta.wiki/display/OMERTA/Rebirth+system.

Kill and family fixes
There is basically no penalty for families that spam invites and invite everyone, with this in mind, making very easy for a member of your own family to backstab you it would force families to know who is in their family!

- Fix a bug where killing a capo from other family will 'promote' a new person to capo instead of splitting the spots to the killer.
- Fix a bug where buying till 99% health wouldn't remove you from Hospital time
- Added UI information about user being in Hospital.
- Fix a bug where killing a capo from other family will 'promote' a new person to capo instead of splitting the spots to the killer.

If you shoot someone inside your family you will have certain benefits:
- 2x easier to kill your target
- There is 1/3 backfire damage if you shoot someone of same capo regime (including the capo/don)
- There is 1/2 of backfire damage if you shoot someone outside your regime (in your family still)

Races, Organized Crimes and Roles
The Heist patch was really successful, now it's time to balance some things a bit better.
Raceform is a good concept but it's too basic at the moment, so we need to make some changes related to the way 'roles' work.

- Modify bullet buy range to 100-1000 from 250-500
- Heist, OC, MOC and Raids now give more RP in general but also give other extra stats:

- Leader gets X% extra RP
- Driver gets X% raceform

- Leader gets X% extra RP
- Driver gets X% raceform
- WE gets x/2% raceform, x/2 extra RP
- EE gets X% jail bust skill (busters can join)

Bringing back the excitment of anyone can own a casino, as long as they have the courage to keep it. So, we're removing the connection between spots and casinos and bringing back "Gambling Office".

- All casinos are now out of City Spots and can be owned as before (by making them bankrupt or purchasing one)
- Bring back Gambling Office and casino ownership to users (read more at http://omerta.wiki/display/OMERTA/Casino)
- Removed odd/even from NumbersGame
- After betting, the number you choose stays pre-selected on NumbersGame (easier to repeat the bet)
- Added new "Management Panel" for owners of casinos, where you can see more details about who was betting on the casino (https://i.imgur.com/HBy3Hgf.png)
- Fixed a bug where Roulette wouldn't allow to bet more than one number
- Added back SMS and Mail when user loses casino
- Fixed some missing language for casinos
- Fixed race condition while buying casino
- Added information about Gambling Office of the respective casino to API page
- Added Roulette max bet on numbers where relevant (Statistics and Family page)
- Added min bet of casinos to Statistics page
- Improved overall information about casinos being out of business due to Gambling Office bankruptcy/destruction
- Fixed a bug where Blackjack would show an error that casino doesn't exist in certain situations
- Added a redirection on 'Gambling' menu if user is in a poker game or blackjack game
- Players can only own one casino at a time now
- Fixed a bug where casinos wouldn't go bankrupt, instead Local Mob would keep them. Now casinos go bankrupt and they can be purchased if user is eligible.
- Change Poker tables timeout from 30 minutes to 10
- Casinos are no longer allowed to have max bet lower than 50,000$ ( Applies to Local Mob too )
- Fixed a bug where Roulette wouldn't allow to bet more than one number
- Fixed a bug which caused casino's owned by local mob not to reset their profit when they hit $5,000,000 profit.
- Casinos reset when Gambling Office resets

Bring back Gambling Office which will collect:
- 1% of every winning casino transaction
- 1% of casino purchase transaction
- 10% of all Scratch & Win tickets
- 10% of all Lottery tickets

You can find more information about the casino update: http://omerta.wiki/display/OMERTA/Casino

Chat is pretty much impossible to use as it's full of spam for orgcrimes/races

- Split the sidebar into 2 smaller windows one above each other and keep #general as main channel that doesn't move while having the #city and #family channels on the upper part
- Ban search for org crimes/races in #general
- Show game deaths as events on #general (to create conversation)

Other adjustments / bugfixes

- Added spots information to user profile
- Added Top20 users information to Statistics
- Fixed a bug which made it impossible to bust your own members as a family buster
- Fixed a bug on City Maps, where "Next Raid" countdown would not be accurate. Now it's always 100% accurate.
- Garage now orders cars by value as default (thanks @Skfx)
- We've added "Next Profit Reset" information on City Maps on spots owned by Local Mob
- Fixed a bug where users could rent houses outside their city
- All users page will show highest ranks by default
- The "My achievements" page should update every hour instead of 24 hours
- Fixed a bug where buying till 99% of health would not remove you from hospital
- Fixed a bug where banks redirects too fast after sending money
- 1 worst changes omerta has ever seen! :r

General Comments & Major Rumors
12:25:47 - 24-05
Anonymous at 12:21:54 on 24/05:
Anonymous at 12:58:50 on 22/05:
Anonymous at 14:31:06 on 12/05:
Anonymous at 04:08:49 on 12/05:
Anonymous at 21:21:18 on 02/05:
Anonymous at 20:57:08 on 02/05:
Anonymous at 13:15:51 on 01/05:
Anonymous at 15:47:53 on 30/04:
Anonymous at 13:53:08 on 30/04:
Hemaworst at 06:35:38 on 30/04:
l0wrider at 04:08:50 on 30/04:
Anonymous at 09:07:22 on 29/04:
aeterna hiding in delorio :)) go go go
Hiding for what?

For the Gestapo!
Anonymous at 09:07:22 on 29/04:
aeterna hiding in delorio :)) go go go
+ viddani people :r
no. they are in mutalitcunts and the leading cunt is no life enco x'D
Lmfao Perfect description of her LOL I hear she still plays this 21+ hours a day, what a waste of life xD No real friends or family LOL you realize the fake online game ones don’t count right? hahahha
Bitch is DEAD Enco Chief Multality Sotto 02/05/2019 16:24:15
Hahahahahahaha another failed version LOL was it worth the 21+ hours each day ? xD
Gratz to the killer _o_
she cheats with TeamViewer like others do lol how else do you think her stats can show online for 21+ hrs a day ;) that or she really doesnt have a life outside of this game :')
idd a waste of life, thats pathetic :')

The measures they'll go to prevent commiting suicide in a failed life.
idd her life is as failed as they come lol she is pathetic :')

Teamviewer, explain please ;D

It's a tool with which someone can log on to your computer. For example Righello logs on to my teamviewer to do group crimes for me. He told me not to tell anyone though.