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17-09 Sunday Bloody Sunday!
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17-09 Lafy down!
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16-09 Brexit!
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15-09 Will it make any difference?
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15-09 Dolcevita down
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13-09 Lucchese ↔ Mesopotamia
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13-09 Bratva's droppings
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12-09 Wake me up when September ends.
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12-09 Tools
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05-05 War!
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02-08 A Day To Remember!
15:00:11 - 05-08
Solstice at 16:04:54 on 04/08:
It might be time for me to finally speak up. I've always shut my mouth when it came to Aeterna, but it's time to shed some light on what's been going on behind the screens. So their members can make an informed decision. I want to start out by saying I like 99% of Aeterna's playerbase, and if it were up to me we would all be playing together. It's just the 1% that's making the decisions that's fucked up on numerous occasions imo.

A couple of years back we started Theogony and on the back of that we started Aeterna. There were 9 founding members back then coming from Righelli, Vaffanculo and Krays. It was my first time being a real top and it was a blast. We talked about were we wanted to take the family and decisions were made in unisson or atleast by majority vote.

It went on like that for a couple of versions to come after which things started going south. Decisions were no longer being made in coöperation and Saros started to increasingly talk by pm to everyone, leaving us out of the loop. That's when the stabbing started and not long after it the massblooding. We had a number of loyal bloods at first with Colossal and Lusa being the main ones, later Siberia entered the frey.

Everytime one of our bloods started growing they'd get stabbed, cause how dare they outgrow us, right? Any objections made by other tops were met with ridicule and denigration. We as other tops were increasingly left out of the loop. When we got akilled for bugabusing fingers were pointed at a family of some of our former members(Salvato) who then got suicided on. Saros being the instigator, but passing the blame to Xerano back then.

Some time later there was the fenrir/sib debacle where colossal was supposed to get stabbed but found out because fenrir shared logs. The blame was rightly passed on to critycal and murderinc that time. I found out later Saros planned the whole thing with those two, effectively fucking one of our most loyal bloods. Once again because they got to big. Xerano was in the loop before the rest of us and didn't inform us either, for which I still blame him somewhat. that's the story.

A couple of versions later became the straw to break the camels back. From the beginning of the version there were plans being made to stab a loyal blood again, Uprising protested straight away, got insulted and left. After that we'd wake up every morning to see yet another blood added with no discussion, untill finally at the 8th or 9th and after continuous stabtalk, I fucked off and Johnx shortly followed. That was 3 founders gone already, 3 more would leave at the end of that version, also being fed up. The last to leave was manager who had been inactive and came back to find out the mess that was left.

Then the smearing started. I'd receive daily logs from numerous sources of former founders being smeared towards tops of other families, not at all surprising seeing how the same would happen in our topchan directed at tops of other families or even our own members. While 7 out of 9 founders left because of all the backchannel talks, being kept out of the loop, the eventual massblooding and the continuous need to stab everyone and everything. It was us who were made out to be the bad guys. No mean feat by the way, so kudo's for that.

After that we saw the same pattern happening over and over. Loyal bloods were stabbed, eventually even throwing Lusa, the one that stuck with Aeterna the longest under the bus. Members were being lied to, other tops were being lied to, bloods were being lied to. At a certain point even Casappa was fucked over.

Now this version I hoped a new leaf might be turned over. But history soon repeated itself with stabs and disgruntled tops. I'm sure we can see some stabs coming towards the remaining bloods this version too, so you'd better watch your backs. The only thing you'd have to do for that is just grow.

Damn Solstice, how long have you been around for by now? You must be old?

On topic, stabs suck, sadly some families will do anything to win.
28-07 First family of V5!
09:18:52 - 28-07
General Comments & Major Rumors
07:09:55 - 13-02
Anonymous at 03:34:49 on 13/02:
Anonymous at 03:11:25 on 13/02:
Hi guys

First of all i want to excuse my self and all players and admins on obn sorry for insulting and insulting i had a little chit chat with my little brother i smaked him so hard he flew against the wall and the wall smacked him back can you unban me regards

Pls unban

banned forever!
The following reason was

Pls unban

Contact me in #news today :)
General Comments & Major Rumors
20:02:20 - 12-02
MurderInc at 18:31:45 on 12/02:
Anonymous at 17:56:24 on 12/02:
So if you want to be a top player and not cheat, you gotta spend probably closer to a 1000€ on dcs each version. That's kinda sad.
Owning Detroit also tends to help.

For some families it won't make a difference though.
General Comments & Major Rumors
16:38:30 - 11-02
Anonymous at 16:31:17 on 11/02:
mmm at 16:21:55 on 11/02:
Anonymous at 16:18:54 on 11/02:
mmm at 16:11:40 on 11/02:
Anonymous at 15:10:31 on 11/02:
So Ponies don shoots Liberta don and Liberta doesn't even react back by killing all the ponies and downing their fam. Where is your fam pride and honour, defend it, shoot back, don't be cowards. Ponies is playing with you and you guys know it, this wasn't a accident but a deliberate act.

I bet you totally convinced Liberta to act now, wow.

I dont think he did. But that doesnt mean he is wrong. Obviously they gotta take them down. Sooner rather than later.

He is wrong.

Ponies Don shot Liberta Don and the guy said they need to shoot back and not be cowards. In other words, if they dont shoot Ponies they are cowards. I do belive he is right. Liberta afraid of getting killed by Siberia+ if they shoot so instead they dont shoot. Isn´t that to be cowards?

Or am I missing something obvious here? Perhaps they still gonna shoot but just waiting for the night?

You, in my opinion, usually dont wrote bullshit mmm, but this time I do not understand you line of thought. Would you please care to elaborate why you think he is wrong?

1. Ponies = Siberia. Just coz 1 person, no matter what rank, shoots another, doesn't mean the whole fam has to suffer consequences. There would be chaos if that happened all the time.
2. Liberta aren't cowards, they're loyal bloods. They trusted Siberia to handle the situation and they did, they inkilled the GF themselves.
3. This was in no way a deliberate act, the person that shot was in the belief that the version was already over, it was a matter of miscommunication. He afterwards agreed to the inkill himself.

The mr anonymous person obviously wants to cause some chaos when the version is being closed, too bad for him Liberta and Siberia already made final agreements on how to proceed. There will always be suiciders at the end of a round close to a reset announcement.