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General Comments & Major Rumors
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Endless Struggle !
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23-09 Reset → 30 September 2022, Friday → 12:00 OT
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30-09 Welcome to Round #40!
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19-09 Congratulations Reichsthaler!
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01-09 Not Penny's boat..
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21-08 First Family!
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12-08 Welcome to Round #39
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03-08 Reset → 12 August 2022, Friday → 10:00 OT
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27-07 Congratulations Vengeance!
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Started articles: 29-11 First family up!
05-12 Eleven Times A Charm
07-12 Hijack attempts and local wars
07-12 Another one bites the dust
12-12 Another Outfit article...
14-12 The pre-plating night
06-01 Reset announcement, bugfixes & updates
24-03 Aaaaand it’s gone!
05-04 First families up!
06-04 First blood!
08-04 Late night shooting
09-04 Hijacked!
09-04 Nighttime trouble for Enceladus!
15-04 Bugomerta in Philadelphia
19-04 Las Wegas Differences
12-09 Reset announced & new meta changes
18-06 Plating ends, so there's war.
12-09 Endgame
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General Comments & Major Rumors
13:53:21 - 29-03
Anonymous at 08:13:12 on 29/03:
Anonymous at 02:03:34 on 29/03:
Anonymous at 23:15:30 on 28/03:
Anonymous at 16:06:38 on 27/03:
Anonymous at 14:45:50 on 27/03:
1 - Being top account ingame
2 - Family having the highest worth ingame,
3 - Afraid of oponnents, hitlist some of them around 4kkk total
4 - Afraid of having not enough worth, buy Rohan players (allegedly with 100 euros each account)
5 - Having triple worth of opponent not enough, suicide at least 100 lcs in top accounts
6 - Not putting stef anf lily images on profile
7 - Admins sleeping because game is alive because of your money

And this resumes Envelop on .com (5.45)

Since last 4-5 version the game in the hands of cheaters totally. I dont have clue about why admins aren't do some action.

77 akills from beginning and all famless
-Wkbeast, rohan, venom, authority, reich guys using rank script since version start. Im sure some of them didnt turn it off since first day. Easy to figure if admins wants

- Reichsthaler, Venom, Disorder, Homens, Pyramid, Bedouins families selling blackmarket dcs, hps to top players. Just check their obay dcs from system and check which accounts sold thoose codes. Easy to figure if admins wants.

Moscow, Haxr and some of them buys local chief kills with real money. Easy to figure if admins wants.

Kcode made Turks rich. I bet they earn more money than Omerta company nowadays. 😂

There is no proof in a sense that they are confident enough to make the akill.
Farming isn’t enough to maintain this ingame economy, cheating at this level does require large amounts of donations. There was never poker games that were as constant with antes in the billions on com before.
Regardless if the term is Donating, there still can be a legal clause if someone were to be akilled with money spent. The donator can claim false payments and it’s
more of a headache to deal with. If you’re still playing you either never stopped playing or came
back time to time since the beginning years in the 2000’s. When they claim to be new the majority if not all of the time is just attention seeking gas lighting bullshit.
So everyone here knows that it’s all nostalgia ran, easy money selling honor points with low expectations.
This is because people here would rather put old family images up and not even give an RIP to their fallen soldiers in the current times like the old days. The admins know this and it’s easy for them to place responsibility on the playerbase and their actions.

If you are still complaining about this game it just goes to show there is something else wrong going on with you inside. And you are using Omerta which was your little safe place in life as a target for insecurities you never got over because you were online sitting in a pact for two fucking decades ✌️

Actually there is enough proof. But admins close their eyes.
-Funding (make dupe for buy dcs and sell them from main acc after 48h)
-Bots, tools and scripts (rank, s&w, race scripts since no captcha)

They just dont care anymore

they dont need proof. they froze some tops way back in the day for "being bad tops" or some shit. because they asked members to suicide or something along those lines.

they legit need 0 proof and right now its obvious its not fair gameplay which if we take that above situation into account this would also be counted as unfair gameplay.
Ah yeah, like how Bramblerose used to run things? Akilling whoever she didn’t like based on peer pressure from vocal minorities and wild assumptions?
Those were the days….
General Comments & Major Rumors
13:50:11 - 24-09
gj ez4reichstahler
General Comments & Major Rumors
17:28:05 - 20-07
People still playing? Any angry gamers around? :D
General Comments & Major Rumors
01:23:06 - 07-04
anonymous at 17:21:48 on 06/04:
Anonymous at 14:05:33 on 06/04:
Critycal at 12:39:40 on 06/04:
Anonymous at 07:04:46 on 06/04:
Critycal at 14:09:33 on 05/04:
these versions sure look hella exciting to play
you ran from the fun ones and complain about the empty and dead ones like last round was. good one.
“Ran from the fun ones”? What fun ones? 🤣
Did your family wintrade successfully once this year so you called it a fun version?

well said but these peeple to stupid to understand aha
@crytical i think if we start counting all the shit you me and all the other fams have done over the years, nobody will be a winner in that argument. And its pretty redudant to shit stir anyways, its a never ending cycle of "you did this then and that time"......now on the other hand, i can confirm that you wanted to play some rounds ago, yet decided not to....not blaming or anything, but it did kill competition. Again i get your point, its pure gangbang and what not. But i hope you can one round come with some numbers and see if you can make something out of it. As i recall you pride yourself in being a mastermind and winner, even when being top for other families(your own words btw).
None of that are my words at all, but I see that's a convenient narrative for you to push.
Let's put it first that I don't pride myself in being a "mastermind", I've always had a very competent team around me. Nor have we made recent attempts to gather people for .com.
Our point still stands; the game needs drastic changes in the form of a warsystem (maybe not literally the local version system, but at least something that looks like it) to be worth our time and money.
Saying that some family is going to play and needs an enemy is not an incentive to play this shit anymore.
Anyway; gl with the versions like these. Hope you boys enjoy the shit you've created, we're chilling on .nl in the meantime.
If you feel like getting more responses than this feel free to log in. Until then; enjoy your summer without covid restrictions, we will for sure.
General Comments & Major Rumors
12:39:40 - 06-04
Anonymous at 07:04:46 on 06/04:
Critycal at 14:09:33 on 05/04:
these versions sure look hella exciting to play
you ran from the fun ones and complain about the empty and dead ones like last round was. good one.
“Ran from the fun ones”? What fun ones? 🤣
Did your family wintrade successfully once this year so you called it a fun version?