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Deathmatch is Calling!
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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10-09 The pre-plating war
Comments: 407 - Views: 8,412 - Votes: 5
29-08 Congratulations Outfit
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21-08 Round 17 starts
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12-08 Congratulations ...
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07-08 Hi! Jack? No it's Achille (again)
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07-08 Nirvana and Anxious under fire
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03-08 Let the madness begin.
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02-08 Krays dont give a fuck
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02-08 It's the final countdown!!!
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10-09 The pre-plating war
15:26:51 - 18-09
Hoes mad.
10-09 The pre-plating war
16:22:02 - 17-09
Envelop at 15:58:41 on 17/09:
Al die haat en al die verhalen... klopt een ding van idd heb meer geld dan al jullie zwervers daar in de bergen die bietse voor een dctje bij me... nu vakantie dubai succes met jullie geiten schapen weet ik het allemaal in die dorpen :W

hey crit <3


YouTube video

xx legend <3
10-09 The pre-plating war
11:17:41 - 16-09
Saros`away at 11:10:09 on 16/09:
I can imagine the frustration my words must give you guys, honestly I do. At the end of the day however, I just care very little about how fragile your egos are when you seem to live to put others down in whatever way you can on a (nearly dead) text based browser game.

To be fair, seeing you desperately craving relevance is far more amusing than anything else happening this version, especially seeing as you're trying to defend a 17v5 war... only proves your bitterness even more.
10-09 The pre-plating war
11:08:38 - 16-09
Anonymous at 11:06:03 on 16/09:
Saros`away at 07:43:29 on 16/09:
Anonymous at 07:28:41 on 16/09:
Saros`away at 00:10:58 on 16/09:
The Reall Ocarina at 21:46:54 on 15/09:
Anonymous at 20:55:34 on 15/09:
Anonymous at 20:50:10 on 15/09:
Saros stop seeking attention here, you are as shit as outshit

The Situation

Saros doesn’t play, returns to OB to check his ego strength.
Doesn’t care about quick week rounds, his head is molested because his old enemies that haunt his head are posting. Saros then decides to use the situation to find a way to antagonize without knowing much of the ingame situation, because in his mind if he wants to make a comeback he needs to find similar enemies of the people he wants to trash to get a dopamine boost off the nets.
Saros is leaning to come back to blow on the same pact that ends rounds before it starts, or just depressed and looking to feel better about himself online and spam like Ocarina.
“The situation”
A sad situation.

sad but true?

Wouldn't have wanted to miss this for any money in the world.

As for actually playing, now that's just crazy talk, you guys can however enjoy your 5 fam rounds with 100 active players left if you want but don't expect me to participate.

You have nothing left to play with. Because of your good leadership most of your good tops left you or just quit the game. People are tired to fight out your personal beefs. Be honest, your stab on siberia was just to let feel Critycal that you tried to be the best. Nice try but it didnt work out that well, same as most of your plans.
Go back to your cave now and dont act like a clown on this news site.

Only reason we stabbed Siberia is because I like my own family more than I do theirs.

It was a decision which I knew from the start would get me an endless amount of hate but it also managed to gain us 2 additional wins on top of the 3 we already had. It's fine if you want to disagree with my leadership but fact remains that I did what I could for my own people and if you ask me more people should start doing that for their own crime famiglia, it would make this game a far better place to be in.

Fun fact though, as far as 5.x is concerned we are still in front of you guys, but don't let this distract you from another failed version. I am positive you will win again sooner or later.

Really. Logs from your topchannels clearly showed you couldn't handle the fact siberia was bigger than you. It wasn't just the one time you stabbed them. Most of your tops left because you couldn't stop talking about stabbing them eon's ago, to take them down a peg. Same with colossal and lusa btw. Who outgrew you cause their leaders aren't cunts to their people.

Now I get the need for inet grandeur cause you're just a lil man that works at sligro and doesn't even have the guts to look his co-workers in the eye. Also doesn't dare to get out of his home for fear of getting his ass kicked. So I'll just leave it at that.
Talk shit get hit doesn’t apply when you’re homebound ;(
General Comments & Major Rumors
21:36:24 - 15-09
Anonymous at 17:43:58 on 15/09:
YouTube video