Monday - March 27th - 2017
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25-03 Endgame shenanigans!
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18-03 Individualism!
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10-03 Initiation of Puzzle!
Comments: 88 - Views: 4,118 - Votes: 1
05-03 Return of Admin's Wrath!
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01-03 A-killed Fam
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14-02 Hall of Winners! - ROM Active!
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09-02 Disregarded, Yet Not Forgiven!
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07-02 Boredom & War
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06-02 Loyalty, Betrayal & Revenge!
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18-03 Individualism!
12:03:40 - 19-03
Anonymous at 05:41:11 on 19/03:
Where is siberia now?:)
Sucking Dick of anarchy or to scared to go up?:)
If you would have paid a small amount of attention while jerking off in your basement, you would've read here that we're playing .NL on a version that's actually being updated :) We'll be back on .com in v5.
18-03 Individualism!
12:00:23 - 19-03
Tbag at 09:07:01 on 19/03:
Tony-E at 02:12:40 on 19/03:
There was once a dog named 'Horde'.

The dog go's to his boss and say:wuf wuf, hey boss what should i do for you?
Boss says: Go catch him! I'll give you some cookies after and you could lick my anarchy ass after also.
Horde dog:wuf wuf, the job is done!
Boss: You didn't lick my ass enough, no more cookies for you! Get the fuck out of my house.
Horde: wuf wuf But i licked ur ass as Nobody else did!
Boss of the dog: Well, i got another dog named Gravano. Boss calls his other dog Gravano out of nowhere and commands him; attack that horde dog! Wuf wuf horde dogs scream pls don't pls don't.
unfortunately, the horde dogs dies by the wounds Gravano made.
O wait, meanwhile, the boss stands up and takes his other dog fortress out by himself, o god!

-the story of dogs 2017.

There was once a well known cheater named "Tony-e"

The cheater was walking around, was thinking he is sooo smart for com. he was licking everyone's ass. "naber kanka? whats up bro?" etc. People believed that little lier. he started to share logs of everyone, even when they talked on phone, he took voice records and share them.

Anyway after he won a round, he changed fam name and started to looking fams around to shoot winter. he tried, he did really. we should give the lollipop to his mouth. but he failed.

Cheater: I am retired, I will pump my muscles. I am bodybuilder. I am so cool. I will back and eat winterhill when they come back.
Children choir(signing): Where aree youuuu? Are you afraid to come little body builder? and now you are calling people as dog because you couldnt do smth more than talking?

Cheater: okey I will smash siberia now cuz winter didnt come. Oh wait i akilled/banned. lets go retire again. oh wait wait before go, lets mix some stuffs more and destroy abattoir because kowal shooting another merciless.
Children Choir(signing): What happend to youuu? Another fail show up from little body builder. and now you are calling people as dog because you couldnt handle your own organisation?

Tip1: Retirement is the point where a person stops employment "completely".
Tip2: Muscles dont help when you got a bullet in head.
Tip3: Do not lie down under a c*ck which you cant take in.

Now you can share more stories because you have nothing to do more than this :)
go back to cheat.

Nice little thing you 2 got going, but any response on what happened? You played in service of these families for as long as it pleased you and now you're the perfect case of use and abuse. You've been portrayed as the perfect example of a disposeable family, yet you only attack tony personally. Are you seriously so afraid of Anarchy to stand up to them that you decide to comment on someone else instead without going into any details or whatsoever, only digging up dirt about others?
Surely people want to know what the Great Horde they were so proud of last few versions feels about this and what happened in the cute little love circle you supposedly had. Because now it surely looks like you've been stabbed out of, well, boredom.
10-03 Initiation of Puzzle!
15:10:29 - 12-03
ElMariachi` at 20:47:04 on 11/03:
Anonymous at 19:44:15 on 11/03:
As it stands now, Fortress in 8th place, will win the hof xD
All the families above them can no longer win.

A few rounds back they, Fortress, won the same way. Is this perhaps the tactic of Fortress top?

So trying to play a fair game is a tactic now? Man this game is going down the drain fast ...
Playing fair isn't a tactic... Becoming as1 with anything that suits you to have a shot of winning through the new rules surely is, and it's exactly what Fortress has been doing for a long time now.
No point in denying that Fortress by far isn't the most courageous family around and prefers the easy runs.
10-03 Initiation of Puzzle!
16:47:32 - 11-03
this reminds me of my favorite soap series
General Comments & Major Rumors
11:44:19 - 11-03
Anonymous at 10:58:18 on 11/03:
Anonymous at 09:54:10 on 11/03:
Solstice at 08:40:19 on 11/03:
darklazytologin at 08:24:33 on 11/03:
Anonymous at 22:29:30 on 10/03:
Anonymous at 10:10:13 on 09/03:
So Anarchy/Occultum/Winterhill = 1, with Gravano=Liberta as blood. What's left then? I don't know who is the one you try to fool as Anarchy but every other version we had chiefwars, earlier and earlier. Now there is no shooting yet, that only shows there are no enemies around. While I would see 3 families being as1 as a big enough pact to go solo and even be able to win this version. No, they still blood, probably something with 'old friends'. Yeah, fuck that. The only positive thing is no chiefwar, but that's everything positive anyway.

No, this is not just Anarchy. Last version Siberia was just as lame as Anarchy now. Huge active playerbase, X amount of sisters/as1's next to the usefamilies who think they do good to follow as puppets.

Nice to be able to get a huge active playerbase to play with you, respect for that. But in nowadays versions, be manly enough to challenge yourself and don't blood so much, don't make so much as1's. Play it on your own. Everyone is friendly with each other nowadays, so don't keep hanging in 'old friends' bullshit. Play the game, adapt the tactics to the current situation, mass blooding + as1's is out of date.
I'm sorry but siberia was just as lame as anarchy now??
This is so pathetic... anarchy+++++ gangbang on a family what isn't even in the top 10...
Last version where 2 powerhouses almost equal strength siberia & merciless
They would've fight eachother with pretty much same ratio's as powerhouses should do.
The akill and ban of merciless changed things But thats not siberia his fault.
This however is just so low as it could be.... they all got no honor and pride at all.
Anarchy blooded the whole version once again and even gangbang the small sized families... such a schameless fam...

Are u dumb or an idiot? Blooding whole omerta? I cant blood with whole omerta while they are us... what do u expect from us? To kill my asoneks which are made by our people? Or you want from us that to kill people who are started with us, died for us, killed for us, and suicided for us?
You can call it anyway. They are not dying just because few dogs wants it from us. If u want to change the game come and play against us. Do not fucking cry in the fucking corner just like the rest of bitches...

Recruit 20 families. Set up endless string of asones. Get mad when confronted.

ok to be honest guys its a lame version again... like one befor and befor that... but to blame just one family is BULLSHIT...

if anarchy has the playerbase to start 3 or 4 families under the top 10 its not there fault that other ppl or families are weak... and to the böoods like horde what do you expect from HORDE=DOGs horde like always begging sucking sit in the corner dogs...

and to the other power houses like siberie merciless... start playing and stop retire always after one version... 100% anarchy is gonna retire after this one too and an other familie will take over o/

yeah omerta this days is shot but its not only admins fault or dots...

we players are making it shit too o/
Lol... like siberia would play against them...
They play inside eachother sucking dicks.... only real enemy left is merciless, Tony... omerta needs you:)
hehe nice rumor, i don't think those 10 anarchy rankers in siberia last version made the difference, neither do the 5-10 siberia people in anarchy++ now.. Our people are in Catania, just like Anarchy played in Pentagram last version ;)