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General Comments & Major Rumors
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19-08 Stab spree call for survival continues
Comments: 3 - Views: 75 - Votes: 1
06-08 Answer the stab of survival!
Comments: 126 - Views: 4,067 - Votes: 1
03-08 Fragile figureheads
Comments: 171 - Views: 3,280 - Votes: 1
Solidarity, Clarity and Discussion
Comments: 120 - Views: 2,575 - Votes: 1
31-07 Prophecy fulfilled
Comments: 56 - Views: 2,646 - Votes: 1
31-07 Tempest Temper
Comments: 100 - Views: 2,361 - Votes: 0
26-07 Epic are us
Comments: 34 - Views: 1,434 - Votes: 0
26-07 The War creeps at Midnight
Comments: 64 - Views: 2,447 - Votes: 1
21-07 Welcome & Congrats to Horde
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General Comments & Major Rumors
01:58:37 - 19-08
i demand an article and a summary from destraffer ffs
06-08 Answer the stab of survival!
00:35:20 - 08-08
amk yattara wtf bro rip
Solidarity, Clarity and Discussion
12:15:01 - 03-08
Solstice at 12:10:37 on 03/08:
Brando isn't gonna do anything with any ideas we bring forth. But I like the aggression in this thread, so let's keep it going.
Stfu faggot nobody cares about your opinion

edit: fuck forgot to log out
Solidarity, Clarity and Discussion
12:06:03 - 03-08
Kapow at 10:39:58 on 03/08:
To be fair i am nto shitting on everyone just the overhaul people. Some ideas i personally like:

1. The connection of raceform and bullet limits is unneeded and stupid. (Remove)
2. Group crimes in cities with less people for higher rewards seems reasonable and will motivate people to move.
3. Manual Smuggling runs yield lower/higher prices for buy/sell ( To a Lex lvl 10 almost value, or you can have Lex lvl 10 and achieve same with lackeys the tradeoff being you lose a bodyguard spot for your attack/defence or have to reinvest in retrain)
4. Set a time limit for how long the version will last. (If the limits are larger then 4-6 months in which case nobody will be in a rush to die on Local Chief. *Cough Deathbase cough*. Though if you time limit the versions you might have one massive ultra huge war 1 week before that timer to solve everything and 6 months of idling.)
5. Raiding bullet factories
6. Online time guard. Even though this is essentially here with the online timers they cuckd the system by allowing a rigid 48hour (it doesnt count) mode where share-ers go full 48 hours then 18 and 16 on top of that in the first 4 days. A total of 94% online time more or less. And then the usual cycle of on and off. Ideally you can be online 91% at LC and still be within Omerta's punish time this way. Have the thirtysomething hour limit on version start at reset time to fix some of this, and pay closer attention to faggots trying to game the system with logging in and out every 20 or so minutes.
7. (Overhaulish idea): A point based system for victory where family gains or loses points based on: Akills accrued, Size of alliance, Number of Sisters brothers and aunts, The overall ratio of wars done and etc.

Now go ahead abuse me allknowing experts :D

Kapow "The Cove of this Post" Guardiansky

Dying on LC? Anyone called? Tdog fagrir you guys up??
Solidarity, Clarity and Discussion
02:13:19 - 03-08
cove at 00:18:02 on 03/08:
stop bullying kapow you cunts
idd, you should stick with cove