Monday - April 24th - 2017
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25-03 Endgame shenanigans!
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18-03 Individualism!
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10-03 Initiation of Puzzle!
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Registered: 09:01:23 on 20-12-2013 (1221d 2h 15m 11s ago)
Last activity: 19:35:29 on 19-04-2017 (4d 15h 41m 5s ago)
Country: Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
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General Comments & Major Rumors
20:39:42 - 18-04
Anonymous at 20:33:16 on 18/04:
Fortress still deciding which turk dick they want to choke on.
25-03 Endgame shenanigans!
11:46:56 - 30-03
Anonymous at 03:09:54 on 30/03:
Critycal at 00:23:18 on 30/03:
Waiting for you in v5 darkie!
You pussy.
You still dare to talk?
You run away to .nl like a bitch that is scared, like you did before.
Knowing that they won't play v5, now you only have big mouth again on beyond.
Go run bitch, run.

Or maybe you lick their ass again and play for them as bloods?
Ouch! Seems you're a bit stressed?
25-03 Endgame shenanigans!
00:23:18 - 30-03
Waiting for you in v5 darkie!
18-03 Individualism!
12:03:40 - 19-03
Anonymous at 05:41:11 on 19/03:
Where is siberia now?:)
Sucking Dick of anarchy or to scared to go up?:)
If you would have paid a small amount of attention while jerking off in your basement, you would've read here that we're playing .NL on a version that's actually being updated :) We'll be back on .com in v5.
18-03 Individualism!
12:00:23 - 19-03
Tbag at 09:07:01 on 19/03:
Tony-E at 02:12:40 on 19/03:
There was once a dog named 'Horde'.

The dog go's to his boss and say:wuf wuf, hey boss what should i do for you?
Boss says: Go catch him! I'll give you some cookies after and you could lick my anarchy ass after also.
Horde dog:wuf wuf, the job is done!
Boss: You didn't lick my ass enough, no more cookies for you! Get the fuck out of my house.
Horde: wuf wuf But i licked ur ass as Nobody else did!
Boss of the dog: Well, i got another dog named Gravano. Boss calls his other dog Gravano out of nowhere and commands him; attack that horde dog! Wuf wuf horde dogs scream pls don't pls don't.
unfortunately, the horde dogs dies by the wounds Gravano made.
O wait, meanwhile, the boss stands up and takes his other dog fortress out by himself, o god!

-the story of dogs 2017.

There was once a well known cheater named "Tony-e"

The cheater was walking around, was thinking he is sooo smart for com. he was licking everyone's ass. "naber kanka? whats up bro?" etc. People believed that little lier. he started to share logs of everyone, even when they talked on phone, he took voice records and share them.

Anyway after he won a round, he changed fam name and started to looking fams around to shoot winter. he tried, he did really. we should give the lollipop to his mouth. but he failed.

Cheater: I am retired, I will pump my muscles. I am bodybuilder. I am so cool. I will back and eat winterhill when they come back.
Children choir(signing): Where aree youuuu? Are you afraid to come little body builder? and now you are calling people as dog because you couldnt do smth more than talking?

Cheater: okey I will smash siberia now cuz winter didnt come. Oh wait i akilled/banned. lets go retire again. oh wait wait before go, lets mix some stuffs more and destroy abattoir because kowal shooting another merciless.
Children Choir(signing): What happend to youuu? Another fail show up from little body builder. and now you are calling people as dog because you couldnt handle your own organisation?

Tip1: Retirement is the point where a person stops employment "completely".
Tip2: Muscles dont help when you got a bullet in head.
Tip3: Do not lie down under a c*ck which you cant take in.

Now you can share more stories because you have nothing to do more than this :)
go back to cheat.

Nice little thing you 2 got going, but any response on what happened? You played in service of these families for as long as it pleased you and now you're the perfect case of use and abuse. You've been portrayed as the perfect example of a disposeable family, yet you only attack tony personally. Are you seriously so afraid of Anarchy to stand up to them that you decide to comment on someone else instead without going into any details or whatsoever, only digging up dirt about others?
Surely people want to know what the Great Horde they were so proud of last few versions feels about this and what happened in the cute little love circle you supposedly had. Because now it surely looks like you've been stabbed out of, well, boredom.