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General Comments & Major Rumors
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14-10 War!
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13-10 Tremps&co → Ili
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10-10 Supreme speech
Comments: 53 - Views: 1,400 - Votes: 0
09-10 RIP
Comments: 19 - Views: 691 - Votes: 0
04-10 RIP Krays
Comments: 67 - Views: 1,752 - Votes: 0
02-10 Tremp(s) ↔ Kartello(s)
Comments: 62 - Views: 1,590 - Votes: 0
28-09 War!
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15-09 Another big ass war
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10-09 Big ass war
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04-10 RIP Krays
19:28:21 - 07-10
ites at 19:21:22 on 07/10:
EP at 19:18:22 on 07/10:
ites at 15:58:52 on 07/10:
<Amel> saints started to shot tremps
<Amel> then we jumped :)

you are one fucking asshole.
you are letting us die when one of the pactfams shoot us. and now you are killing our rebirths/left-over ranks.

hijack incoming amel

You missed:
- Telling our guys to shoot in wars when there was no backup from Cali's side
- When we had a potential hijack on Vicaria available, saying you'd shoot any Krays member who became don, "BECAUSE FAM NEEDS TO GO DOWN"
- Being the only one in the fam who didn't want a truce with Bluth after they stopped being bloods with Supre.

You've indirectly hindered us all version, and now that we're down, you're shooting us.
After we've spent a whole version helping you.

goddamn we feel dumb :')
thought you jews had higher-than-avg IQ?
not a hard task compared to belgians ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
15-09 Another big ass war
13:32:11 - 19-09
Anonymous at 12:05:34 on 19/09:
Anonymous at 11:59:15 on 19/09:
Vicaria always find a dick to love
Destraffer style..
Don’t comment on him, he already sucked dick in 2.1! #oldskool
15-09 Another big ass war
13:11:08 - 17-09
EP at 12:16:47 on 16/09:
Nier at 11:45:29 on 16/09:
EP at 00:04:50 on 16/09:
Anonymous at 23:44:18 on 15/09:
EP at 17:33:34 on 15/09:
Anonymous at 17:08:23 on 15/09:
Hahaha someone is butthurt

I didn't even play this vers, but it looks like Bluth were the fools here
also Krays and Peppers didn't do much, they were almost happy to have their lives over
Savagery rip u did nothing all vers
Supremacy+ have shot in every vers that I have followed and seemed to own the shit out of everyone

look on the bright side, at least Anarchy or Horde are not around

Krays/peppers missed the optimal time to shoot (last night) but initially entered into a ridiculous war vs. Pact.

We've had our lame versions, but did our best to open this version up to be more competitive.
I think THE PACT had a number disadvantage, so you can't really complain alot. You lost your chance by letting them get brug.

We lost almost all our good accounts in the first war, when we struck first despite being seriously outnumbered and outgunned.

You're right though - we were dumb for not shooting last night, but we didn't have much left to work with, and none of our rebirths had hit LC.

That's bullshit. You should've shot with the shooters you had, empty accounts full def, make them show up online 30-40 minutes after shooting and go offline with the loaded accounts to wait for the 2nd wave. The other families had their wars and losses, just like you had. It only takes some proper planning and tactical shooting. With decent shooting you force them offline, that doesn't kill them, but it slows down their rankspeed and clearly, they can't shoot when they are offline and they will face the villa timer some how. If they show up online, shoot and same result. Instead you chose to let it happen, let them grab the advantage and lose accounts, again.

After all those years you still do random solo shots, shooting important targets without backup and not shooting at the time you had to. There is never a perfect moment to shoot, waiting for everyone to be ready for war is impossible and lethal also. You don't always have to have the biggest number of shooters to win a war, be efficient with the ones you have.

Haha, I agree we should have shot... but we *REALLY* didn't have much to work with.
Like seriously. The KTTB core of our family was wiped out in the first war we did (we stuck first whilst being outnumbered and outgunned).

The ones that were left were mostly .tr farmers, Hotel guests from other families that refused to shoot for Krays, and lackey accounts that were something like 30k bullets + 5 defence from the last war.

I was asking for shooters all day Friday, but we didn't have more than 5 total, of which none really fancied a 3 AM strike. And you're right. We should have tried to work with that. But we absolutely couldn't have won with what we had to work with.

If you disagree, plz join + lead our warchan in a future version :')

make sure to ddos their bot while you're at it
10-09 Big ass war
10:14:15 - 14-09
Redspeert at 21:48:01 on 13/09:
Anonymous at 02:53:41 on 13/09:
ites at 19:44:14 on 12/09:
Anonymous at 19:19:16 on 12/09:

Since he wrote 3,65 euro I suppose 3,65 is how much and euro is the currency..? Or did I miss something?

I pay with Paypal 3,60 euro/dc+500 bullets. I can also pay with Paymentwall, then it's 3 euros but only 1 dc, no bullets. There is a phone option, Centili, but when I click on it it just says "Unsuccesfull transaction" so it doesn't seem to work. That's in Finland btw.
it could be he converted it to ease my life. and really? i pay 2 with phone and 2.5 paypal+bullets. wtf

I suppose yeah, didn't think about that. So I did miss something. :)

You're from Belgium? How the f can it be more than 1 euro cheaper there??

Because Belgium is a third world country so they can't afford to buy 3.5 euro dcs.
slow in the head, low in the purse
General Comments & Major Rumors
15:26:23 - 31-08
Anonymous at 15:23:36 on 31/08:
Who is the war reporter this version?
Is it Kapow or Raja?
[center]-x=[< Can't You See? >]=x-[/center]
(( The Reports Are Not Decorated In MSN Messenger Style ))
xXx That Means The Current Reporter xXx
~ Is Most Likely ~