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01-07 Round II
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28-06 Batavia under fire!
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27-06 Saturday Brawl
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25-06 Philadelphia brawl
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23-06 Krays has fallen
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23-06 Lusa → Motisi
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22-06 TPV → GMX
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16-12 OmertaBeyond 2.2.8 -UPDT-
Author: sbanks
Last updated: 89d 2h 1m 22s ago by MurderInc
Comments: 263
Views: 686,737
Votes: 11 (4.9 average)
Version: 4.9.1

+ Add OmertaBeyond

GitHub version

Omerta Beyond is userscript which enhances the omerta gameplay. It does not provide automated gameplay.

We keep OmertaBeyond up to date for the current version of Omerta.

Found any bugs? Want a new feature? Tell us in comments or on GitHub

Supported versions:

  • .com, .nl and .dm with the english language option is fully supported

  • .nl with the dutch language option supports most features

  • Experimental support for .pt and .tr) used in english.

If you're interested in improving OmertaBeyond and improve support for other versions, join us in #beyond and/or send us a PR on our GitHub!

* Firefox (fully working)
- Greasemonkey
- Tampermonkey

* Google Chrome (fully working)
- Tampermonkey

* Opera
- TamperMonkey Beta

* Safari (semi working)
- NinjaKit

Download OmertaBeyond GitHub version here!

Please vote for us if you find OB useful!

We would like to know what do you want we work on next? What do you miss the most that wasn't already added.

Tell us in comments.

  • Fix an issue with the crime and car nicking success rate


  • Fix an issue where the submit button is focused when a captcha is present


  • Add a minor improvement to the imgur censorship circumvention feature for profile pictures


  • Fix an issue when the game is opened via the new domain "play.barafranca.com"


  • Fix a minor issue in Chrome

  • Add Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


  • Fix a bug on the login and account overview pages

  • Fix error in error reporting code

  • Fix error on inbox page when viewed in languages other than English or Dutch

  • Improve performance by loading assets with proper cache headers

  • Instantly replace "k" with "000" on the kill page

  • Replace PayPal support link with Patreon


  • Add Greasemonkey 4 support

  • Decreased file size for beep sound

  • Use CDN for all assets

  • Fixed noisy error after auto-logout and in inbox


  • Improved styling of update dialog and release notes

  • Prevented release notes from being shown repeatedly when OB data is reset

  • Fixed raid results not being displayed on the city raiding page

  • Fixed Best Run Calculator not working for narcotics when a booze lackey is active

  • Fixed broken imgur links on profiles


  • Full support for Omerta V5 on .com, .nl and .dm (with the english language option)

  • New notification options for all timers available on your account page, including group crimes.

  • Notifications can now be set to "Text-to-Speech" rather than the generic notification sound

  • Fixed occurrences where OB mistakenly modified the wrong line on "My Account" pages

  • Fixed a case where bullets were incremented multiple times in the bullet tracker

  • Fixed an issue where the Booze/Narcs selector wasn't displayed

  • Increased the frequency of checks for new alerts/messages/blood loss.

  • Fixed crime and car auto-selection, allowing users to simply hit enter to perform a crime or nick a car

  • Show the bullet tracker when buying bullets is on cooldown

  • Bypass the imgur ban in Turkey by proxying image requests through Omerta Beyond servers

  • Automatically check for updates and prompt users to install new versions of OB

  • Show release notes of newly-release OB versions


  • - hotfix for all versions having migrated to v5


  • .nl v5 compatibility

  • fixed arrow keys in v5 inbox


  • fix various b/n-related issues in v5

  • fix inbox enhancements in v5

  • fix notifications in v5

  • fix userpage autosort in v5

  • fix chat improvements in v5

  • fix bust counter on v5

  • various UX improvements for new captcha system in v5

  • switch to eslint for code quality check

  • fix version detection for .tr

  • fix fampage logger features on v5

2.0.68 - 72948 installs

Add a YouTube movie Add an image Add a link/url Help
Topdog United Kingdom (23:51:24 - 20-06)
Link Quote
Topdog at 17:14:48 on 28/05:
And like RP+, at the start of the round when you constantly buy and sell the cheapest B/N available to get better at B/N

Or when you rebirth. If anyone wants to do this with the current script, I've managed it by fucking about.

Search in beyond for "CD Run". Now overwrite the lines like for like under this with the below;

var nItem = parseInt(BN[0][(city - 4 + 2)], 10);
var lowNarc = ((i === 0) ? nItem : ((lowNarc < nItem) ? lowNarc : nItem));
if (lowNarc == nItem) {
n = i;
var bItem = parseInt(BN[1][(city - 4 + 2)], 10);
var lowBooze = ((i === 0) ? bItem : ((lowBooze < bItem) ? lowBooze : bItem));
if (lowBooze == bItem) {

I have no idea what it all means but when I select CD, it now gives me the lowest B/N so I can train my B/N.
Anonymous (05:00:23 - 07-06)
Link Quote
the notification sounds keep malfunctioning.

they work for a day or so then they just stop making the beep. if i uninstall and reinstall they work again for a day then stop.

Anonymous (00:57:33 - 02-06)
Link Quote
Money both in bank and pocket and bullets in the bottom of the page don't update at all until I log out and back on.
Also crimes and cars success is still wrong.

Tried resetting all settings but still the same.
Anonymous (14:41:34 - 29-05)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 05:58:03 on 29/05:
its better to add one video how to install the script
its very intuitive
Anonymous (05:58:03 - 29-05)
Link Quote
its better to add one video how to install the script
Topdog United Kingdom (17:14:48 - 28-05)
Link Quote
And like RP+, at the start of the round when you constantly buy and sell the cheapest B/N available to get better at B/N
Topdog United Kingdom (17:13:12 - 28-05)
Link Quote
Volume button for notifications. My headset is about to burst everytime the addon screams "NEW ALERT".
Anonymous (18:24:05 - 19-05)
Link Quote
my slotstracker is not working
and also cant see price per bullet on obay

i have version 2.2.8
Anonymous (19:13:19 - 09-05)
Link Quote
Next weekend finale

Maraz/signoria/Krays/Anon vs Persico

Liberta/ontario/memento/blacksea vs Batavia

Dynasty sits on their clickers since that’s what those guys do and gets cleaned after.
kesfethayati Turkey (18:49:55 - 09-05)
Link Quote
im using omertabeyond
but my bullet tracker , stractch tracker not working
it always show 0 why
and how can i fix it
druv1k Portugal (20:02:37 - 05-05)
Link Quote
some status on a player profile have the "undifinided" sufix attached to it which makes it hard to read :(

It doesnt happen on .DM to me tho, maybe it has to do with the language, i use english on .dm and portuguese on .pt

Example: Recrutaundifined

hope you fix it!
Stefan Serbia (21:31:06 - 19-04)
Link Quote
yo, it would be good to make some timer for fucking scratch and win. o/
Anonymous (20:38:20 - 29-02)
Link Quote
guy in tastement seems to be dead but not.
Anonymous (04:24:06 - 15-01)
Link Quote
Doesn't actually bust count on jail page.

In jail: 73
Bustouts: NaN
Sjarkie (11:28:10 - 23-10)
Link Quote
Send a mail to Smurfje for a script request.
Anonymous (14:23:58 - 20-09)
Link Quote
occie2019 snapchat envelop rich bitch
KCode Portugal Patron (09:28:11 - 11-05)
Link Quote
Anonymous at 01:54:16 on 11/05:
Cannot see stats on your own family page - exp: Don, Capo, Object owner letters ( C, D, o) and last family deaths - last family changes. Can see on any fam but your own

It was related to Omerta change of adding high rank count to family profiles.
Anonymous (01:54:16 - 11-05)
Link Quote
Cannot see stats on your own family page - exp: Don, Capo, Object owner letters ( C, D, o) and last family deaths - last family changes. Can see on any fam but your own
MurderInc Austria (12:49:04 - 23-02)
Link Quote
A bug that caused imgur profile pictures to not load on .com was fixed.
MurderInc Austria (16:57:20 - 16-02)
Link Quote
LL at 01:35:37 on 26/01:
No trackers or notifications seem to work on .nl whatsoever?
Tracker support is fairly limited on versions other than .com and a bit buggy in general. I tested notifications on .nl and they generally seem to work, double-check the settings and whether notifications are allowed.