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Deathmatch is Calling!
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Omerta News Integration
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General Comments & Major Rumors
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28-03 The Corona Round
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24-03 Aaaaand it’s gone!
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19-03 Second war of the version!
Comments: 12 - Views: 1,166 - Votes: 0
15-03 First war of the version!
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29-02 First family of round 21
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18-02 Congrats Round 20 Winner & Reset 21stFeb12OT
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09-02 Storm Ciara
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06-02 Lusa&co under fire
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02-02 Plating ends again!
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14-12 Plating ends, time for a massacre!!
16:43:10 - 15-12
Anonymous at 15:05:04 on 15/12:
After previous fully unbalanced rounds, I think this round had a decent scenario for the endwar. Would have been nice if Lusa hadn't picked a side in the end between their bloods, but hey shit happens. At leat most players got to shoot some, instead of pre aranged target shootings or over the top gang bangs.

Was happy to see it too.

Thanks @Smurfje for updating article.

I think with bullet patch incoming we might see a bit more calculated war scenarios, since you won't be able to follow up into a 2nd/3rd war in 1-3 days space.

14-12 Plating ends, time for a massacre!!
12:23:22 - 15-12
Anonymous at 12:14:33 on 15/12:
report the second war too please

02-12 Colony ↔ Liberta
18:56:10 - 03-12
Anonymous at 15:12:46 on 03/12:
Removing plating from same city fams was a mistake it seems. Admins underestimated tr fams retardness. They start a lc war as soon as they find an opening

i don't like the early wars personally but I appreciate the "business" behind a city war and I don't mind which rank it happens (subjective opinion).

At least I believe it opens different strategies.
23-09 Congratulations?
21:35:05 - 24-09
ites at 19:51:46 on 24/09:
it is not.

it has been tested by some of my guys.
also envelop had 6 million bullets.
i know this game has many turks, but still ...

Replying from phone, but had to reply. Obay bot doesn't exist for a really long time... In fact, we have the opposite bot that puts DCs on Obay but I assure you 100% that we don't buy DCs on Obay (that's actually the reason why we wanted to avoid chat sales. To try and keep dupe farmers under more control - for example, we now disable DCs that are bought from this accounts where before we couldn't).

About small versions merge, I've explained several times since I was a small version player in past, there is a group of casual players that do not enjoy playing bigger versions. There are tens of families that actually want to play and try to win on their ownrather than help a big family/pact win and that's only possible on regional versions. We closed a lot of them in last years (Germany, France, and couple more). The 4 other servers have few impact on COM since some of the active players end up playing both regional and COM.

Thanks for feedback, anyone that is interested in what's coming can read the balance patch #2 on DM.
23-09 Congratulations?
11:32:04 - 24-09
Anonymous at 09:58:17 on 24/09:
Just remove HOF. People became really full of aids, brainless and idiotic because of it. No HOF means no retards paying their montly salary to "earn" their way. No more pussypacting and asslicking just to be part of the winning side. There is a family system with a timer. Use it in the way it's meant to be. Oh.. I forgot, you need a proper amount of players for that.

HOF has been changed, this was the last version with current HOF.